Maryland Murder

MARYLAND — Jeffrey Nesbitt, a student at the United States Naval Academy, was found dead in his dorm on the morning of May 18. Famously known as the only Registered Evolved in current attendance at the academy, Nesbitt was a Tier-1 flesh manipulator. He was discovered by his dorm mates, and no official information has been released by the academy or the authorities involved in the investigation. However, a student at the academy who wished to remain anonymous, told local media that Nesbitt had been murdered, with his skull sawed open and brain removed.

It is a similar pattern to the infamous Sylar killings of 2006, with sporadic unresolved copycat murders in the last few years. Sylar, most known for his destruction of New York City and formerly believed to be dead, was claimed to be seen most recently at a New York gala where he attempted to murder a member of the American Ballet Theatre.

The Department of Homeland Security has declined to comment at this early stage of the investigation.

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