Mass Murder Resolved

In a statement released in the early morning hours on Friday, NYPD spokesperson David Hess announced the resolution to the mass murder in Brooklyn this past Sunday evening. He said:

"It is with a mixture of profound regret and relief that we inform the public of the resolution of Sunday's massacre in Brooklyn. Regret because there was one last victim killed before we could get to her, and relief because Detective Cassidy O'Shea, the final target of this madman, was recovered alive. She is currently in stable condition at the Oak Forest Hospital of Cook County, Illinois. The true name of the perpetrator is unknown, though he went by the moniker 'Azrael' in police and federal files as far back as 1999, where he committed a series of killings not dissimilar to the spree he enacted on Manhattan. Although we will continue to attempt identification of this man, he is no longer a threat — He was shot and killed by a sharpshooter while tactical response units attempted to subdue him in the early evening hours Thursday. A cooperative response team headed by Chicago's FBI Chief Anthony Broussard and Oak Forest Police Chief Terence Sanders was assisted by NYPD Detectives Coren Shelby and Elisabeth Harrison in the final take down."

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