Mandated Face Punch


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Scene Title Mandated Face Punch
Synopsis After two future sister-in-laws retreat from the party some stipulations are made
Date January 22, 2011

Pollepel Island

Sami was easy enough to coax away from the noise of the party, even in light of the announcement and the apparent applause she's missing. She grew up in a family of five, and if there's one thing her parents ingrained in her it's that family is more important than all of that anyways.

Her lips twitch a little nervously with the smile that's never fully realized despite her generally jovial exterior. "I— " she begins quietly as she tries to force a smile. Her eyebrows twitch more while she forces the smile a little more, pressing her little bit of courage forward. "I really am glad to meet you— sorry we didn't meet earlier— I mean aside from the time that I was invisible and then that other time when I nearly vomited after and gave Brian a bloody nose completely by accident because getting flung out of black ink is kind of dizzying I mean all you see is black and then suddenly you're out and about and just a little bit floopy flying all over the place with these dizzying colours of various things that are spinning like the world is spinning around you and— " it isn't until Sam completely runs out of breath that she realizes it's been so long since she's taken one actually warranting the gasp for air, and a pause in her nervous chatter.

"Was more my fault than yours on the not seeing you earlier thing," Gillian says quietly, looking back at the clapping, and seeming relieved to be leaving it behind. "I don't really like crowds of people anymore, especially people I don't know, and there's still a lot of people I don't know in there…" Actually someone she barely knows right beside her. But Brian says she's safe, and she'll have to trust her brother about this…

Even if he's rash and impulsive. He wouldn't be Brian if he wasn't like that.

"So— As big sister, no matter what he says I'm older cause of time travel and shit anyway— I'm going to ask one simple thing…" With this she pulls away a bit, turning, though she can't quite do hands on hips, cause she has a big fat ginger in her arms. "If you disappear into mirror land on him again, or leave him when he doesn't deserve to be left and I'll be very mad at you. I'll likely try to punch you in the face, if you haven't learned how to phase better by then. If you do, I'll come up with another way to make you regret it."

"I get that big crowds mean lots of eyes I only like that when I'm dancing and if I'm da— " the incessant very nervous chatter is silenced by the pseudo-threat. Sam's chin drops to her chest as her head moves into a kind of slow nod. Her hazel eyes soften considerably and the nerves semi-dissipate. There's something actually reassuring about the threat, particularly after how Tahir had questioned Brian.

Her smile softens, sedates into something nearly sad. "I'm not leaving him if I can help it." It's possibly not the most reassuring thing int he world, but it's what she can promise. "I didn't want to disappear like I did. I didn't try to phase, it just happened. A reaction to everything going on." Her lips press together, "I'm more afraid of disappearing than anything." There's another pause as she considers, "But Brian is amazing. I… I'm not going anywhere. I don't see why I would."

"Well, it may happen one day. Men can be assholes when they don't even mean to be," Gillian says, turning down the vague hostility and even suddenly smiling. That causes dimples to appear in her cheeks, making her look far less difficult and angry than one might have suspected her to be after those words.

"And if he does deserve it, I'll probably punch him in the face too, just so you know. You're not the only one getting the punch-threat treatment."

With that, she seems to have said her piece about that, as she says, "You mentioned dancing? You dance?"

Sami hmms quietly, "Yeah, I guess that's true. I have a brother, he can be a total jerk for no reason, but you know, he's still my brother." Gillian's smile puts her a little more at ease, exposing dimples of her own while her hands shove into her pockets. If she's honest though, she can't see that happen, her idealistic mode gives her those rose coloured glasses, someday they'll lose their bright hue. "Thanks though. For looking out for him." She shrugs slightly, like there's anything else she can say about that.

"Yeah! I used to be kind of good too, back when I practiced all of the time." Her smile becomes muted while she rocks on the balls of her feet, "I still love it though, even if I'm painfully out of practice."

"Guess dancing when you barely had a physical body wasn't much fun," Gillian says, letting the conversations of brothers and over protectiveness drop. Though from her smile and nod, she agrees. Brothers can be pains in the ass. Even when she's only had this particular brother for a year or so. She may not have spent much of her life as a ghost, but she's had an interesting turn of many events.

"The only dancing I ever did was the stuff you do at clubs, but I brought my CDs and stuff, the dance club music mostly. Maybe I can fetch them and bring them to the party and you and Brian can dance. I'll probably just watch, though…" To finally free her arms, she bends down and releases the ginger Chandra, but he doesn't wander far, rubbing against her legs like he's trying to reclaim her. "How'd you end up in that situation anyway, though? With being all stuck?"

"It was fun enough," Sami shrugs a little, "But so different than being like really real if that makes any sense?" her nose wrinkles at the notion of having been fake before, but that's the implication just the same. There but not. Real but fake. She shoots Gillian a lopsided grin, "It was mostly a pain when I slept. It's terrifying to wake up some place you don't know. And never knowing where you'll wake up. I woke up in a men's locker room once." Her cheeks turn a bright red. "That's the first time someone really saw me. I mean, besides Rue."

There's a quiet sigh while her head cants to the left, "I got like that when the bomb went off. Me and my best friend, Rue, we were in the square when it happened. And I.. I died. Except I didn't. We think my ability just went into overdrive and I got like.. stuck." She shrugs again. "Leaves me… scared to use it I guess?"

"The bomb… That certainly messed up a lot of lives," Gillian says softly as she looks away, staring off at someone she can't see, perhaps someone she'll never see again. Maybe it'd be better if she didn't… Perhaps the life it messed up the most was the life at the very center of it.

"I should probably avoid using my ability on you, then. Which is fine by me, I don't like using it that much anymore. Too many people want to use me for it, it's…" She trails off.

"Anyway. It's good to meet you, and you'll have to tell me what it's like to be a ghost for four years… I can imagine the stories you might have." And from the smile and raised eyebrows, she thinks they're dirty.

THe smile grows again as Sami nods, "Yeah, probably best not to like give me a boost or whatever. I was scared enough last week when the birds attacked. I'm scared of phasing out for two long— " her head shakes slightly, not exactly the kind of thing she's desperate to talk about but it's at the forefront of her thoughts with discussion about the bomb.

Sam stifles a chuckle as she brings a fan of fingers over her lips. Her eyes roll somewhat and she giggles again, "I was sixteen when it happened— like painfully innocent sixteen, and suddenly I was waking up in the single most awkward places ever— bedrooms, parks, a lake— sometimes with people around, sometimes just me waking up some place weird… oh! And the one time there was the mental asylum… yeah… not the best…" her eyes flit away.

"An innocent sixteen year old? You must have been sheltered," Gillian says with a soft laugh. "By sixteen I'd already gotten three tattoos and had a thirty year old boyfriend… But I was kind of rebellous. I'm glad Brian didn't know me back then. He'd probably never let me live it down— " But… she got a new life with the revelation that her name, originally, was something else entirely. With her now free hand, she clasps the younger woman with a firm arm, and says, "Let's get you back to your party so you can dance with your fiance."

"I have a very protective older brother. Like painfully protective. Like, if a boy looked at me the 'wrong way' Tahir ripped into him." Sami's cheeks flush a little again as her smile brightens, "I'm pretty sure if I got a tattoo I wouldn't have been allowed out of the house again. Not even for school. Home schooling for me~" It wasn't just Tahir that was protective. "Right, we.. should get back." She smiles again, "And Gillian… thank you." With that the pair are bound back for the party now.

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