Man Takes Life After Petrifying Family

MANHATTAN — Earlier this afternoon, the petrified bodies of Anette Thespuda and her two children were discovered in their home in Chelsea shortly after neighbors alerted police to the sounds of panicked cries for help coming from the residence. Annette's husband, Oleander Thespuda (49) had fled the scene of the crime before authorities arrived.

Nearly one hour later, Oleander Thespuda was spotted by a patrolman on the George Washington Bridge, threatening to jump. NYPD was dispatched to attempt to talk Mr.Thespuda down from the edge, but they were unsuccessful despite their best efforts, and Oleander Thespuda fell into the Hudson River, his body has yet to be recovered.

Authorities are uncertain as to the state of Oleander's wife and children, who were discovered to have been turned to solid stone in their home. It is unclear at this time whether the transformation from Oleander's unregistered and exotic Evolved ability cn be reversed, or if the Thespudas are deceased.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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