Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Located primarily on Manhattan Island at the mouth of the Hudson River, it consists of Manhattan Island and several small adjacent islands: Roosevelt Island, Randall's Island, Ward's Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, part of Ellis Island, and U Thant Island; as well as Marble Hill, a small section on the mainland adjacent to the Bronx. The original city of New York began at the southern end of Manhattan, and expanded in 1898 to include surrounding counties. It is the smallest, yet most urbanized of the five boroughs.

Manhattan has been geographically divided north and south thanks to the ruins of Midtown that stretch for blocks across the borough's center. This partly walled-off and dangerous region of the city is a no-man's land for the majority of New York City's populace. Much of Manhattan is in disrepair even years after the bomb, with non-main arteries suffering from poor road conditions, constant problems with rolling blackouts or brownouts, and the like.

Given Manhattan's dense population, it is further divided up into neighborhoods below.


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