Malice: Phinneas Trent Jacobs



Scene Title Malice: Phinneas Trent Jacobs
Synopsis Malice makes the odds a little better for his future by moving in on his second target.
Date July 16, 2009

Gabe's Auto Body

Phinneas Trent Jacobs.

His friends called him "Phin". He graduated from high school a few years back and has worked at Gabe's Auto Body since then. He's quite the skill mechanic. However, in the future the recession would hit and he'd be out of work. He'd turn to crime. He would be one of three individuals who would burst into the Reed family's house, kill the two adults and shoot the teen, Taylor, and steal whatever they could get their hands on. Phin would be one who's life would turn around after that, as he had never intended for anyone to get hurt. Of course, the future for Taylor Reed has not yet happened, and he aims to prevent it.

Accessing the computerized equipment inside the garage gives Malice access to quite a few weapons of choice. But this one was going to be far too easy. Everyone else had left for the evening, allowing for Phin to finish up the car he was working on then lock up.

Working underneath the vehicle, Phin was making some adjustments underneath, and unbeknownst to him, Malice was already inside the system. There was no reason whatsoever to suspect that death was looming very closely to him. He hadn't even met Travis Phelps to date. There was considation from Malice to stop with one death, but he isn't willing to risk the lives of his parents on fate.

At first, he was taking this just a bit more seriously, but once he realizes that no one can stop him from doing whatever he wants, it's become more like a game to him. Revenge can be sweet, but if he enjoys it, all the better. As he secures the building, he also intentionally sets off the silent alarm. He'll at least give the kid a fighting chance. Unknownst to the young adult, his day is about to go sour.

Under the car, Phin is lying down and working at the oil plug when the car starts to rise up on the lift. "Hey, who's in here?" Without warning, the car drops, tires first onto the ground. "HEY!" he scurries out from under the vehicle. He glances around and sees no one. A voice booms out from the overhead loudspeaker system.

Phinneas Trent Jacobs.

"What?" says the mechanic. "Who's that?"

I've come to collect. You see in order for my life to have a happy ending, I'm afraid I'm going to have to end yours.

"What the hell are you talking about? You're some kind of creep. I'm getting the f—" Just then a local radio station is blasted across the loudsystem and Phin immediately brings his hands up to his ears. As he moves towards the exit into the service area and cannot because of the electronic lock that keeps folks in the waiting room.

The music stops as Malice addresses Phin again.

I'm afraid I can't let you live. My own survival depends on it. After you there will be only one other that needs to be dealt with.

The automatic sprinklers kick and begin to poor down on the man, and the rest of the equipment. Sparks begin to fly as electrical devices begin to short out and the music comes back on. Some heavy rock blaring over the PA system. Smoke begins to fill the garage and Phin starts to cough.

Suddenly, the bay door rises and release some of the smoke and Phin decides it's the perfect time to bolt as he staggers towards the large opening, pausing in the door frame long enough to try and catch his breath.

Unfortunately, it wasn't his breath he really needed to worry about. The bay door falls like a sledge hammer onto the man, crushing him beneath the weight as it smashes into his head, killing him instantly as he collases under the weight. He's left sprawled between the ground and the door as the heavy door pins him.

Malice is pleased with his performance as he begins to focus on the final target. This one has been more difficult to track for some reason but he will soon find Marvin Ray Tangent.

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