Mardi Gras!


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Scene Title Mardi Gras!
Synopsis It's an all night party to benefit the children and get the adults totally plastered. In the name of Fat Tuesday.
Date March 08, 2011

The Corinthian

A guest purchases a ticket for a donation of any amount, they are given a raffle ticket…and 2 strands of beads before being ushered into the ballroom which has been turned into the Carnival for Mardi Gras!

Purple! Green! Gold! If it is a chandelier or a Statue or even a Column or Banister…it is draped with colorful beads. The Mardi Gras Flag is used as a table cloth on the main food display, flavors of New Orleans and of course plenty of booze available by skilled Mixologists at special stations. What is Mardi Gras without King Cake? Trust it is there as well.

Feathered masks and beads are abundant. There is a small stage set up with a band and DJ where Club Music is mixed with Carnival music for upbeat music a person can dance to, staying true to the feeling of the celebration.

He has not been in the mood for a party as of late, yet he has been in the mood to get out of the apartment and be around people. Aric decided to visit Raquelle's salon today to find him busy with this party. The girl at the desk gave him a card filled with the info and he decided it sounded like it could be fun. He decided to go!

The costume he decided to choose might fit his mood or just in the mood for some attention as he walks through the door his blue and white feathers ruffling through the movement. The costume is barely covering his body from head to toe and he is barefoot.

Masks are good. Masks mean that a man like Griffin Mihangle is much less likely to be caught going to a party like this. The mask, black, is nestled beneath a wide-brimmed hat that is trimmed with feather plumes, and both do an ample job of concealing half of his features from view, making the other half a bit on the unrecognizable side of things. He wears a suit today, looking much more slick than he has in the past few months. Hard to judge appearance when all you have to go off of is lips and a jaw line. And maybe that big nose, but the mask is doing its damn best to hide that.

Raffle ticket in hand, Griffin's first destination is the bar. Tonight, he has decided, will be his 'get drunk and generally freak out' night, before he starts having to figure things out like doctors and baby supplies and a nursery and toys and telling his son that he's going to have a half-sibling. First…he's going to hit the alcohol, ordering a scotch upon arrival.

Hortense isn't in costume, she's not that adventurous as some, but at least she brought a mask to go with her wetlook leggings and sequined minidress. Some little domino affair with silver and black feathers coming off one side held on by a cheap elastic. She's there, dancing around, a heart shaped black hand purse on a chain swinging with her as she grooves and grinds, bumps and thrusts to her hearts content on the dance floor. If her purse happens to bump into someone, oh well, or a hip, who knows, they are pretty high heels and the drink in her hand isn't her first.

When news of a party made it's way to Jaiden's ears, the first thing he thought of, after 'I hope I can come up with something nice to wear' was 'how to deal with this without the curfew being idiotic.' A bit of thinking and a hot shower later, Jaiden realized that he really didn't care, and this was Mardi Gras. Sure, he's Australian, but that's no excuse to miss out on a party!

Dressed in a conservative pair of slacks and a button-down shirt, Jaiden walks in and gets the lay of the land, looking around. Getting a ticket was fairly easy - getting parking? Not so much, but he made it. A quick flick of the wrist snags a few strings of beads from one of the statue near the door, making him look a little more the part…

Over at the bar…there's a glittery, fabulous, top-hatted…divalicious golden individual sipping from a…goblet. Feather boas, beads, lovely make-up…skin tight attire…There's no telling what's /in/ the elaborate cup but it is fruity! He notes various entrances before he pays close attention to…Griffin's entrance before he looks to the bar tender, tossing the end of the boa over a shoulder and noting to the bartender. "Caution lovely, Dark Wing Black Swan's approachin'." He winks and laughs happily, sucking on a lime and dropping it back in his goblet as he starts to head off into the crowd, towards the stage, offering Hortense a friendly. "Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh…" Holding his goblet up and dancing behind her at a safe distance. "Wooork it, wooork it, unhunh…" Then he's off in his own heels, continuing his journey to the stage and toying with his beads, blowing kisses where it is appropriate.

It was just luck that Lynette happened to hop a boat in time to hear about this party. Well, one of the Lynettes, anyway. And with an excuse to wear a mask, she just couldn't resist putting in an appearance. It's just a simple, sleek black dress that she wears and a black and white harlequin-style mask to cover up that face. At the moment, she's standing off to herself with a martini in hand. Dry. Two olives.

Aric 's eyes begin to scan the crowd. The apples in his cheeks begin to turn a few shades of red when he misunderstood the concept the "costumes". He shrugs as he begins to make his way through the crowd his blue and white feathers grazing various people as he walks through. He can hear his voice and he stops. "He is close" As he stands on his tippy toes his barefeet stretching to the max as he can see a figure that could look like Raquelle? He begins to make his way over and stops running a hand over his six pack he cocks his feather head to the side and asks curiously, "Raquelle?"

It's been a good long while since the tall man has made it out to any sort of proper social event, and longer still since he's wanted to. Even a glacier will move if you're patient enough. Dressed in a Phantom half-mask, a cheap black top hat and tails - relying on the booze and the thick of the crowd to distract from the poor quality of the cut - he doesn't so much wander through the crowd as let it wander around him, looking around as he drifts toward the heart of the action.

Reaching the bar, Griffin leans one hand against it as he quietly orders a scotch, on the rocks, eyes scanning the room from beneath his mask, a stoic expression on his face as he settles down a few seats away from Raquelle. He's feeling particularly reclusive at the moment. Maybe he'll get more boisterous once he gets more alcohol in his system. Or perhaps he'll get reckless, instead. He hopes it's the former.

There had been a sizable donation from Savannah. Mostly because a night out where you didn't have to be yourself was all worth the money. Dressed in a lilac-purple dress, it's a very loose and flowing fabric from the waist down, and snug-fitting from the waist up. Comfortable, but fitting enough with the theme. Her mask is purple and gold, nothing too extravagant but also not a 99 cent store pickup. She toys with the beads around her neck, moving inwards a bit as she lets herself scan the room idly.

Bump and grind, bump and grind, hands up in the air and grooving along with mr. gold feathers and heels when he moves by and does a little jive with her. "Uh huh, you go you!" She calls out over the music, going back to dancing with the little group she's found herself with. And then parting when she realizes that her drink is gone. SO there she goes, tottering on heels that bump her above six feet and squeezes in between some of the people there, leaning over the bar. "ANOTHER LONG ISLAND PLEASE" TO be heard above the crowd, pulling out a ten from where it was tucked into the side of her bra. And then leaning away, spying the new arrivals, an appreciative look for Aric - and his six pack - then Lynette, winking to her.

This is a big party. A _big_ party. Jaiden, mask-free, kind of hugs the wall, waiting for one of the scantily-clad waitresses to wander by, ordering a beer with a twenty tucked into the cup on her tray.

There's a name! The vision in gold feathers and heels turns to notice Aric with wide eyes, sipping from his goblet. "…well baby look at /you/. I'd recognize that six pack anywhere! C'mere, give us a kiss now and you'll get some beads." He winks and laughs softly. "Don't you look like a sky blue peacock…good lord…" Raquelle looks around and blows kisses to other new arrivals.

There's an uproar of laughter and applause as a random lady in an elegant gold ball-gown now far from Jaiden's location pulls the top of her dress down with some French declaration and a tipsy sway as she holds her champagne flute. The beads go flying through the air. People without masks are offered masks and others are greeted by soft French greetings, cheap come-ons, more beads and the party spirit.

Lynette replies to the wink with a wave of her hand. She can be friendly, at least. "I like that the city can still come together for a night of debauchery," she says to Hortense over the noise of the party, a crooked smile on her lips, "Proves it's still New York, yes?" One thing Lynette isn't disguising is her voice, but then, this is the last place she expects to run into her terrorist-type acquaintances. More the fool her.

Aric grins as he looks down at his costume and says, "I am glad you approve." He looks out at he other costume and says, "Yet I think I had the wrong idea for Mardi Gras. A few people were looking at me." He bends down to take his beads as he grins looking Raquelle up and down, "You look a vision yourself. I had stopped by the salon today to see you. I needed your…boy advice yet…this may not be the best time. Maybe later?" He dangles a set of beads for Raquelle if he will take them from him.

Alcohol! It is a marvelous thing. At least, the way Griffin just threw back that scotch, he certainly seems to think as much. Another scotch is ordered, the man leaning against the bar and staring at random things. He really went all out on his costume. He even painted the skin around his eyes black to make the mask seem more…covering. Or something like that. That and it just looks better.

Quietly, he turns to regard Gael and Lynette, as well as offering Aric a few sideways glances. That is a very flamboyant outfit. The man looks down to his much more somber ensemble, before shrugging and drinking more alcohol.

'That's debauchery" Hortense points out Aric to Gael and Lynette, most of the man exposed. "But look at you" To Lynette, giving her a thumbs up, still waiting on her drink to be made and passed over. "Look at the both of you, together?" because really, evening gown and tail,s what does go better. There's her drink and she passes money over for the glass, bending knee's to take a long sip from it. "I am going to regret this in the morning but all in the name of charity and great fun yeah?"

Making her way over to the bar, Savannah orders a drink. A Mai Tai seems to suit her fancy. Leaning lightly against the bar itself, she fights the urge to pull out her phone and check it. WHen the drink is slid over to her, she takes a long sip before she looks to the rest of the room once more.

Kendall was invited. However, he was told to 'behave' by Raquelle. Now, the word 'behave' could mean many things. It could mean 'don't do anything stupid'. It could mean 'don't do anything dangerous'. It could mean 'don't do anything Raquelle wouldn't do'. It could also mean 'don't do anything that would get you arrested and/or cause a riot'. It's a very vague word, 'behave'.

After pondering just this right outside the entrance to the hotel, Kendall opted for 'don't do anything dangerous', since likely stupidity is already happening, what with alcohol being readily available. So in he comes, dressed up like some sort of ancient Aztec/Incan/Mayan king, with gold armor and a plethora of feathers, including wings. Of course, the security cameras say he's just wearing normal clothes and a baseball cap, but who pays attention to those, really?

"Mmmm…" Raquelle is…behaving. Honestly. He tickles Aric's chin with his boa and winks as he leans in close to kiss the side of his mouth before waggling his eyebrows and taking his beads. MWAHAHA, Beads. He smirks gently. "We'll talk later honeylicious, hmm? Go and get a drink baby, you might get voted the queen tonight." He raises his hands in the air, one still holds his special goblet as he rolls his hips and sways to the music making his way on to the stage so he can air-hump a guitarist…honestly, it is called air-grinding…okay no air he's dancing to the music and has no problem grinding behind the guitarist, laughing and grinning…before staring out at the audience, picking out familiar faces and squinting and just breaking it down on the stage. Alcohol is good for you naturally. Where he got the riding crop from…nobody will know, but he's procured one.

"Tonight, everywhere is New Orleans, as I understand it," Lynette says to Gael with a crooked smile. But Hortense gets a laugh out of her, though, and she brushes a hand down her dress. "I confess, I like classy better than… all this," she says with a gesture at the party in general. "But I can't resist the masks." She looks over at Gael, leaning back a little to look over his outfit with a nod of approval.

Graeme has been sticking to the edges of the party so far, a cup of soda in his hand. It was one thing to come to a party, since he'd gotten enough sleep that he figured he could go a night without; it was another thing entirely when he saw how damn many people there were. He's even found something generally festive enough for the occasion in his wardrobe, a white dress shirt, several buttons left open, with ruffles and some shimmering panels that hugs his form and goes with the black slacks. He'd had a mask as well, but it became oppressive, and he put it down somewhere.

There's a glance at the empty cup of soda in his hand, and Graeme is off making his way to the bar, so that at least he can have something, even if there's a damn good likelihood it won't be alcohol.

Aric grins looking at Raquelle and says, "I will hold you to that Raquelle." He gives him a wave as he begins to make his way through the crowd. He ignores the looks and says thank you to the 'love the costume dude'. He walks up to the bar and stands on his tippy toes, his beaded loin cloth lifting slight to reveal a pair of baby blue boy shorts. He waves at the bartender and says, "Sparkling Water with lime please." He turns and begins to scan the crowd when his eyes fall on Graeme.

He turns back around in a quick flourish and pulls the feathers around his face. Aric begins to swear in fluent Mandarin as he looks up at the ceiling and says in English, "Do you hate me that much?"

Gael inclines his head, giving Lynette's choice of apparel a once-over in turn. "A small world, and getting smaller all the time. Can I get you a drink? I assume they've got some champagne left somewhere." It'll be a truly dark day if the Corinthian ever runs out of drinks. Or pretty young things to walk around and entice visitors to partake.

"Some people can" She gestures to Jaiden rolling her eyes behind her mask then offering her hand to Lynette. "Hortense" That's a mouthful. "Look the man is buying you a drink" Gael that is and Hortense smiles. "God knows we need friends in this shithole of a city right? Did you hear they put sheep in the park?" She lifts her own drink up to her mouth to take a pull from it, let it burn down her throat before offeirng her hand to Gael this time. Oblivious to being adjacent to so many terrorists.

Persi slouches in the doors a bit late, but fortunately, Mardi Gras isn't exactly a time to be a stickler about…well, time. She isn't dressed for the occasion and, beyond that, she doesn't even have a mask. Finding one seems to be her first order of business, as she sets about either finding somebody passing them out or snagging one that somebody's left lying around.

Lynette takes the offered hand for a shake. "Regina," she says easily, "Lovely to meet you, Hortense. And I agree, friends are one of the rarer commodities these days it seems like." She hasn't heard of the sheep just yet, so there's a bit of a blink, and then a light chuckle before she turns to Gael. "I would love a drink," she says to him with a crooked smile. "Thank you."

Kendall seems a little lost and slightly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people in the building, and wanders about looking for people he knows. Jaiden and Griffin he knows vaguely, but it's really… ah, there's Raquelle. Er… well, what was Kendall expecting, modesty? Well actually, this is pretty modest for Raquelle, so after a moment of hesitation, he heads towards his boss.

Aric turns and pushes the feathers to cover his face as he begins to make his way through the crowd again. His barefeet moving gracefully over the floor with barely a sound as he tries to make his way towards Raquelle and hisses, "Oh! My! God dude. The guy I kind of like is here. He is gonna see me in this and think I am a total slore. Help me."

Graeme's thoughts, whatever they'd been, pretty much blank when he actually catches sight of Aric, blank more when he recognises the other man, and he leans on the edge of the bar, an occasional glance over. It's an impressive outfit, even as Aric makes his way away. There's a nod of greeting for Savannah, after he has another glass of nonalcoholic apple cider. "Hey," he says. "Didn't expect to see you here." His gaze follows Aric, though, generally, and there's a tinge of colour to Graeme's cheeks.

Regina, huh? The name matches the outfit; it'd probably help if he were to follow suit. "Call me Bob," the Phantom replies. "I'll be right— I'll be back in a minute," he quickly amends. The drink servers are in heavy demand this evening; he might have to wait a while. Nodding to Hortense as well, he shoulders his way back into the crowd, looking for an opening that doesn't involve losing sight of the others in order to get to it.

Raffle Tickets are given with beads and/or masks to those who need them as the band winds down for the next song. People are dancing, bouncing, swaying and such. There are the occasional boob flashes and beads fly through the air and the like. There's even a drinking competition started with champagne in one corner.

People are heading towards him, Raquelle looks out towards the audience to gesture to Aric with a bright smile. "Aww, don't worry honey, I'll handle it…" Then he sees Kendall and laughs softly, crouching at the edge of the stage and offering a hand. "You're gonna want overtime for this aren't you baby? Don't you look fetching…c'mon up…" He sets his goblet aside actually to offer a hand to Aric as well.

'Well Regina, I see a guy, with feathers, who matches your dress pretty closely" SHe gesture to Aric. "Why don't you go see how he and Mr. long nose fuck that's a long nose, might do with some feminine charms and wiles?" Hortense winks at her and turns, grabbing her drink and meandering off with sways hips.

Persi doesn't seem to blend into the crowd with terrible ease; in fact, the whole raucous, uncontrolled nature of Mardi Gras doesn't seem to be something she takes well to. She doesn't fall in with the others to dance, she doesn't join the drinking party, and she seems to be perfectly happy hanging onto her beads. She does, however, find a glass of champagne to sip on and a wall to lean against so she can scan the crowd for familiar or otherwise noteworthy faces.

"It's better than an evening in," Savannah suggests. "Drinking potentially alone or drinking in a crowd of people I don't know… at least I can claim to be social in the latter opportunity." She peers to Graeme. "I think it's just one of those days. Kind of wish Kam was here, but he had to work late."

Graeme nods to Savannah. "Something like that, yeah." There's a smile, and Graeme sets his drink down on the counter so that he can stretch slightly. "Oh god," he mutters, "this is going to be so awkward, it is." There's a moment of pause, and then he offers an explanation as he realises that this is not a topic that'd come up before. "So there's a guy that I uh … like. And he's here." And it's quite clear that Graeme has no clue what to do about that.

"Bob," Lynette/Regina says with a light chuckle, "Well, lovely to meet you." She gives him a nod as he makes his exit, but when she sits back, there's just a little droop in her mood. Just a little one before she's up again and smiling over at Hortense. "Oh, I think Mister Feathers has enough charm of his own," she notes, of Aric, but there is a glance over toward Griffin and his drinking. Which does make her a little curious. She moves a little that way, but not so far to make it a challenge for Gael to find her later.

As he looks like he is gonna have fient, Aric stays close to Raquelle and says, "Please hurry Raquelle. He is a very cool guy. I don't want to mess this up." He turns to look out of the side of his feathers as his eyes peek through. He can see that Graeme is talking to someone woman he doesn't know. He cocks his head to the side, "God he must think I am such a weirdo now."

Kendall looks at Aric and Graeme, then at Raquelle. "Ah… I'm interrupting something, aren't I?" he asks, taking a step or two back. "Uh, I think I am." another step. Aww, poor guy looks like he's about to bolt. Maybe because he's afraid one of them will go after him next.

"Really? Which one? Point him out to me?" Savannah asks, eyes scanning the crowd as she sips her drink. "Graeme, don't panic. This is the perfect opportunity. Just don't act like a little schoolboy. Have a quick drink, calm your nerves, and when you're a little more settled, you can go up and talk to him."

Well, that could have been a lot more painful than it was. A minute or so later, 'Bob' makes his way back, two flutes in hand until he catches up to Regina and offers one of them to her. "What's with those two?" he muses, gesturing vaguely in the direction of Aric and… whoever… with his newly free hand. "If this is blind date night, I must have missed getting the memo."

"Oh honey…Aric, darling, your ass is practically out. You look lickable. Please calm down and pose like the queen you are, goodness! Go kiss him already!" Raquelle winks to Aric and moves to take the microphone, murmuring softly to some of the band people before nodding. He points to Kendall. "Go to the bar honey and order /virgin/ drinks only if you get anything. Relax a bit hm? You look gorgeous."

At the microphone, Raquelle's words are not slurred for some reason as he raises a hand in the air and there's a shift in his voice as he reaches out vocally and in his own special way to tickle the emotions and poke at attention spans. "Won't you look at allllll the beautiful people! C'mon now…oh god, no honey…honey no, put those back into your blouse and sue your freakin' plastic surgeon, he den done wrong by you…" He comments as somebody catches his eye and causes him to twitch.

"Ahh, yes, there you are, there you all are! Thank you all for coming, I'd like to welcome you to the…well to the first official…well…" Raquelle scratches his head and adjusts his top hat before patting himself with a hint of a pout. "I had notes and stuff written for this shit folks, one sec…" He continues patting himself down, hand going up his shirt and then back down. "Nope, just nipple rings…ah…what's - oh no, that's the belly ring…" And his hand edges towards his belt. "Well I certainly don't have /pockets/." He places a hand on his hip and looks up as if deep in thought. "Oooh, right yes, I forgot, I wrote them on my dick and I'm not about to whip that out so, Thanks everybody for giving a damn about the children! Can I get a cheer and a toast! We're here, to make more babies and remember that our money is going to protecting and loving the babies we already have! Why?" He cheers. "Why? Because ADULTS FUCK THE WORLD UP! WOOOOHOO! C'mon, put your hands up!" Guilt Trip? Naaaaaaaaaaah. He has is goblet again, lifting it in a toast with a smirk.

Graeme murmurs to Savannah, choosing not to just outright point at Aric. "Him, over there. With the blue, and the feathers?" He picks up his drink again, taking a sip before putting it down. There's a faint tinge to his cheeks, and a chuckle at Raquelle's humour. "Yeah. Thanks. I suppose I might as well, you know?" There's a smile to Savannah, and then Graeme's taking a few steps further down the bar. Towards Aric, just not obviously so.

Lynette takes the drink with a quick 'thank you' before she looks over toward Aric and Raquelle. "I think I missed it, too," she remarks dryly. But when Raquelle takes the microphone, she lifts her eyebrows. Her hands do not go up, as it were, not because she doesn't agree, but more because that just isn't her style. "I do hope the baby making part is optional," she comments.

As he turns his eyes on Graeme, he sighs deeply and mutters, "Shit." He gives everyone a wave and then begins to make his way towards Graeme. The sweat is beginning to form under his feather head dress as he gets closer and closer to the man. God those eyes. he thinks again as he gives him a weak wave and says, "Hey." He chuckles nervously and says, "So you caught what I use to do before I graduated college. I use to be a dancer and this was one of my outfits. Really…how do you think I paid for college. Not by my charm." He looks down at his barely clothes body it is clear the man is embarrassed.

Kendall wrinkles his nose at Raquelle, sulking just a tiny bit at the emphasis on non-alcoholic beverages. But, well, he didn't come in looking older, so he's not going to push it. So in all his glittery gold and bright feathered glory he goes to the bar and does just that, although he does try just in case they're not carding people. Aww, man. And since he's busy doing this, he's pretending not to hear Raquelle's little speech, although due to the faint blush on his face that isn't covered up by a bird-shaped helmet, he can't ignore it completely.

Graeme holds up both his hands in a bit of a shrug when Aric approaches. "Hey there." He's not quite so bright red as he'd turned when he first saw Aric, so it's an improvement, really. "And honestly, Aric, it's … I'm … speechless." He smiles, gently. Oh god he's a dancer, oh my god. It's another time that Graeme is very happy his roommate isn't around. "Though I think you've got plenty of charm, too. But it's certainly eye-catching, and well."

Another one of those little shrugs, and a smile that lights up Graeme's eyes, as he gestures towards the area of the room taken up by small tables where two people could sit. "The least you can let me do in thanks for the pleasure of seeing this," Graeme says, with a vague gesture to the outfit, "is let me buy you a drink." He pauses. "Or something. I don't um, actually drink, but whatever you'd like to get…" Graeme reaches to take Aric's hand, and smiles a little more.

Aric nods and smiles softly as he says the apples in his cheeks turning a few shades of cherry, "Lead the way. If you're good…maybe we can dance later?"

All the while, Griffin has been sitting in a corner of the bar, very much enjoying his scotch— which he's put back quite a bit of, all things considered. His mask remains in place, though it does little to hide the visible flinch he manages when Raquelle says something to the effect of making more babies. After that, he starts drinking a little bit faster. He'll happily be the quiet drunk in the corner. For now.

At least the telekinetic isn't drinking tequila. Otherwise, he would probably be about ready to treat everyone to some telekinetic break dancing. Thank god for small miracles.

There are a few laughs and a few toasts and such things. Some people gasp at what is said, others roll their eyes but the feel of the party doesn't diminish. People dance around and sways and drinks and such.

Raquelle salutes with his goblet/toasts with the goblet and takes a sip from it as he turns back to dancing with the band.

There's a raising of Savannah's brow at the suggestion of adults fucking the world up, idly sipping her drink as she peers over in Raquelle's direction. With Graeme off to flirt, she leans against the bar solo, folding her arms over her chest and occasionally nursing another sip from her beverage.

Aric order sparkling water with lime and whatever Graeme wants as he leans at the body. The apples in his cheeks turning a bit flush as he realizes this is the littlest amount clothing Graeme has seen Aric in as he laughs weakly, "So…still wanna have dinner with me now?"

There's a bit of a smile cast across the table to Aric, from Graeme, as he takes another bite of the piece of cheesecake he'd ordered. "If I didn't think it would make me seem like a complete perv, I would say yes."

Aric grins softly as he says, "Yet remember…I haven't been a go go boy in nearly 5 years. The last show I did was when I was 25 at Splash. I was working the shower bar." He chuckles softly, "God the money I would make in a weekend for that…who knew." He shrugs as he takes off his feather head piece and places it on the floor next to him.

Graeme smiles back at Aric, and he's blushing too much to speak, or something. It takes a minute, and a sip from the glass of cider next to him, before he manages to. "I still want to have dinner with you, Aric," he says. "With Remi and with Liz, and well," Graeme pauses. "I'd like to have dinner just with you, as well." The smile turns very shy and tentative.

Aric smiles softly as he tucks the loose strands of hair behind his ears and says, "I was hoping you would say that. I think it would make Remi and Liz happy in their own way to have dinner with us. Yet…I was hoping I could cook you dinner at my place or we could go out. Its up to you…lets do dinner with the, as his fingers come up to accent, "The Girls" with in the air quotation marks he smirks, "I think Remi will have more fun then the rest of us."

Alcohol is good. And Griffin is starting to get a bit on the tipsy side of things. Case in point, he's eyeing the band, and the dancing part. Dare he try drunken dancing? He really should try to avoid drawing attention to himself. That mask helps, but really, the last thing he needs is to be the center of attention. So instead, Griffin wiggles his rear in place, slurping down his scotch like it's water.

Lynette hangs back by the bar, having finished her champagne and opting for another martini. Because she likes martinis. But this vantage point lets her catch Griffin's little wiggling dance, which gets a chuckle. "A few more of those, darling, and you might actually get a twirl out of you," she says in his direction.

"OKAY, Can I have your attention please!" The guitarist makes his way up to the microphone, wrestling a bit with Raquelle who just doesn't move before they say together, "WILL THE PERSON WITH THE NUMBER 2 on their ticket please come to the stage! You /are/ our Mardi Gras King and then everybody with a ticket will also be able to use their tickets as vouchers for free spa treatments at the one and only Cambria Salon and Day Spa, YAAAAAAAA!"

Graeme flushes a bit. "Yeah. She's sly like that," Graeme says, leaning back. One more button on his shirt pops open, and he turns a slight shade of cherry. "I would like that," he says. "Though if it's dinner at your place, I'll be hard tempted not to … get distracted from dinner." Because well, Graeme is male. And sitting across from the man he likes.

Savannah peers down at her ticket. "Not it," she comments to herself, tucking the ticket away carefully with her cell phone. "Well, I guess that means I'll have to go visit the spa sometime anyways. Give me something to do on a bad day." Her drink is sipped, finishing it off before she wanders back towards the bartender to order another.

Aric smirks as he says, "There will be plenty for you to do downstairs if you get distracted." When his friend and "gal" pal gets on stage and makes the announcement for King of Mardi Gras he looks down at his ticket and looks slightly disappointed yet looks around to see who it is….

Kendall was at the bar for a while and as the number is called, he glances down at his ticket. "So…. I work there." he mutters. "How exactly does that work?" he sips his virgin drink and glowers a little at it. He's still sulking.

Griffin smirks over to Lynette, offering a soft laugh. "Who knows, it just might happen." He chuckles softly over to the woman. Then, the number is called, and Griffin nonchalantly reaches into his jacket, pulling out his raffle ticket. Then, he blinks once. Twice. Three times. Two? Really? "…Holy shit, I just won something." He blinks a few times. He is so not taking his mask off. Mardi Gras King Terrorist. That's Griffin.

Griffin quickly gulps down the last of his scotch, raising the glass toward Lynette. "That's me, looks like." Who knows, if it's something awesome like a spa package, maybe he can give it to Nadira. He can get drunk and be awesome fiancee of the year. With a bit of an alcohol-swagger, Twitchy Telekinetic Mardi Gras King Terrorist Griffin makes his way up to the stage, making sure that mask of his is firmly in place.

Lynette glances at her ticket, too, which does not carry the lucky number, but as Griffin notes that it's him, she smirks a little, "There, giving you something to dance about." And as he heads up to the stage, she pulls herself up onto a stool, sipping from her glass.

"Not me either," Graeme murmurs to Aric, before he notices that there's a person who it actually is. Then he's resting his hand briefly on the other man's shoulder as he goes to walk back to where Savannah is. "I shall see you," he says to Aric, walking off.

He comes up behind Savannah, grinning. "I'm grinning like an idiot, aren't I?"

"…oh good lord it is, of course, the love child of Dark Wing Duck and the Black Swan! Give your new king a round of applause!" Raquelle woooohoos over the microphone and the people go crazy with the clapping and such. A hug is even offered to Mardi Gras King Terrorist another band member is attempting to put a crown on his head and the drummer is offering him a scepter, where the royal purple and green and gold cape/robe thingie comes from nobody will know. "Congratulations baby, any shout outs you want to do?"

Over near the bar, more boobs come out.

Hearing the familiar voice behind her, Savannah laughs a little, turning just a little to look at Graeme. "Just a touch. It's adorable, though. There's nothing wrong with feeling like that."

Mardi Gras King Dark Wing Black Swan is tense as Raquelle offers him a hug. And as boobs come out. And as he's in the god damned spotlight. Thank god for that mask hiding the horribly awkward expression he's wearing on his face. He's the quiet type, not the 'get up on stage and be awesome' type. At least, these days he is. If only this had happened when he was younger.

The crown, the scepter, the robe, and even the hug, are accepted, however tense he may be. "Um…I wanna shout out to my pregnant fiancee who isn't here right now?" He slurs this out, obviously rather intoxicated. Totally wasn't expecting this. He doesn't say more in his shout out, for fear of his drunken tongue loosing too much information.

The boobs coming out causes Kendall to stare. He really doesn't want to, it's just involuntary! Eventually he realizes he has a girlfriend, blushes redder than a beet, and turns away. Er, hahaha. No one saw that. He hides his face behind a wing. Because he's dressed like a Mayan warrior, doncha know.

There are some females maintaining a little decorum, and Lynette is among them. But she does set her drink down on the bar to clap for Griffin's little speech. Of course, she laughs, too. But she means it in the best way possible.

…unfortunately, not all the boobs belong to females.

Graeme himself turns a bit red as Savannah comments. "He asked me to go to dinner," he says, grinning more. "Not the dinner that's planned with my roommate, and his, but to dinner, with him." There's a pause. "I know there's nothing wrong with it, but … I haven't been back in the city long. I'm used to living somewhere where liking … who I like, wouldn't even be acceptable on Mardi Gras." And luckily for Graeme, he's pretty good at being oblivious to everything else, in his little happy land with the occasional glance to wherever Aric's gotten off to.

"Awww, isn't that sweet!" Raquelle coos and winks to Griffin before gestures towards the stairs off the stage. "Go on now honey, before I do something to make your pregnant fiance try to cut me. Congratulations." He clears his throat and turns back to the audience. "You know what this means? Time to get back to partying, remember…if you want to get freaky, get a hotel room and bag until the hammers revolt, but keep the nasty off the dance floor and tables because not everybody wants to dance over or eat where your love juices have been." He grins. "We'll be here all night, so lets make the best of it! WOOWOO!"

Nodding slowly, Griffin is more than happy to step off of the stage, with his crown and cape and sceptor in tow. Aaaaaaand Griffin is making his way right back to the bar, flopping back into his stool like the Mardi Gras King that he is. Plus, extra stuff to bring home to his fiancee when he's not so piss drunk as he is right now. This is a win-win situation, really. Well, except for the vomiting that will come later tonight.

"Well, welcome to New York, Graeme. Where you can love anyone and everyone and yet we're still not all equal," Savannah offers with a wry smile. "I'm sure your dinner with him will be lovely. I hope you two enjoy yourselves."

When Griffin sits back down, Lynette picks up her drink again and smirks over his way. "She's pregnant, huh?" It's a wry comment, but she's hardly negative about it. "Congratulations are in order for more than just the coronation," she says, lifting that martini glass in a toast.

Ordering another scotch, Griffin blinks over to Lynette. He quickly drinks some of that lovely amber liquid that burns on the way down, before raising his glass to clink against Lynette's, drinking a bit more. "Yeah. Just found out a few days ago, too." He idly toys with the crown on his head, glancing over to Lynette from behind that mask. "Thanks. I'm still a bit in shock over it, really."

"Yeah, I suppose." Graeme is still grinning like an idiot, and he offers the same grin in Griffin and Lynette's general direction before he further responds to Savannah. "I'm excited," he admits. "It's been … it's been a while. And I think that having a degree of normalcy, and a relationship." There's a shrug. "Maybe it'll help me step back and take one thing at a time."

"Having a relationship is a very stabilizing thing, at least it was for me. It's also something that makes me happy… and that combination tends to be a good thing." Savannah looks to Graeme. "He seems a nice enough guy, I'm sure you two will have a great time together."

Lynette does take a nice drink after that clink, which makes her smile a little more. Because booze is nice. Especially vodka.

But she's not alone in that, as the party is really just getting started and there's plenty of wine, women and song to last through the night; a rare night of frivolity and fun that New York really needs these days.

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