Marble Moniker


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Scene Title Marble Moniker
Synopsis Toby and Nadia run into each other on a summer NYC day and start talking shop.
Date July 08, 2010

Outside the Gun Hill Apartments

There are certain things one expects to see on a summer day. Children eating ice cream, people playing in the sprinklers. A man walking ten dogs…might be one of them. When one of those dogs is draped over one shoulder, perhaps not so much.

Toby is in a pair of designer jeans and a very loud and no doubt expensive Hawaiian shirt today, his sunglasses perched on top of his sandy blond head. Indeed in one hand he holds the leashes to ten different dogs, of all shapes and sizes. And on his shoulder sits — precariously, and no doubt heavily considering Toby's svelte frame — his corgi, Rugby. The entire gaggle has stopped at a corner, waiting for the light to change, but Toby is happily singing loudly, clearly, and actually quite well:

Why should I worry? Why should I ca-a-a-are? I may not have a dime, oh, but I got street savoire faire!

The dogs, though antsy and ready to walk more, are obediently waiting, though Rugby adds a bark or two to the man's singing. Mostly because there's another person walking by with a dog, though.

An eleventh dog seems to be very excited. A red-headed corgi with a black back, barely out of puppyhood, is tugging on his leash, eager to greet the group of dogs. On the other end of the leash is Nadia, who occasionally gives a small tug to keep him walking by her side. For the most part, he listens, but he always gets a little too excited and starts tugging again.

"Holmes! Chill out, man, we don't even know if those dogs will like you! You have WAY too much energy." She shakes her head. The girl currently wears a pair of blue jean capri pants and a tank top, with a scarf draped over her shoulders. Nothing designer, by any means. Probably Old Navy or something. A smile is offered to Toby as he sings his heart out.

On Toby's doggy-radar there's blips of 'excitement! excitement!! curiosity! EXCITEMENT!' as Holmes tugs closer. He glances over Nadia's way and offers a brilliant smile, cutting off his singing in favor of waving. "Why hello there, miss! I see you're a fellow Corgi-lover!"

Rugby, meanwhile, is fed up with this shoulder business, and he scrambles gracelessly down into a heap on the cement before skittering over to meet Holmes nose to nose and sniff, before going for the more typical dog-meet-dog greeting. "Rugby!" Toby huffs. "Rugby, be a gentleman for goodness sake!" But that doesn't stop the dog from investigating. The other dogs all seem interested in Holmes, a few of them barking in his direction, but Toby keeps the leashes taut. "My apologies! Being a dog-walker is sometimes not all it's cracked up to be."

Holmes couldn't be happier. He greets Rugby with enthusiasm, and his puppy energy shows very distinctly. "Yup! Corgis are the best. Holmes here, despite being easily excited, is the best dog ever." She giggles softly, reaching down to pat the red-headed tricolor corgi, who lovingly licks her hand before he attempts to initiate playtime with his fellow Corgi.

Nadia then smiles brightly, waving a hand. "It's quite alright! It's a dog thing." She chuckles, watching the dogs for a moment, before smiling back up to Toby. "I'm Nadia, and this is Sherlock Holmes. Holmes for short."

"Holmes, what a darling name," Toby effuses with a bright smile. Shifting leashes around, he frees one hand and extends it to her for a limp, effeminate handshake. "Pleasure to meet you! I love your name. But I bet you hear that from everyone! I'm Toby, by the way. And that's Rugby. And this is Janey, Samson, Missy, Scooter, Rocket, Mixer, Wicket, Pica, Pixel, and Pooter." Gesturing to each as he goes, he offers a bright smile.

Rugby, a typical tan-and-cream-coated Corgi, happily scampers and hops around Holmes, his tailless butt wiggling in joy. But then the crosswalk changes and Toby nods towards the other side of the road. "Care to join us for a block or two, Nadia?" The click of Toby's tongue gets Rugby's attention, and he scampers back to his owner's heels, though he keeps looking back at Holmes. Play! Playtime!

"I thought so too!" She giggles softly. "I don't really get that often, no, but thank you! Nice to meet you, Toby!" She grins, then, waving to each dog that is introduced. "Nice to meet you all!" His question prompts a warm smile an a nod. "Sure, don't mind if I do. I'm sure Holmes will enjoy it!" She fidgets a bit, adjusting her grip on Holmes's leash with a warm smile on her face.

Holmes is bounding around Rugby with the vigor only a puppy can muster, his own little nub of a tail wagging, which prompts his entire body to wiggle. Friends! Play! Happy! EXCITEMENT!

"I'm sure Rugby will be happy," Toby laughs, guiding his 'pack' across the street as Nadia falls into step with them. "Oh, my goodness, can you believe the heat lately? Thank god for that rainstorm last night. Eighty-six degrees is just heaven compared to being in the hundreds! Do you have A/C, Nadia?"

Rugby gets across the street with the puppy, growling playfully and snapping jaws in a 'hold on, be patient!' motion. Then he's bounding ahead to play chase with Holmes as he nips back at the puppy.

Nadia is all smiles as she walks alongside Toby and the 'pack' of dogs. "God, don't I know it. Holmes is certainly happy! I had to brush him every day just to try and keep him cool." She smiles. "I actually do have Air Conditioning. I live in the Upper West Side, Dorchester Apartments." She giggles softly. "I'm an Architect student, pretty close to getting my Masters. And a sculptor." She grins. "If you ever want to buy any kind of sculpture, big or small, I'm your girl!"

Holmes has taken to 'FRAPing'; he's darting around Rugby as quick as he can, that trademark corgi 'smile' upon his face. He seems to really enjoy Rugby, and the fact that this dog is JUST LIKE HIM!

"An architect student! How fabulous! And a sculptor? Oh my word. Actually, I'd love to commission a piece from you! I'm a bit of a Renaissance man, myself, in a sense: I just came into co-superintending this apartment complex here, Gun Hill." He gestures at the big red building as they come upon it to their right. "And it needs some serious fixing up before we open to the public, but one of the things it really needs is some nice decor, you know? And I do glass-blowing, myself, and I was going to make some things for it, but some sculptures would be fantastic! Do you have a card, Nadia?" Oh he's so excited!

Rugby, energetic as he is, is not a puppy anymore, and hasn't been for over five years. He keeps up pretty well but Holmes is faster, more excited, and darting all over the place. Plus it's hot, and Rugby has a bit of a longer coat than most Corgis, so when they get to Gun Hill, he scampers over to the steps and flops down on one with a satisfied groan. Cool(ish) cement. Aaahhh. His tongue lolls happily as he tries to offset his heat, snapping his jaws at Holmes when he comes near.

"I would be happy to do some sculpture work for you. I have a few pieces I've already finished, just laying around, too." Nadia is all smiles, now, reaching into her somewhat oversized purse and pulling out a business card…but not just any business card. Apparently, she's taken to sculpting her own business cards, and while a bit heavier than most paper, the marble is cut quite thin, with raised print detailing her name and information. This is offered to Toby with a smile.

Holmes…is a puppy. He happily lets Rugby lay down, but he's still playful. He rushes at the older Corgi, taking the jaw snaps as playtime. Occasionally, he'll gently mouth at Rugby's leg, as if to beg him to play more.

Toby takes the card and looks it over. "How delightful! You have it on marble! That's so charming!" Reaching into his own back pocket, he pulls out a business card that merely has his name and number on it. "I love trying new things," he explains brightly. "So whatever job I'm in, these cards will work. Presently, I blow glass, superintend Gun Hill, and I act. I'm looking for my next gig, right now." He pockets the neat card. "I shall have to get back to you on this. Mind if I call you later to discuss pricing and options? I have to get these dogs back to their owners. And! Perhaps I'll bring Rugby and he and Holmes can have a playdate!"

Rugby rowfs in Holmes' direction and finally whomps a paw down the puppy's head. Chill!

Nadia offers a bright smile in response to Toby's enthusiasm, giggling softly and taking the card. "I usually have spare chips and chunks of marble left over when I sculpt, so I make them into business cards. Never really run out of them that way, and I save money." She grins, pocketing the card. "Plus, it's hard for someone to fold it up or lose it, when it's on marble." She glances up towards the sky with a thoughtful look on her face, rubbing her chin for a moment. "Maybe I should start marketing marble business cards." She then grins over Toby. "Anyhow, yeah, feel free to call me later! And I'm sure Holmes would love to have a playmate."

Holmes yips slightly, before approaching Rugby again to lick at his muzzle. I'm sorry, I don't get to see other dogs often!

"Excellent! And if I forget — I sometimes do — please, do call me. I'm very interested." Toby tugs on the leashes and smiles brightly to her. "Have a wonderful day, Nadia! I look forward to working with you!" With a whistle, Rugby's head perks up and he scrambles up to his feet, pausing to sniff one more time at Holmes in farewell before scampering after Toby. And off the group goes, into another New York summer.

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