Mass Suicide in Greenwich Village

National headlines on Sunday morning in all major papers have some variation of this.

AP Wire (NYC) — In one of the largest tragedies to come out of New York since the Bomb of 2006 and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and January 2008, a group of thirty-five teenagers took their own lives late Friday night in a desperate bid to make a political statement and to, in their own minds, save themselves from certain incarceration. Rumors and fears have abounded on the streets of the city since the announcement of forthcoming Evolved test kits. Though some people look forward to these tests with an air of expectancy hoping to be one of the people who gets a superpower, there are far more people who are afraid to be labelled 'freak' or worse. Anti-Evolved sentiment is high in many cities, but this particular story's poignancy is enhanced by the fact that they left behind a video for their parents explaining exactly what they were doing and why.

These were not depressed children, and though some of them came from troubled backgrounds, an equal number came from perfectly middle-class homes. All races and backgrounds were included in this suicide pact of twelve- to sixteen-year-old students. The video, which the authorities have attempted to remove from the Internet several times, keeps turning up in various places — it had already been on the Web for nearly 24 hours before the bodies were found.

At this time, there is only one known survivor of this pact, whose identity has been obscured due to being a minor. Official reports indicate this survivor has been cleared of any wrongdoing in this situation.

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