Marcus Donovan Target Of Assassination
Date March 2, 2010
Relevant Logs Daidō Shōi, Part III

MANHATTAN — In what can only be seen as a startling revelation in the post-game of what was the most turbulent mayoral campaign in recent history, former Mayoral candidate Marcus Donovan found himself in the sights of someone other than the court of public opinion late Thursday night.

On returning to his Dorchester Towers apartment, Donovan was targeted by a rooftop sniper that, according to eyewitness reports, only narrowly missed landing a fatal blow to the former chief of police. At the time Donovan was on the phone with NYPD Police Commissioner Karen Lau when the shot was fired, and police were immediately dispatched to the scene.

Authorities speculate that the shot was fired from somewhere between the 12th and 14th floor of the Prudential Bank and Trust building across the street from Dorchester Towers. An investigation is currently underway to determine if the attack is related to the recent murder of former candidate Jennifer Chesterfield.

When asked for a statement, Donovan's attorney stated that Marcus had been "fraudulently let to believe he was participating in an investigation against Daniel Linderman by a man calling himself 'Sarkozy'." Further discussion with Donovan's attorney indicate that during the campaign, Donovan was approached by Mr.Sarkozy with falsified documentation attempting to link Daniel Linderman to illegal campaign contributions during the final days of the mayoral campaign.

It is unknown at this time whether Donovan's investigation into Linderman's finances had any connection to this failed assassination attempt. Authorities are considering all possible angles in their investigation.

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