Malice: Travis David Phelps



Scene Title Malice: Travis David Phelps
Synopsis Robin Hood finally comes to the realization that no one is going to help him. So, it's time for a new name and to take the initiative.
Date July 7, 2009

Park House Hotel in Brooklyn

I called myself Robin Hood.

I usually went above and beyond to get the job done, but each and every time I got the job done. Yet, everyone else I've encountered has let me down. The ones who traveled back in time with me. They were supposed to help me set things right, and I've lost contact with them all.

The police only care about helping criminals, while I will always recall the bodies of both of my parents lying on the floor. The gun that is pointed to me and fired, saved only by the fact that I was able to 'download' myself into the laptop that I held in my hand.

Those who say they wanted to help me, only befuddled me with unanswerable riddles. Those I wronged, refused to accept my apology when I truly meant it and wanted to do the right thing.

All for the sake of wanting to protect the one I loved. But was it truly love? Or a teenage lust filled fantasy with hopes to bed a very hot girl? Emotions can be confusing, especially when you've not yet had the time to experience them all. Perhaps, my heart and mind were clouded, confusing the two?

So, Robin Hood is no more. You see, there comes a point when realization sets in and you know that in order to right wrongs that will occur, you will sometimes have to take matters into your own hands, and thus Malice is born.

They called him 'T-Man', but Travis David Phelps was just barely 19 years old as he walked into the expensive hotel and climbed into the elevator. Life was on the fast track for him, as he was sidekicking with a major dealer who was tossing him money like it was candy. All he had to do was make a few deliveries and he scored.

He was riding up watching the numbers escalate as most do, because seriously what else do you do when you ride an elevator alone. Surprisingly, the doors never opened and no one boarded the elevator as he watches '10' light up and waits for the '11'.

Suddenly the elevator lurches to a stop.

"What the f..?" Phelps starts pushing the buttons.

Travis David Phelps. An electronic voice comes from the speaker.

"Yes, yes, that's me! Get me the hell out of here. This fucking thing is stuck!" Phelps tries to push his fingers between the closed sliding doors of the elevator.

I'm afraid that's not going to happen tonight. In fact, you are moments away from taking your very last breath. How does it feel to know that in mere moments you will cease to exist? Nothing but a lifeless body, useless to no one.

He starts to pound on the door as hard as he can. "You're fucking crazy, man. I don't even know you." Phelps continues to freak out, tears threatening to run down his face. "Look, I only deliver the drugs. I don't make them. I don't really even use them.."

Suddenly the elevator lurches.

"Shit! Okay, maybe I used a little, but c'mon. If you're the cops, just let me know and I'll turn myself in. Let me outta here!"

What you've done can only be changed by your elimination, Travis David Phelps.

Phelps grabs his cell phone and begins to punch in numbers. 9-1-1. 9-1-1. No response comes from the phone that was long ago disabled by the one formerly known as Robin Hood.

Say your last good-bye, Travis David Phelps. Time for you to meet your maker.

With that, the only thing that holds the elevator in place releases and the elevator plummets down towards the earth. Unheeded, unstopped and picking up speed with each inch downward it travels until Travis Phelps finds himself hurling his earlier dinner onto the floor of the elevator.

The near explosive sound the elevator makes as it finally hits the second level basement floor rocks the hotel up to the main lobby area and higher. It knocks those waiting for the elevator on the lowest level backwards and the screams that are heard when the door finally opens to a bloody mess become hysterical.

Travis David Phelps, may you rest in peace. The voice says before crackling and going silent.

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