Mandatory Negation Executive Order


President Petrelli Signs Mandatory Negation Executive Order
By Miguel Ferrino

President Petrelli signed an executive order today requiring that all Evolved registered under the Linderman Act begin taking mandatory ability-negating drugs as a matter of public safety.

The executive order requires all registered adults take daily pill-form negation drugs, now being circulated through relocation centers. Children under 13 will be administered the drugs by their parents or a relocation center medical professional.

Newly Registered Evolved will be administered a negation shot with a duration of 14 days prior to mandatory relocation. These drugs are expected to cost the American taxpayers an estimated 2.6 billion dollars annually, on top of the 9.8 billion dollars that have already been spent on relocation centers.

"The lack of appropriate measures over the years and the spread of anti-scientific theories, especially in recent months, has brought about a crisis with the Evolved," President Petrelli told Reuters earlier today. "We should have done this sooner, to get the situation under control, but hindsight is twenty-twenty."

The required vaccinations will be enforced by relocation center security and regular, scheduled check-ins. Evolved demonstrating active abilities will be arrested and detained under violation of the Linderman Act. Evolved whose abilities are essential for their well-being will be moved to permanent medical care in a special Department of Evolved Affairs facility in an undisclosed location in Massachusetts.

This executive order comes on the heels of mandatory relocation efforts and reproduction control laws. Protests have sprung up across the country in retaliation to the means by which these executive orders are being swiftly administered without oversight.

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