Margaritas And Brownies


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Scene Title Margaritas and Brownies
Synopsis Melissa comes over to visit, bringing booze and brownies. They talk about Easter, in a way.
Date April 8, 2010

Le Rivage - Abby's Apartment

Earlier Melissa made her phone calls, and let Abby talk to Darren without her around. It was Mel who made him loose control, after all. She let Abby get Darren settled even, before she made her way back to Abby's place, and she's come bearing gifts. In this case, a bag of DVDs, stuff for margaritas, and brownies. Everyone likes brownies, right?

So she shows up at Abby's door, knocking on it with her bags with her, looking a little tired, but there's a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Who knows for what though.

Mel's let in, Darren resting in the spare bedroom of the Rivage place. She'd been half tempted to plop him in Peter's place but that would be pretty creepy for Darren, and didn't want to subject the poor guy to Magnes. PJ's, spaghetti tanktop, flannel bottoms, she lets the door open for Melissa and usher her in with a grab for the brownies soon as she see's them. "Not combusting, see. Perfectly fine. He says I have a bit of a fever but, could be a cold. I was stuck in a snowbank with Peter" Writing it off as that and not genetic DNA re-writing. "Heavens, brownies" It's been a good day. No need to work, Darrens feeling a bit better. "Hows things on your end?"

Melissa laughs softly as the brownies are snatched at, and she gives them over without hesitation. Then she smiles and nods. "Glad to see you're not combusting. Fever…yeah, it could be nothing. I hope it's nothing. And I could go for being stuck in a snowbank with Peter. Though if I had my way there wouldn't be much snow left after a while," she says with a little brow waggle.

She moves to plop down in a seat, taking her outerwear off. "Things haven't really changed on my end. Worried, stressed, busy…but I checked on work, on Jerry, peeked in on Kendall, so at least nothing has changed for the worst, so I guess that's a plus."

Abby's nice enough to take them to the kitchen and put a couple out on a plate. "Back in a second while you get set" She's off to drop them in Darren's room, set them beside the bed for when he wakes and emerges when Melissa done. "Yeah, no combustion. He said I'm fine. Checked me over. I didn't tell him why. Just to take something for the fever and don't come down with Evo Flu. He kinda looked at me funny when I told him I got innoculated a year ago. Which, I don't know if I did but if Al isn't getting sick…" One can do the math as she goes back to the open kitchen to lever out a few more brownies.

"Spending the night? Al's not here. I got a shift in the morning, we're getting back to our regular hours, so I'll probably fall asleep on the couch watching it with you"

"You got innoculated a year ago? For the 510? Weird. Stranger things have happened though," Melissa says, shrugging and toing off her shoes. Apparently she's not leaving anytime soon. "Glad he was able to do something normal for him though. That was a good idea. Kudos," she says, smiling.

"I could spend the night though. Brought a bunch of movies. Lots of different types, so we could have whatever we wanted. And hey, I think one of the top five ways to fall asleep is watching a movie." Trying to get herself in a better mood, she works up a grin and asks, "Wanna know what the number one is?"

She should know this. She should really know this. Brenda plays this game, and it's on TV. Family Feud. She distinctly remembers watching that with her parents. "Listening to a catholic priest on sunday?" She jokes brightly.

Melissa can't help but laugh. "I've never listened to a catholic priest on any day. And, on that note, given how non-linear my mind works, I gotta ask…When am I gonna meet your guy, hmmmm?"

"He's busy, he is the PR rep for Linderman" And sick with evo-flu. "We have a standing date but the next dinner I throw for him, I'll be sure to add you to the invite list. Still debating whether I invite Teodoro or not. Can double date with Peter. He's a family friend of the petrelli's"

Towards the couch Abigail goes, ravenous for the brownies. That could say something, but. "Peter died. Peter was dead for thrity minutes. Darren brought him back to life"

Double date with Peter? Well that certainly brings a smile to Melissa's lips. Though it fades at Abby's bomb. "What? He was dead? Are you…is he sure?" she asks in a whisper, her face showing a bit of horror, or perhaps concern for her love interest.

"I'm pretty sure that Darren is pretty sure. He can heal, but he has to take a life in turn. He doesn't know why, but, that's how it works. Only Doctor Benson knows. He also apparently, is magnetic. I mean literally magnetic. It's kinda funny, sorta. But yeah. I'm trying to think who I can contact to help him turn himself in if he's serious about it. But Peter, was dead and he's afraid of what effect that might have had on my partner now that he's not"

Melissa says nothing for a minute, just looks at Abby with that worried look. "How can he heal and be magnetic? And what about the rats? Didn't he say that he brought a rat back to life? What happened to the rat? Or did he not say?"

'Rat's alive, other rat is dead. It's some sort of energy transfer. Mel, I'm not the evo expert. I mean, we can get a hold of cat. I know the company would know the answers but as much as I know and like some of their agents, i"m not gonna hand him over to them. I think i'm going to try and get a hold of Parkman. He'll at least be able to see that Darren's not some malicious guy doing it on purpose"

"Parkman?" Melissa shakes her head. "I don't know a Parkman. And yeah…I know you're not the evo expert, but…I guess I was more thinking out loud. I had no idea. When I first talked to him, and he told me that he healed Peter, he said that Peter nearly died. Not that he did die. And now I wanna go track down Peter and touch him and make sure that he's really alive."

'Homeland Security. Telepath. He's like a big bear. Big tired teddy bear. But maybe he can help facilitate some sort of… mercy for Darren. If he still wants it. Being down in the tunnels likely didn't help. Can be pretty opressive down there" Back on the couch Abby curls up with her bare feet tucked under her. Mel's gotta more of a glimse of the tattoo's than she's seen otherwise in knowing Abigail.

Melissa's nose wrinkles lightly. "I'm not sure I like being around telepaths. I have all sorts of thoughts that…well, okay, I share most of them anyway, but there are a few I like keeping to myself, yanno?" A pause, and she leans her head back, peering at the glimpse of tattoos. "Whatcha got there on your back?"

'Mel, you realize that most telepaths, probably don't go roaming around in minds. Matt doesn't. I've let him in a few times, but for the most part, the guy keeps his mental fingers to himself" She points out. "Cat hates him. It's kinda funny. I like him though. I think.. he was the only thing between me and Moab after the bridge was destroyed"

Melissa doesn't look quite so certainly, but she says, "If he stood between you and Moab, then I can give the guy a chance. If I ever run into him. I'm so glad you didn't end up in there with me and the others. It sucked." To put it mildly.

"Probably would have put me to work in the infirmary" Abby points out. "Might not have been negated like the rest of you. I didn't even know any self defense until after." A brownie bit by bit is succumbing to the southern woman's mouth. "You did not make these. I think you told me you can't cook"

Melissa smiles. "No, I didn't make 'em. I wish I could, but then I'd probably make 'em all the time and get fat. I picked 'em up on the way over, along with the margarita fixin's and movies. And yeah, you might have had it better. Probably would've had a bit more freedom or something."

"I'll have half a light margerita" Which means that less alcohol. "Since I have to work in the morning and it wouldn't do good to shop up and be tipsy" No boozing the night away and she doesn't intend to go on drink fests anytime soon. "They're good. You won't have to stay all the time Mel. Darrens here, and I have peter and if you get really worried I can just tell Al I need him at home for a bit, or I can find out where Teo and Francois are staying. If you don't want me alone. I don't know when whatever that's going to happen, is going to happen.

"It's not like hanging around is a hardship or anything, Abby," Melissa says with a smile, pushing herself to her feet, grabbing the bag with margarita stuff, and heading into the kitchen. "But it does make me feel a little better with Darren here. I'm just…worried. I tend to do that. Especially about my friends when they've taken some kinda weird ass formula from the future that's gonna give them an unknown ability. Take it as a compliment. Means I like ya."

"Peter took it" She points out to the pain augmentor. "Way over when they were saving the world. It's how he still had an ability at all" Here, she stretches out, tilting to the side as she puts the plate down on the coffee table to watch margerita's being made. Hopefully, it won't disturb Darren down the hall. Some can be frozen later for him.

"Yeah, and if I'd been around when he took it, I would've hovered around him too," Melissa says with a smile. Margaritas are brought back, half a glass for Abby, one full to the brim for Mel, and the smaller one is passed over. "If it's annoying I'll lay off, but otherwise, just let me worry? It'll make me feel better until whatever happens does happen."

"If it'll make you stress less, Mel, you can sleep on my couch. Means the place isn't empty when Al's not here and makes me feel better. Besides, any Russian who tries breaking into here will just get a faceful of pain without anyone even touching them.

Melissa smiles and nods, sipping at her margarita. "Yep! So see? It's a win-win. And who should be showing up, incidentally? Just us, Darren, Teo and Alex?"

"Teo, doubt Francois will, Darren and Alexander. Robert knows where I am but I don't expect him to show up unless he knows something bad is going to happen" There's a careful sip from the cup as if, quite possibly, this is her first margarita. Usually when someone buys her a drink it's wine, or it's a shot at the bar since she's turned legal. 'This is nice" She murmurs, peering into it.

Melissa nods. "Okay, good. All people whose faces I can recognize. Makes it simple." She smiles then. "Thanks. I may not know how to cook, but I make one hell of a margarita. I'll make you one from scratch sometime, instead of with the mix. It's awesome."

"Another day, Mel, another day for margaritas, when Al's here and everyone’s here and we don't need to worry about anyone driving and can just watch movies. Put something in and lets get to relaxing. Maybe, next time, Odessa will be with us" She murmurs to the other woman, getting comfortable on the couch. There's a pang, nothing physical, that makes her wish Teo was parked on the floor with his back to the couch to enjoy his own drink and watch movies while her hand plays in his hair.

Melissa nods. "Yeah…that sounds awesome. Just a couple friends actually just hanging out," she says with a wistful smile. "And where is Odessa anyway? Haven't heard from her in a week or two. Since she was at my place."

"Staying above the bar, keeping an eye on things for me. Making sure no one breaks in that isn't expected there" She can get out if a bomb that Teo keeps flapping hands about, happens. "She didn't want to come with us, I can't blame her. I should pop in tomorrow after shift, check on her" Abby murmurs, nursing that half margarita.

Melissa nods. "Tell her I said hey?" Then she sets aside her drink, moving to the TV, picking a movie at random and popping it in. "Okay…movie and booze time. If you fall asleep, I promise to try not to write on your face with a sharpie."

"Write under the bandaid" Abigail snorts, relaxing a bit more as she settles in for the night.

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