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Scene Title Marks
Synopsis The plug is pulled on Katherine as she is pronounced dead.
Date April 29, 2009

St. Luke's Hospital

It's been a rough few days for Katherine and her doctors. Because of the public nature of the attack, she was placed in a public hospital instead of the private Company hospital. Visitors are rare, except for the ones who knew her, which were few. She lies there on life support, the whooshing sound of oxygen being fed to her and the contant beep sound of her heart beat. She has no snarky comments, no biting words and no bossy orders to give. For the last four days she has said nothing. Veronica Sawyer even brought Abby Beauchamp to attempt to heal Kat, but to no avail. She is clinically brain dead, only being kept alive through life support. The doctor has called for Veronica Sawyer to come, though he has not given a reason — just that it has something to do with Katherine.

He attends to her, when shortly after someone in a business suit enters the room. "Has she arrived yet?" The doctor responds. "No. She said she'd be right over. I expect her at any moment. You may as well have a seat and wait." So the well-dressed man does. They wait. In silence.

It's one of those days when you look back and remember what all you've done in your life. I wonder if perhaps I've done what's best for myself, best for my loved ones, best for my country. I have always believed in what I've done — well, maybe not at first. My decision to join the company was made for selfish reasons alone. I didn't want to be bothered. But as I got into the job, it became more about pride and doing what I felt was right, as opposed to just trying to save my own ass. Yet — here I am. A hole in my chest. Mostly because of my own stupidity.

Veronica enters the room. As always, when times are hard, when life comes crashing down around her, she looks younger, more innocent and vulnerable, than she does in her day to day life. Her face is pale; dark lilac seems to bruise the spaces beneath her swollen eyes — she's been crying and she's definitely sleep deprived. She wears no makeup, and her hair is pulled back into a ponytail under a Dodgers baseball cap. A Berkeley sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes complete the outfit, and she looks like she did when she first graduated college so many years ago — she looks like a scared kid.

Her eyes sweep from the doctor to Katherine and then quickly away to the man in a suit — a lawyer, from the looks of it. "A friend is coming here to meet me," she murmurs in a husky voice.

"I'm here, don't worry. Just took me a little to get through the halls." Minea's voice pipes in as she moves to take her place with veronica. Levi healed her enough to get her upright and able to take it easy. No running around trying to gun down adam, just listening to her new partner's demands/requests and doing paperwork. Tracking down Hiro Nakamura. "I'm here"

"Ms. Saywer," the legal type pops in. "I'm certain you've seen me around. I am the legal representative from Homeland Security. I realize this is not the best time, but after reviewing Ms. Marks' medical records and talking with the doctor, I feel like I need to invoke Ms. Marks' living will at this time."

The doctor steps over, having seen Veronica here several times in the last few days. "I'm very sorry, m'am. We've done all we can do. But to be honest with you, she has had no brain activity in the last 24 hours. We think it's best to go ahead and let her rest in peace."

The lawyer extends a folder to Veronica. "Inside this document, Katherine explicitly names you as the one who would decide when it's the appropriate time to shut off life support. You understand she has no family, and she considered you to be her closest of friends. In accordance with this document and the finding of the doctor, we feel that perhaps now is that time.

So, it has come to this. She's probably suprised to find that I've put her in this position. We've always said that it was all in fun, but somewhere inside me there was always something more to our relationship. I knew she had Winters, so I never told her what I was feeling. Maybe I should have. Maybe I shouldn't have. It would have only complicated things, this I am well aware of. I.. I should have talked to her about this. She should not be hearing this for the first time, right now, having to make this decision. I'm sorry, Veronica.

Swallow. Breathe. These are things a body can do when the mind can't grasp what's being thrust at it. Veronica's shaking hands take the folder, and she gives a slight shake of her head. "I … when did she…" she sighs and closes her eyes, not looking at the contents of the folders. When she opens them again, her whiskey-brown eyes are wet with tears and she turns to Minea, those eyes flicking left to right as if to read the right answer in her coworker's eyes. Is it the right thing to do? It's what Katherine wanted, but… to pull the plug, it's so very final. What if she doesn't accept the responsibility? All of these questions rush through her head and she looks again like that young, scared kid rather than a professional trained to handle life or death situations.

It's what Katherine wants. To be let go instead of a vegetable on the bed. Minea looks from Veronica to the lawyer and the doctor. "Has she made any requests for organ donation? If so, is the paperwork included for Veronica to sign" Minea reaches over, taking the other agents hand and hold it tight. "There's been a second opinion rendered too as to the potential for recovery of Agent Ma.. Katherine? All the tests have been done and redone?"

"We've tried everyone. Twice. Even brought in healers. They all confirm there is nothing left to do. Again, I'm very sorry." Neither the doctor, nor the lawyer have anything to add. The choice lies solely with Veronica. They stand respectfully aside to give her a few moments with Katherine.

I want to hold you and tell you it's okay. I hope you know. I would scream it outloud if I could. I'm no use to anyone like this. I know it's hard, Vee. But it's the right thing to do. I don't want you living your life chained to me like this, and no one else would want me. And as much as I know you'd do it for me. It's better if you let me go.

Veronica finally opens the folder, to at least look and see the words, to ensure Katherine wanted this, that Katherine signed for this — her fingers trace over the signature, as if by touching the letters she could connect with that past Katherine, that Katherine who had mind enough left to make this choice, rather than the one that lies on the bed. She gives a nod, squeezing Minea's hand. "It's what she wants," she whispers softly, and she looks over at the bed, at Kat so pale and lifeless and not Kat.

"If she gave them permission to harvest her organs Veronica, she'll still live on. She won't be Katherine, but at least her death won't be in vain. It'll save lives" And Kat.. well, Minea hadn't known her too well. The other Brunette just falls silent, there to be support.

It /is/ what I want. I hope you know. Deep down. I'm far too prideful to stay like this for too very long. I.. I just want to hold your hand before I go. One last time. Whatever your future holds, Veronica, don't forget your past. At least I know if everyone else forgets about me, you will not. And whatever you do, do not remember me like this. Remember as I was. As I was when you truly knew me.

The doctor moves to the machine. He waits silently. This is an important moment in someone's life and he knows it needs to be made on their terms. When Veronica is ready, she'll give the word. The lawyer has done his part, but in the stillness of the room, as Veronica and Minea converse, he feels it necessary to stay. And to stay quiet. It has to come from her.

Katherine continues to lay lifeless. Not a twitch. Not a squirm. Not so much as an eyelash moves. Nor is there any movement expected.

Veronica lets go of Minea's hand and moves to Katherine's side. She's spent many hours here over the past few days, but before there was the tiniest fraction of a hope that Katherine would somehow wake up. Now she has to face the fact that Kat is never going to wake up again, that she's truly gone. She bends down and whispers, "I love you. Be free," into the motionless woman's ear, then kisses Katherine's cheek softly. A tear splashes onto Katherine's cheek, from Veronica's downcast eyes, and so it looks like Katherine is crying along with her. She finds Kat's hand, and interlacing fingers. She looks up at the doctor, eyes swimming with tears, and gives a nod. She glances over at Minea. "Take her other hand? I don't want her to feel alone…" Some part of her clearly thinks some part, some tiny part of Katherine, is still present.

Oh!. Right. Minea moves around the bed, careful of the other people and taking her time before she too slides her hand into the free hand of Katherine's. Not a particularly religious woman, Minea mentally murmurs a prayer to god regardless for Katherine to find peace and go to wherever it is that the other agent believed int.

The doctor isn't in any hurry. He takes a deep breath, as this is truly one part of his job that he truly despises. He reaches over and flips one button, then the second, and then finally a third. The wooshing sound of the ventilator stops almost immediately, leaving only the steady beeping sounds of Katherine's heart beat. The doctor removes the mask from Katherine's face, and then steps away. The beeping continues.

Thank you. For everything. For the nights alone. For the talks and the good times. For all the times you invited me over for ice cream and cheesy movies, or went out with me to drink until I was stupid. I don't regret it. I've lived an incredible life. Hell, I even went flying without an airplane. If I were to have one regret, it would be that I never told you that I loved you too, Veronica.

Then the beeps turn into a solid tone, as the jagged lines on the screen flattens out. The doctor silences the sound, then he and the lawyer leave the room. The silence that follows is deafening, as that single tear clings to Katherine's cheek.

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