Mary-Lou Slugger


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Scene Title Mary-Lou Slugger
Synopsis Days after being shot, Cardinal and Kain comes to tell Lola she has unfortunately died, and also she can check out of the hospital now.
Date October 15, 2009

St.Luke's Hospital

"Well how dee Mary-Lou?"

She's going to kill him.

"You done look like you got yerself run over by a truck!"

Coming in through the sliding glass door of the hospital room for Mary-Lou Winston, Kain Zarek carries a bushel of flowers in one arm, suit pressed and hair swept back, a shit-eating grin plastered across his face. While the hospital food, stitches in her stomach and hours of surgery to remove bullet fragments from her abdomen were a great bucket of fun, "Mary-Lou" would probably much rather be forcing Kain Zarek to eat that thorny bundle of roses ass-first.

Just behind Kain's swaggering form, Manny Calavera leaves a darker shadow behind him than should be. One that slithers in to the room as he slides the hospital room door shut and draws the privacy blinds on the door. Silently, he offers a wave with his wiggling fingers towards the brunette in the hospital bed, even as Kain comes to lay the flowers down at her bedside. "Yu got one'a them bacless gowns on, darlin?"

What happened when she left that room?

"Mary Lou" has been in rough patches before - most of them recently. This was really the icing on the cake - or so she thought. Not allowed any alcohol was going to be a hellride - she thought. Then there was morphine, and Lola is high as a mothereffin' kite off the stuff right now. But even that's not something Kain Zarek's approach couldn't cure. Smug dirty ass bastard.

She's just opening her eyes as Kain comes in - without knocking, duley noted - and it takes her a minute to focus. Eyes flit to Manny - but his wave leads her to believe everything is okay. She's not going to get shot again - at least, not right now. But really? What the fuck?

"Naw sugar," Lola says, her voice a bit scratchy from all the surgery it took to put her back together. Doctor says she'll always have some sort of pain, even after all of the bullet holes heal. Bodies just werne't meant for all that. "Come outside wif me, I'll show ya exactly what it looks like when somebody gets hit by a truck." She'd be happy to be driving the truck that took out Kain Zarek. Eyes move between the men. Sure, she's not in MOVE NOW MORTAL FEAR, but she's aprehensive. And nervous. "Where's my damn nurse button?" She starts pawing through her sheets to try and find it. Pawing, of course, means blindly groping around with her hand. Sitting up is not a thing that is Good(tm) right now.

The shadow slides along to the other side of the bed, spilling up the wall before Richard Cardinal steps out of it— moving smoothly to reach over and take hold of the nurse's button on its tether, moving it out of her reach as he notes dryly, "I don't think you want that much attention right now, babe."

"You're dead." Kain states with a raise of his brows. "As of that night Manny hauled your ass outta' dodge, Lola Mayeux is official in cee-ment boots at the bottom of the Hudson." Or at least that's the colorful dialogue Kain's choosing now. "When you get outta' here Ah'm sayin' you best hide your ass better than that little hospital gown's gonna do." Blue eyes track towards that shadow as Richard forms out of it. Kain's shake of his head and raise of his brows implies a certain amount of jealousy.

"Ah already told Danny you're dun gone and finished, so ain't nobody gonna' be comin' an lookin' for ya as long as y'don't open your goddamned fool mouth." A wary blue stare is afforded to Cardinal, but it quickly flits back to Lola. "Ol' Richy-Rich here's gonna help you get set up with a new name and identity, an' Ah'd recommend maybe seein' about gettin' outta' New York, or if you got some reason t'stick 'round this shitbox of a city, find yourself somewhere t'lay low for a while."

Lola's eyes move quickly to the missing button, and she looks at Cardinal with a rather sudden frustration. Fear flickers over her features - as if no longer having contact with anyone outside of this room presents a danger. For a moment, just a brief moment, she considers them all being here to finish her off.

"So that's it then?" She asks, sitting up a little and straining visably beneath the pain. "Ya drag my arse outta a good set up in Nawlins ta be a floozie an drug whore fer some creep. Ya'll fuck up yer own damn jobs so I'm the one what's gettin' taddled on, then ya shoot me - after I been shot, mind ya -, then ya say aha! Now we're done, sugar, go back where you came from?!" Perhaps it's not the situation as much as the man that's gotten her rage so flustered.

"That's up to you, of course."
The nurse's button is swung lazily by the cord in Cardinal's hand, a faint smile curving to his lips, "You could be actually dead, if you'd prefer. You may not need to lay low forever, either, so there's always that hope to hold onto— and I know you've already got a fuckin' metric shit-ton of aliases to use in the meantime." He regards her critically, "You may want to dye your hair, too."

Giving Richard a sidelong stare, Kain's focus lazily drifts back to Lola. "Ah' do' know what you did t'piss off Danny an' the higher ups, but somethin' fishy is goin' down an' Ah'm not about t'be made t'look like a goddamned boob because of it." No he makes a boob of himself fine enough. "We came t'check you outta' here. You get yourself somewhere nice'n safe an' outta' the way an' Ah'll put mah ear t'the ground an' try t'figure out why someone wanted you shot dead."

Smiling sarcastically, Kain adds, "Other than 'cause a' your winnin' personality, 'course." Somehow he has done a complete face-heel turn away from where he was just days ago. Whatever it was Richard Cardinal said to Kain behind closed doors, it's convinced him to not only save Lola's life, but seemingly betray Daniel Linderman as well.

Lola narrows her eyes as she watches the blonde man. She wants him dead - she wants to kill him where he stands at this very moment and watch the blood run down the tile floor and the light from those stupid blue eyes to dim. Mostly because he's so damned smarmy about the whole thing. "Yer already a goddamned boob, ya idiot." She grumbles, sitting up a bit more. "And really, ya couldn' have figured alla this shit out afore ya shot me?" She looks back to Cardinal, glaring a bit. Sorry, Cardinal. You have horrible hair and you're existing near Lola. That's enough to piss her off currently. "I ain' dyin' my hair. I spent a month pretendin' ta be a floozie, I sure as shit ain' gonna make myself look like one now. Fer fuck sake, ya'll must be out your goddamn minds. Somebody gimme a cigarette." She needs her vices! Now!

"You're in a hospital," Cardinal observes with a roll of his eyes, "You don't get a cigarette until you're out."

He reaches down to ruffle her hair, noting, "I don't know. What do you think, Kain— redhead, maybe? It'd be exotic with her skin colour. I can't see her as a blonde, really…"

"Ah' think she could pull of red, sure." Kain's dark brows go up with a crooked smile spread across his lips. For a man trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Daniel Linderman he seems awflly relaxed. "Come on, her'cher bitches britches on an let's get you outta' here before they realize they forgot to amputate your head from yer neck or somethin'." Manny looks at Kain with one thin brow raised at that notion, then just covers his face with one hand and shakes his head. Bitches britches — really?

"You got some place to take her, Rich?" Blue eyes peer over Kain's shoulder to Cardinal. "'Cause she sure as shit ain't shinin' up my apartment, not unless Ah' wannt be eatin a bullet burrito too." No hard feelings, of course.

"Quit playin' with my hair," Lola remarks, reaching up to push Cardinal's hand away. She scoots forward in the bed a bit, pausing and flinching, placing a hand over her belly as she does so. Okay, so moving is still not on the top of her list of things that would be a good idea right now. But being out of this hospital seems like a good idea. She doesn't like hospitals, she's found, though this is the first one she's ever been in. It smells funny. "Got someplace with a jacuzzi? Mistah Daniel said he'd be linin' me up with a jacuzzi, an I ain' seen one yet. Never in my whole life." She throws off the sheet, about to sit up when…something occurs to her. She yanks the sheet back around her, particularly around her back. "Imma…uh..need some clothes." And yet her old ones are soaked in blood. "I can' move wifout no clothes."

"I've got somewhere for her to stay," Cardinal affirms with a tip of his head back to Kain, before fixing her with a wry sort of look, "I can get you fixed up the rest of the way, too, if you're a good girl and behave yourself." Um. Clothes. He glances at Kain, brows up.

Kain's dark brows raise, and one hand goes up with a snap of his fingers. He's smiling, oh no is he smiling. At that, Manny slides open the hospital door and reaches out to retrieve a red shopping bag from out in the hall. The Cajun's lips creep up into a slow smile as Manny comes lumbering over and sets the bag's handles in Kain's awaiting hand. "Ah think you'll find what Ah' had Manny here pick out for you fitting. Maybe you wanna stick around for this, Rich?"

Reaching into the bag, Lola knows exactly where this is going when Kain pulls out a pleated black and white flannel skirt and drops it down on the bed. "Ah' got a matchin pair a knee high socks, ribbons for your hair and," a sweatervest comes out next, hot pink in coloration as it's slapped down on the bed beside the skirt, only to allow kain to fish something crinkly out of the bag and hold it up triumphantly into the air.

"Ah got'cha a lollipop."

He's a fucking dead man. You're not supposed to hit someone with a closed fist, but dammit that's all Lola can think to do. She's seeing red she's so angry. He shot her, and he's making fun of her for it. He's so dead. Her fist swings, very well aimed considering her ability. And her anger and the morphine allow her to swing right through the nice rip sound of her poping a few stitches as she slams her fist square into Kain Zarek's nose with a nasty crunch.

Of course, as soon as she's swung her fist to it's fullest extent, both her hands go to her belly as she doubles over in pain, gasping and fighting back tears that sting in her eyes as Kain stumbles back holding his face with one hand.

Every bad thing that's happened to her in the past two months is Kain Zarek's fault. And she's still bleeding.

As the skirt and blouse are dropped to the bed, Cardinal tries not to grin— fails— and then he's guffawing by the time she lunges out for the man and pops her stitches. He manages to cut the laughter, though it's hard, the nurse's button swung once more before he catches it in his hand and clicks it down.

"Nurse," he calls into the speaker, "I think Mary Lou's popped some of her stitches…"

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