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Scene Title Malice - Marvin Ray Tangent
Synopsis Detectives Harrison and O'Shea track down the final person on Malice's kill list. The whole thing goes very wrong.
Date July 28, 2009

Some rundown place in Brooklyn

"This is absolutely *insane*," the blond cop says to the red haired one as they step out of the car. "When I asked what he knew about this area, he laughed at me and said 'I know that cops don't go there if they're smart.' I'm pretty sure this is going to rank right up there with the stupidest things I've ever done in my life. Right behind… well, things you don't want to know about." Things like helping organize the teleportation of a bunch of bombs off the Verrazano Narrows bridge in the dark of night… and facing off against Arthur Petrelli.

This part of Brooklyn is generally home to hardworking, blue-collar types of folks. Firemen, cops, their families. But it's also home to a bunch of wiseguys, and in the days after the Midtown explosion, the rampant drug industry got even bigger. Marvin Ray Tangent, AKA Ray Tangent, is a 22-year-old banger for a low-level drug dealer. Hired muscle. He's older than Elisabeth was expecting — Taylor Reed's other nemeses were young, but this man… he's already done time. And the house they're getting out in front of has several of the homeboys hanging out on the stoop. And they're already leering at the lady cops.

Closing the door on her side of the car, she leans against it and rests an arm on the roof. "Liz…. Try convincing your over protective partner to trust another cop enough to let you go into the worse part of town." Her head tilts a touch and brows lift a bit as she gives the blonde a knowing look. Her head is still buzzing with Coren's irritation on the matter when he found out and that no.. they didn't need him on this. They were big girls after all. "How are we going to do this?" She's in her trench coat, even with the heat, no need for these guys seeing the shoulder holster. Of course, if they really look close, they'd see the lines of the bullet proof vest she's wearing. Probably insisted upon by the over protective partner.

Elisabeth isn't wearing a bulletproof vest — more the fool her, she's pretty much thinking at this point. And she's also not wearing her badge out in the open or her holster out in the open — it's tucked into the back of her pants beneath a lightweight sweater. Sucking in a deep breath, Elisabeth glances at Cassidy and says ruefully, "Somehow I think this is absolutely a fool's errand, Cass. You think we're going to persuade this guy that his life's in danger?" She looks back at the pack of wolves at the door and squares her shoulders, heading in their direction with her hands clearly visible. "Sorry to bother you fine folks, but I was hoping you could tell me where to find Ray Tangent."

Cassidy's badge isn't on either, but she still ties her trench closed loosely. Nodding to Liz that she's ready, she moves along side her friend. She lowers her voice so that the guys on the stoop don't hear her. "Yeah, but what kind of cops would we be if we didn't try," she gives her a grim look before turning to look at the boys with a bright smile. If there is anything about Cassidy, it's the fact, she doesn't look like a cop. No.. when she smiles, she look like something worthy of a Disney Channel.

"Ooo.. Look at we gots here boys." Youngest looking of the group, his long brown hair hanging in somewhat greasy locks combed back. "I think I'm in love." He presses his hand to his heart.

Pushing Mr. Greasy Locks to the side a much gruffer guy steps away from the wall he's leaning on to stand in front of the girl cops. Not only does he look like he hasn't shaved in a few weeks, he looks like he could bench press them… not good. He eyes them suspiciously. "You ain't those whores that come around here, looking for a shoot up. So who are you?" His eyes narrow dangerously and he crosses his arms over his chest. "And what is it your wantin' with this guy? Not sayin' I know him or anythin'"

There is a loud humming in Cassidy's head, but she blatantly ignores her partner. Seriously, she's trying to concentrate. "We have some information that we think he might want to hear." She glances over at Liz and motions her to tell it.

Blowing out a breath, Elisabeth steps forward and offers a smile to the small group of people as a third dark-haired thug walks down the steps nonchalantly. Because you know what? You always catch more flies with honey, right? She continues to keep her hands where the banger-wannabes can see them, pulling her badge from the front pocket of her pants. "Listen,… we're not here to cause trouble, you guys are more than welcome to stay right here with us. If he doesn't want to talk to us, you know…. we got no real issues with that. There's been a credible threat made against his life, and well… let's just say that while his rap sheet is a thing of beauty to behold, the NYPD doesn't hold with the idea of ignoring what appears to be a credible threat. We're here to warn him, that's all. He's apparently managed to piss off one of those Evo-types out there," no mention that she and Cassidy *are* Evo-types, oh hell no! "If he's not interested, hey…. not our problem. We did our job by warning the guy." She shrugs easily, backing up a couple of steps.

The third kid, not more than nineteen or so, makes a lewd face at Cassidy, walking around the women like he's God's gift to women. "Yo, red. You need a guy who can give you what you need, baby… all that passion, all that fire?" He reaches out and touches her hair, his grin wicked and arrogant. "What say you come back to my place and I'll show you a little somp'nsomp'n."

How Cassidy can keep that pretty princess smile on her face is a miracle. Between the thug touching her and Coren's desire to punch the guy… and the desire is strong enough that the word that come out of Cassidy's mouth are laced with a familiar accent… and it's not hers. The words are coy and even hold a hint of a flirt even as she rejects the advance and move away from him, "Sorry to disappoint you, handsome. But I already have a rather dashing bloke and I am fairly sure he would be much better for me then you." She can't help but add, "Besides, I like my men much older. And I am afraid you are just much too young." She says it ever so sweetly. Please, let that silence her partner enough that she can think!

McGruffy's frown deepens, who knew he could! There is a glance back at Mr. Greasy and the younger one nods and slips into the house. Never any trust for cops, "Well, I don't know who this Ray guy is.. So you might as well just go on your way."

There's a nonchalant shrug on Liz's part and she moves to shove her badge back into her pocket. "All right, then," she replies easily. "I did my civic duty, he's duly warned." She smiles faintly. "Oh, and you might want to tell him it's one of those Evo computer guys? So… you know… if he's got a bank account somewhere, he might want to… I don't know. Start stuffing his drug money under his mattress, cuz you know — any computer out there isn't safe from the Evo hackers anymore. You read about that Robin Hood guy who stole a bunch of people's money?" She nods sagely. "Could happen." She starts backing away, and out of the corner of her eye, something tweaks her attention. She turns her head to look toward whatever it was and rolls her eyes. "Well, shit. Doing a runner and I wasn't even going to insist on a personal visit," she drawls mildly.

Two fences down the block, a dark-haired, muscular man sporting a wifebeater that exposes a bunch of tattoos is jumping the fence out to the street and trying to nonchalantly make his way out of the vicinity. A dog's bark is what gave him away as he hopped the backyards.

"Uh.. Liz?"

The question from Cassidy, is calm, but something in Elisabeth would tell her the woman is nervous. It's followed right after by the click of a hammer being drawn back. Looking back would reveal. That McGruff has unfolded his arms and has a gun leveled at Elisabeth's head. "You know… I want to believe you. But I know my buddy Ray. He's got some warrants out."

"Yeah.. brags about them like their some sort a metal a honor or sumpin'." Mr Greasy says cheerfully, showing up right behind the big guy with a shot gun leveled at Cassidy. And let's not mention another pair from behind one of the corners of the house.

"Well… shit. Why is it that bad guys never believe cops when we're trying to help them? I thought being women would be a shoe in. You know.. bat our lashed, show some cleavage and not look threatening… ." This is Cassidy nervous. Cassidy's expression is strained as she's dealing with a lot more then just a bunch of gun totting men. She reaches out for Liz's arm and starts to tug her back, since Cassidy is the one with the body armor.

When her eyes come back to the situation at hand, Elisabeth's hands shoot into the air, once again — out where they can be seen REAL well. "Fuck, man… don't shoot the messenger. Seriously! We got zero interest in your guy's drugs or any damn thing else. We came to bring the warning and that's the extent of it." She lets Cassidy tug her back because *the hell away from here* is absoLUTEly her goal at this moment. "You tell your guy Ray — there's an Evo hacker out to get him. He needs to get off the grid, get under the radar. If this hacker finds him, he's *gonna* be dead — the guy's already killed two other people, and it's for shit they didn't even do. You pass it on, or don't. It's your call." She's backing up toward their car with Cassidy, trying to decide if this is going to come to a firefight. "I couldn't care less about your guy's outstanding warrants. God's honest truth, man."

Yep… Richard was right. Just should have not bothered. But really… she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she didn't. Now Liz is busy with the business end of a shotgun and a .45 staring in the face, and the one thing she can think? Why the fuck do I do this job again?

Elisabeth would feel the barrel of another gun in her back and the Flirt leans close to whisper in her ear. "Not going any where till our Ray gets enough time to run." He glances over at Cassidy and gives her a smug look.

The red haired detective eyes him warily, "Come on guys." Cassidy looks back at the guys by the house. "We're being honest here." Her eyes shift over to one of the guys by the house and her fear spikes again. "Liz.. By the house corner… something is up." She's trying to keep her voice calm, her gut feeling is never wrong. She whispers. "Need to get out of the open.."

The Flirts gun moves to press behind Cassidy's ear. "What was that, Princess?" He presses the gun against her head, making Cassidy's head move away a bit to relieve the sting.

Turning her head a bit, Cassidy glares at him. "None of your damn business, you bloody prick.. Now I suggest you let us get in our car, before a crap load of police cars come rolling up." A flick of a look to Liz will tell her this isn't true… yet. But Coren isn't going to sit around for long after all, and his patience is wearing very.. very thin. "You think we wouldn't have a back up plan just in case we ran into trouble?"

Liz comes to an immediate stop and damn near shits a brick. He's a hair's breadth from her service pistol and if he takes that, there's going to be a ton of paperwork to write up on that — not the least of which will include giving a statement about W.T.F. she was doing in this neighborhood. When Cassidy's whisper hits her ears, Liz's first instinct is 'you gotta be shittin' me, right?' Her eyes swing immediately toward the corner, but her power is *not* X-ray vision! "Hey, I'm just fine with standing here until he's out of sight," she comments as calmly as humanly possible in this situation. "Told you… we don't want ANY trouble."

Down the street, the dark-haired tattooed man who is obviously Ray Tangent is rounding the corner in open view — just a couple more moments and he'll be out of sight of this small posse of men, but still within shooting distance if there really is someone on that rooftop. Mama always said there'd be days like this…

Maybe there's just something about people with 'Ray' in their names. Or maybe someone did some checking on the gangbanger's record and found something there that he really didn't approve of. Whichever it is, there's a shadow that moves on that rooftop, the faintest glint of light on a scope perhaps what caused the stir of uneasiness in those that saw it moving.

A gunshot cracks through the air, a hunting rifle's report echoing across the street.

Ray Tangent's hurried step ends as he hits the pavement with a spray of red, taking with him the last of those who destroyed Taylor Reed's life in a future that will never happen.

"No shit." Cassidy comments at Elisabeth's words. "I'd actually like to go home tonight and relax… eat some Ben and Jerry's and watch some stupid TV show." Then the shot rings out and they all duck on instinct. "The hell?!?" Cassidy knows that there is none of theirs there. Of course, she also realizes there is no gun to her face anymore, the Flirt is ducking down. With a suddenly move, Cassidy sends her elbow into the guys face, breaking his nose.

"Cover now!" She snaps out before the first bullet buries itself at her feet. She glances at the corner of the house and the shooter there, and grabbing Liz's hand yanking her to take cover behind the car.

"Fuck… Coren's not happy." She mutters as she drops behind the car, yanking out her weapon and glancing at Liz. "You ever heard him cussing up a storm? I really don't recommend it."

The instant the shot rings out, the two with guns in front of the women are momentarily shocked and distracted. Liz ducks sideways because no one's got a gun on her either at that second and whirls around, her hand flying to the base of her spine to pull out her pistol while out boyos here are also ducking like mad. FUCK, she has time to think. She's backpedaling like mad toward the car as soon as Cassidy's loose, staying with the woman like a tick to a hound dog. "SonuvaBITCH," she gasps as they hunker near the front wheel.

The boyos, scrambling toward the other cars on the street for cover too, are shouting, "Goddamn fuckin' COPS!" Oh yeah… this is about to get REAL ugly. Greasay Locks and Flirt head for the women's car, intent on getting hands — or maybe other things — on the two women, while Macho Man ducks behind the stoop's brick balustrade and yanks out a cell phone, screaming into it for more homeboys.

The man holding the rifle stares down at the street for a long moment before pulling away from the edge, vanishing into the rooftop's shadows. You have to make sacrifices to clear the board, sometimes.

"Next time a Technopath tells you he's killing people from his past… Maybe we should just let him?" Cassidy doesn't mean it.. but in light of the situation sounds good. "Help is on the way." She says, glancing down the side of the car.. She can feel the men's nervousness, they are projecting that loud. "I think their coming, Liz." She slides up to look through the window. This of course ends up with more shots at the car, making the redhead drop down again. "Fuck.. " she growls as glass litters her hair.

Little bits of glass rain down on them when Cassidy pokes her head up, and Elisabeth's tone is ascerbic. "What was your first clue??" She listens carefully, though she wouldn't enhance her hearing right now even if she *could* — gunshots like that could make you deaf, you know — and duckwalks back a little so they can get the car door open. "In!" she says urgently. She shoves Cassidy through the crack into the car, looking up to see Flirt — one VERY PISSED OFF Flirt — coming over the doorframe at her, and she lifts the weapon and fires it point-blank at him. "Oh, shit, there's gonna be reams of paper on this!"

Cassidy ducks down as Liz fires near her ear. "Oh damn.. The paperwork is going to be horrible." Glancing up, Cassidy tilts her head a bit…. there is the faint sound of sirens in the distance. "Thank god.." She mutters, but then something catches the corner of her eyes. Her gun comes up at the same time as she turns her head, Greasy Lock is coming round her side of the car. There is no knowing if the fear is feels is only her own… But she doesn't really think about it, she just squeezes the trigger.

Both Cassidy and Greasy's guns go off, almost at the same time. Only one goes down, the man falls face first on the ground, while Cassidy scoots away towards Liz. "Oh god.. that way close." Cassidy gasps out. Only then does she feels the sharp sting on her cheek. Frowning she lifts her hand to her cheek only to have her fingers come away with blood across her finger tips. The bullet from the other guy didn't miss, it cut across her cheek, but at least she's alive. "Okay.. this isn't funny anymore." Not that it was to begin with.

Covered in spray from a lucky shot to the throat of Flirt, Elisabeth can't reply. She's got her eyes and her pistol trained on the last man standing, the one who is looking their way with murder in his eyes. "For God's sake, start the fucking car," she barks at Cassidy as she clambers into the vehicle. "Or we won't live to see backup."

Cassidy doesn't say anything, only glancing at the body of the guy she killed, before scrambling into the car. A glance out the windows shows that things are a bout to get really back. Seems there were a lot of guys in that house. "Oh shit…" Cassidy starts saying.. in fact she continues to repeat those words as she yanks the car key on. "Get down Liz.. Now!" Cassidy is in a bout a near panic, since it's only them two and… well.. a lot of them.

Getting the car into gear, Cassidy pretty much floors it as the guys decide to open fire on the car. The back of the vehicle is being ate up by bullets as the two detectives book it out of there. Cassidy doesn't fully sit up still she no longer here's the thunk of bullets against metal. And she doesn't stop the car, until the first unit has passed them. Cuase there is no way she's going to be able to drive all the way back. Hitting the breaks, she stops the car as a few more units pass., shoving the car into park.

Only sound in the car is the sound of sirens as they pass. Cassidy's fingers grip the steering wheel, white-knuckled. "Okay Liz." She starts calmly, "I think we should swear off the good deeds." She turns her head to Liz, blood running down her cheek. "What do you think?"

Once the car is in motion, even with them being fired at, Elisabeth keeps low and yanks the radio from the console. "Dispatch, this is Harrison, Badge Number <hellIdunno>! All units responding to 11-99 be advised, suspects shooting at vehicles. Approach with caution! We have a 10-54 around the corner from previous location, shots fired from a rooftop. My partner and I have retreated from the scene." She doesn't want to get a bunch of uniforms dead for this. "Jesus, Cassidy…. Jesus." The adrenaline is making her shake really hard. She looks at Cassidy with her face and upper torso covered in blood spatter and nods slightly. "Yeah. Agreed."

When she peels her hands from the wheel, they are shaking badly. "That… " The words fail her and she tries again. "I hate gangs.. " Cassidy takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly, she evening looks a bit sick…. oh wait. Scrambling for the handle, she pops the door and shoves it open in time to throw up on the blacktop. Clinging to the door frame and the door, he shakes her head, eyes closed. Liz might here her mumbling. "We got out alive this time… not dead.. We're alive."

Sucking in a deep breath, it's perhaps a sad commentary on the life Elisabeth has led for the past not-quite-year that the fact that she just blew a kid away at point-blank range doesn't make her puke. And her adrenaline is sky freakin' high. Shaking, she leans her head back in the seat, and then bangs it there a couple of times. "What the fuck just happened? Did he make his move? With a gun?? That's FAR fucking more personal than he got with the other two," she says quietly. "Christ, Cass…. I'm sorry."

Straightening again, Cassidy shuts the car door again, letting her head drop against the seat as well. "Sorry…. bad memories of the last tiem I messed with a group of gang members." She rolls her head to the side to look at Liz. "Maybe that one pulled the trigger?" She asks, wiping at her bloody cheek. "Who knows.. but idiot about killed us." She reaches over and pats the other detectives arm, as a unit pulls up to the car their in. "Can you handle the scene?" she asks, watching some uniforms get out, "Coren's is livid.. and I think its better I go face that shit storm all alone before you get there." She grimaces and lets her hand drop away. "I'll even start your paperwork."

"Seriously doubt we'll EVER know who pulled the trigger. Not in that neighborhood," Elisabeth grimaces. And she eyes Cassidy. "Tell Coren he's got something to say about it, say it to my face — it was my case, my call, and you were just along for the ride. If he's pissed at someone, it better be me." She moves to show her hands to the uniforms outside, and then goes to climb out. "But I'm not turning down the starting my paperwork offer. Cuz fuuuuuuuuck this is going to be a looooong day." Discharging weapons at gang bangers when they weren't even officially on a case in Brooklyn? Yeah… that's gonna go over well. *sigh* "Anonymous tip about an Evo threatening someone …. wonder what they're going to do about the fact that we opted to even look into it." She just shakes her head.

Cassidy eases herself out of the shot up car too, hand where they can be seen. "Well.. you put it that way." She moves along the car to the front of it. "We did what we're suppose too." She gives Liz a bit of a smile. "We're cops. We have to take tips. How were we suppose to know there was some sniper near by?" She gives the woman a knowing look. They can get around this. Glancing over at one of the uniforms she lifts her hand. "Hey, Frank. How's the wife.. Hey..can you give me a ride back?"

Clasping Liz on the shoulder and giving it a squeeze. "Don't worry.. he will be talking to you." She motions to her head where there is the angry buzzing in the back of her head. "I'm just hoping to calm him down a bit before he does." Pushing away from the car, the red headed detective moves towards Frank. "Catch you at work, Harrison."

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