March Madness


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Scene Title March Madness
Synopsis Emily may or may not regret encouraging her friends to get GhostNet subscriptions.
Date March 17, 2019

03/17/2019 4:40:42 PM Emily
Hey, random question. I know you guys were looking for like a new building for everyone to live in, but have you come across any other good spaces in your search? Anything smaller but still safe?

03/17/2019 4:42:15 PM Geneva
park slope’s got a lot of empty abandoned buildings like the one me and hailey are in, dk if that fits what youre looking for

03/17/2019 4:45:18 PM Squeaks
The underneath has places. Maybe like the tank room?

03/17/2019 4:46:20 PM Joe
I haven’t nope. Why are you looking for a safe room Em?

03/17/2019 4:50:06 PM Emily
Looking to find some place of my own to go to.
idk Just some place to call my own

03/17/2019 4:51:35 PM Squeaks
Or not the tank place.

03/17/2019 4:52:06 PM Emily has changed Squeaks's nickname to Sqks

03/17/2019 4:52:47 PM Sqks
There’s the tower but it’s gross. Park slope has animals and no electricity or water but geneva’s right it has lots of empty places

03/17/2019 4:52:06 PM Hailey
In the city or anywhere?

03/17/2019 4:56:04 PM Geneva
yeah if you do park slope you’ll want to bring your own stuff to rig it up. heat etc. but its dece otherwise. and i’d help out

03/17/2019 5:03:12 PM Emily
The city's probably better, but if the place is nearby, could still check it out? Did you have some place in mind?

03/17/2019 5:08:26 PM Joe
Lots of places in the city. Brynn and I were just looking the other day. I can help you look if you want.

03/17/2019 5:13:39 PM Hailey
If you’re looking for a ‘safe house’ it would probably be best to find a place NOT eligible for the lottery. Otherwise you might find yourself evicted, unless you’re planning to pay for it.

03/17/2019 5:18:03 PM Lance
Are you like looking for a hidey-hole or somewhere to live?

03/17/2019 5:18:57 PM Emily
Hailey's got a good point … maybe it would be a good idea to look in park Slope after all?

03/17/2019 5:20:14 PM Geneva
one thing about PS, theres the chance you might get rando intruders from time to time. but i guess thats kinda a risk for anywhere off-grid

03/17/2019 5:22:31 PM Lance
You can’t have a place that’s -both- Em :p not unless you want to live all cloak and dagger I guess. I think there’s base housing btw if you need it. Also we might have room at the new place?

03/17/2019 5:24:43 PM Sqks
There's still some places underneath that could be used
Maybe like old subway cars
Or where I found the tape
It's dry there not damp not hard to get to but hidden mostly

03/17/2019 5:40:51 PM Emily
Honestly, Lance, I didn't know what the difference between the two would be? :P
I mean, you'd be living at both places, right??
And one sounds cooler than the other
I figure no matter what kind of place it is, it'll be a fixer-upper of some variety since it'd not be lottery … idk. Am I hearing you guys right it's a matter of "well, just get out there and look" if i'm serious about this?

03/17/2019 5:44:07 PM Brynn
It's not quite that simple. We decided to get a new place but it requires Aunt Gilly to co-sign for us cuz we're all too young for them to take serious. Or something. (They don't know us too well — let's keep it that way.) If you want a place that you can use as a hidey-hole to live off the grid and out of the eyeshot of nosiness, Joe and I found a few places that would suit one or two people real well. They weren't big enough or in the 'allowed' Safe Zone areas for us as a group, but we talked about whether to set a couple up as fallback positions. If you just wanna take over a place legit and are willing to fix it up, you also could just pick a location and go to the Safe Zone board, I think. You might have to get someone to help out with a cosignature, but Aunt Gilly could maybe be that person. Or Aunt Stork. Or Auncle Raquelle. Or … well, you get my drift.

03/17/2019 5:45:12 PM Sqks
We will help you

03/17/2019 5:47:41 PM Hailey
Brynn’s got a point. If you get a place in your own name through the lottery, you can do whatever you want with it. I’m going to guess you’re doing secret roomies? Need a guard dog?

03/17/2019 5:48:02 PM Geneva
who the fuck is aunt stork

03/17/2019 5:50:52 PM Emily
okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know who that is.

03/17/2019 5:52:08 PM Joe
AUNT STORK IS AUNT HOOMS HOW DARE YOU?! But seriously, getting your own place isn’t easy. Even if it’s off the books it’s not easy because then you have to secure it and supply it and all of that good stuff. Plus it’s hard to stop someone else from moving into it when you’re gone unless it’s really really secret. Secret roomates?

03/17/2019 5:53:38 PM Hailey
Secret boyfriend, Joe, you’re not it. lol.

03/17/2019 5:55:47 PM Emily
fucking magnes
Okay, yeah, what I'm looking for is more "hidey-hole" territory then, yeah.
When would be good to meet up to check some of them out?

03/17/2019 5:56:02 PM Hailey
Holy shit!! Magnes is your BOYFRIEND?!? He’s like… old!

03/17/2019 5:56:08 PM Joe

03/17/2019 5:56:15 PM Emily
jfc NO!!!!

03/17/2019 5:56:45 PM Joe
I could totally go for some KFC. Do they have one here?

03/17/2019 5:57:31 PM Brynn
Huh? Isn't Magnes the comic book guy from when we were kids? Isn't he dead? Are you dating a dead guy? What?????

03/17/2019 5:57:59 PM Hailey
B, LH means no judgement… if E is into dead old dudes, we shouldn’t judge.

03/17/2019 5:58:17 PM Geneva
its ok emily we all support your questionable judgment

03/17/2019 5:58:52 PM Joe
Magnes isn’t dead. So it’s not necro whatever. It’s just genarian or whatever that’s called. Where… yeah. Cuz I mean he’s not old old, but he’s old. Hailey and I saw him. Also probably shouldn’t say that on here…. Woops.

03/17/2019 5:59:02 PM Emily
I can't fucking even with you guys

03/17/2019 5:59:06 PM Hailey
So if Magnes is serious about this adoption thing, do I have to call you mom? roflroflrofl

03/17/2019 5:59:21 PM Brynn
I'm going over ——> There. You guys are sick.

03/17/2019 5:59:40 PM Joe
Don’t be judgy Brynn. >_>

03/17/2019 5:59:55 PM Emily
Holy shit I'm with Brynn this is just insane now

03/17/2019 6:00:18 PM Lance
I can ask Cash if she’s seen anywhere but I think she mostly just stands in statue gardens for days on end which probably isn’t healthy come to think of it.

03/17/2019 6:01:52 PM Brynn
She's not always there… When Miss Abby and Kasha came, she wasn't there.

03/17/2019 6:02:01 PM Lance
She’s good at hiding and it’s probably kinda awk to have a kid version of herself there.
Also I’m 100% behind your decision to date old dudes, Em.

03/17/2019 6:02:07 PM Emily
Fuck you too, Lance

03/17/2019 6:02:12 PM Brynn
*snerk* How can you not be, Lance?

03/17/2019 6:02:13 PM Geneva
WE ALL SUPPORT YOU EMILY. even if magnes seems like a fuckhead

03/17/2019 6:02:14 PM Hailey
Magnes is a good guy, I promise I won’t call you mom. Gene, he’s cool, just wait. Maybe he’ll write Em into his diary.

03/17/2019 6:02:19 PM Joe
I mean I support it sure. Just didn’t think I mean.. Em and Magnes? She’s too angry. Storms off. LOL. He could totally just increase gravity so she can’t storm off.

03/17/2019 6:02:21 PM Emily
^— one of my worst nightmares

03/17/2019 6:02:26 PM Lance

03/17/2019 6:02:30 PM Joe
You’re not? Wait… Since when???

03/17/2019 6:02:31 PM Brynn

03/17/2019 6:02:33 PM Hailey
…yet. Can anyone say DOUBLE WEDDING??!!!?!?!?!?!?!1111

03/17/2019 6:02:33 PM Lance
She married a DEAD FUTURE VERSION OF ME FROM ANOTHER TIMELINE that’s super awk guys

03/17/2019 6:02:34 PM Sqks has left the conversation.
03/17/2019 6:02:34 PM D.Crypt has joined the conversation.

03/17/2019 6:02:39 PM Brynn

03/17/2019 6:02:41 PM Joe
You act like half of us probably aren’t from alternate timelines and just don’t know it yet.

03/17/2019 6:02:42 PM Lance
Also she’s the DM that’d be a COI

03/17/2019 6:02:45 PM Geneva
fuck all this alternate timeline shit man i quit

03/17/2019 6:02:52 PM Hailey
Pretty sure I’m from this one Joe. Anyway, if there’s a double wedding, I need a bit of advanced warning to get the petting zoo together.

03/17/2019 6:02:57 PM Emily

03/17/2019 6:03:02 PM Brynn
Such botswarf, L.

03/17/2019 6:03:06 PM Joe
But how would you know Hails? How would you know? OH! I bet Geneva is from one of the messed up futures where everything sucks and that’s why she’s always pissed off.

03/17/2019 6:03:08 PM Emily

03/17/2019 6:03:10 PM Lance
She’s twice my age!

03/17/2019 6:03:11 PM Hailey
Gene’s from the hummingbird future.

03/17/2019 6:03:14 PM Brynn
Did you know there's a timeline where I can hear and I do photos instead of drawing? That was pretty primal. Let's go there for the weddings. Me and Ems were…. Something. There. I think. Maybe not. I couldn't tell.

03/17/2019 6:03:14 PM Geneva

03/17/2019 6:03:17 PM Joe
But we love you Gene!!! WHAT? BRYNN AND EMILY??? I SHIP IT!!!

03/17/2019 6:03:19 PM Hailey
Wait… Brynn and Emily now? What about Magnes? Emily are you cheating on Magnes? Who knew taking away your crutches would turn you into a machine.

03/17/2019 6:03:23 PM Geneva
…….okay now THIS is alternate dimension shit i can get behind
are you in some kind of threesome with brynn and magnes?

03/17/2019 6:03:25 PM Brynn
NO. Cuz Magnes was skeevy even back then!

03/17/2019 6:03:26 PM Lance
Is that why my bed was messed up the other day

03/17/2019 6:03:27 PM Emily

03/17/2019 6:03:50 PM Brynn
So nasty, guys. Really. I mean, Magnes was that guy who hung around with a buncha kids and read to them. But he was seriously eyeballin' some of the older girls. Glad I wasn't one of them. When a couple of them got boobs, it was just BAD NEWS.

03/17/2019 6:03:55 PM Geneva
ok ok. so mag is an old perv. But can we talk about you and em some more?

03/17/2019 6:03:56 PM Hailey
Magnes and the LH have a history. Elaine anyone?

03/17/2019 6:04:12 PM Emily

03/17/2019 6:04:13 PM Lance
I thought he had a thing for the Gun Hill Lesbians

03/17/2019 6:04:20 PM Hailey
Emily and Brynn were too young for Gunn Hill but we’re talking now.

03/17/2019 6:04:53 PM Joe
On track? Oh right! Your secret roomate. Soooo who yah trying to protect Ems? I bet we could help. We’re good at protecting people.

03/17/2019 6:05:02 PM Geneva
joe did you just miss this entire conversation right now

03/17/2019 6:05:16 PM Emily
House hunting for my secret relationship with people from alternate dimensions, duh
Okay but seriously are you guys free next week at all

03/17/2019 6:05:20 PM Hailey
Holy fuck… I KNEW IT WAS MAGNES!!!!

03/17/2019 6:05:35 PM Joe
Nope. Didn’t miss the convo. Emily is dating Brynn so it can’t be Magnes. And Brynn already has a safe place so it can’t be her she’s looking for. Also can be free when needed just can’t skip class is all. Anything that doesn’t have me skipping class is cool. I can arrange my shifts at the store.

03/17/2019 6:05:37 PM D.Crypt
And on public network, asking for trouble much? Old hidey holes can be arranged if needed.

03/17/2019 6:05:38 PM Brynn
Whenever you need, Ems. I'm open — Pearl and Auncle Raq don't care when I sho—

03/17/2019 6:05:40 PM Hailey

03/17/2019 6:05:40 PM Emily
The fuck?

03/17/2019 6:05:41 PM Emily has changed D.Crypt's nickname to Some Asshole

03/17/2019 6:05:41 PM Geneva
the fuck do you want asshole? fite me irl

03/17/2019 6:05:43 PM Lance
…Wireless is that you

03/17/2019 6:05:44 PM Some Asshole’s nickname changes to D.Crypt
03/17/2019 6:05:44 PM D.Crypt
No, not Wireless. Friend of. And prefer to keep stabbings to minimum. Friendly rather than fight?

03/17/2019 6:05:45 PM Brynn
… Lance… Protocol 1?

03/17/2019 6:05:45 PM Joe has changed D.Crypt’s nickname to Gubmint Stooge

03/17/2019 6:05:49 PM Joe
Protocol 1 (Also who is Wireless?)

03/17/2019 6:05:49 PM Geneva

03/17/2019 6:05:50 PM Emily
New plan: Sqks and lance and I will just talk at work

03/17/2019 6:05:52 PM Joe
You spelled Joe wrong.

03/17/2019 6:05:52 PM Geneva
excuse me girl wheres my name. dont make me have to fight you too

03/17/2019 6:05:52 PM Gubmint Stooge’s nickname changes to Independent Technopath
03/17/2019 6:05:52 PM Independent Technopath
If you need assistance setting up something… less noticeable for messaging, might be able to arrange -that- too.

03/17/2019 6:05:56 PM Joe
Wait. Not a Gubmint stooge technopath? How do we know we can trust you?

03/17/2019 6:06:12 PM Emily okay but srsly

03/17/2019 6:06:12 PM Geneva

03/17/2019 6:06:22 PM Independent Technopath
You have no reason to trust. Trust earned, not demanded. Besides, if government stooge, would I be talking at all?

03/17/2019 6:06:28 PM Emily
Next time we use fucking Whatsapp
Okay stranger it was nice to meet you, fuck off now

03/17/2019 6:06:30 PM Lance
Hold pending authorization

03/17/2019 6:06:31 PM Brynn

03/17/2019 6:06:33 PM Geneva
yes please fuck right off anonymous dickbag, nobody asked for you to be here

03/17/2019 6:06:34 PM Independent Technopath
Fair enough, see some of you tomorrow.

03/17/2019 6:06:38 PM Joe
I mean… a friendly technopath is a super useful friend. Just saying guys. If we can verify that this one isn’t a Gubmint stooge then you know… useful ally. And maybe new friend?

03/17/2019 6:06:45 PM Independent Technopath
attached an image of the Raytech Lunchroom.

03/17/2019 6:06:49 PM Emily
fucking of coursw

03/17/2019 6:06:52 PM Lance
Hey Quinn you got time for a quick question?

03/17/2019 6:06:58 PM Quinn
Lance. Sure, why not. What's up?

03/17/2019 6:07:02 PM Lance
Technopath just jumped into a group text, ID D.Crypt. Know of them?

03/17/2019 6:07:06 PM Quinn
Let me check something.

03/17/2019 6:07:36 PM Quinn
D. Crypt, alias Alia Chavez, iirc. One of Richard Ray's people.

03/17/2019 6:07:40 PM Lance
Rofl omg that’s hilarious. Gene just cursed them out and she works there. Thx quinn. See you at work soon :D

03/17/2019 6:07:43 PM Quinn
Yeah, sure. And hey, if that keeps up? I dunno. Maybe do the cursing in person. Or don't.

03/17/2019 6:07:45 PM Lance
Hey you ok?

03/17/2019 6:07:48 PM Quinn
Never better, Lance.

03/17/2019 6:07:54 PM Quinn
Don't worry about me. You have more pressing things. Also, see you at work soon.

03/17/2019 6:07:58 PM Lance
Pft we’re basically family I’m gonna worry. See you. <3

03/17/2019 6:08:41 PM Lance
Authorization received lol gene it’s your IT person

03/17/2019 6:08:50 PM Geneva
are you positive lance

03/17/2019 6:08:50 PM Emily
wait is that a fucking Jurassic Park animatronic???
in the background???

03/17/2019 6:08:53 PM Independent Technopath
Shhh, getting ready for april’s fools day. :D

03/17/2019 6:08:58 PM Geneva
why didnt you fucking say you were the IT lady instead of being a random ass troll? for real tho?

03/17/2019 6:08:59 PM Lance
Also i just asked quinn

03/17/2019 6:09:15 PM Joe
For once guys? I’m at a complete loss. Fill me in?

03/17/2019 6:09:17 PM Brynn
ACKN P1 aborted.

03/17/2019 6:09:45 PM Lance
@Joe it’s raytech’s t-path

03/17/2019 6:09:46 PM Independent Technopath nickname changes to D.Crypt
03/17/2019 6:09:46 PM D.Crypt
Because I’ve been using this name for so long I respond to it better?

03/17/2019 6:09:55 PM Hailey
Jesus, I just about wrecked Geneva’s phone.

03/17/2019 6:10:02 PM Geneva
yeah, but we didnt know who the fuck you were? so, ummm?
also fucking hell yeah lmao i literally just bought this phone

03/17/2019 6:10:08 PM Joe
I mean if you were a random telepath butting into someone else’s conversation could you say you wouldn’t troll a little bit? Just a little? Also hi! I’m Joe. Nice to meet you D.Crypt. Sorta meet.
Also not really independent Technopath when you work for Cardinal.

03/17/2019 6:11:31 PM Emily
… if you use it to scare that asshole I'll give you a nicer nickname

03/17/2019 6:11:49 PM Brynn
If she's one of Cardinal/Ray's peeps, maybe she knows old safehouses that are still intact? Maybe we don't want to use those, though, cuz then Cardinal/Ray knows about them.

03/17/2019 6:12:30 PM D.Crypt
Old Ferry Places. Some even older. As for Ray… He broke his phone once or twice for me.

03/17/2019 6:12:40 PM Hailey
I still think the Magmily lovenest would be the best in Park Slope. Gene and I fixed up one house, we can fix up another.

03/17/2019 6:12:46 PM Emily
k great on all counts chat soon

03/17/2019 6:12:48 PM Emily has left the conversation

03/17/2019 6:12:50 PM Joe
Emily storms out again. Typical.

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