Mandatory Vaccinations

Tuesday Evening, March 16, 2010
Associated Press

After several weeks of fear rising in communities all up and down the eastern seaboard, the CDC announced today that the first batch of H5N10 vaccinations have finished production and are being shipped out to vital government centers from Virginia all the way up to New England. This first wave of inoculations against the potent H5N10 virus is a mandatory vaccination for all state, local and federal government employees. Hospital workers, law-enforcement, emergency response and other agencies will have the vaccination available by Wednesday at their place of work.

The CDC announced that a publicly accessible vaccination will be available as early as next week, but that then limited resources of the vaccine will require that only Registered Evolved will be able to receive the inoculation to prevent shortages. Mobile registration centers will likely be present at vaccination centers for those wishing to receive the injection, but details on this have not been established yet.

OOC Information: All government employees (Law-Enforcement, FRONTLINE, etc) will be vaccinated at work for the H5N10 virus as of Wednesday morning. The vaccination, like all flu vaccines, comes with small side effects of extremely mild flu-like symptoms and possibly intermittent ability reduction (but not loss, just a dampening of the ability to a limited capacity, and only in a /very/ small percentage of those inoculated at player discretion, only lasting for a day or two.)

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