Mas Mechanics
Owner Eve Mas
Employees N/A
Current Status Abandoned
People Come Here For… Talks with an Oracle

There is a large gate that surrounds the warehouse. A padlock normally on keeping them shut. Cracked and destroyed pavement surrounds the area. Just inside are a few abandoned cars and motorcycles. A garage door can be seen and is open, showing a 1967 black and red mustang. Various tools and machines can be seen in the place that point to this place being a auto shop at one point.

When you walk through the door from the garage there is a huge room filled with a few tables, couches and chairs. The windows have large, dark red curtains covering them. Candles sit all around the place, waiting to be lit.

Through another door, a makeshift kitchen can be found. With refrigerator, microwave, stove, and a table or two with some chairs.

Major IC Events


  • Eve can be found here often, she considers it her true home.
  • Most people that know about this place are only people that Eve trusts, if she tells you about this place. Most people are sworn to secrecy.
  • Warren used this place for a short while, when Eve was away..

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