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Scene Title Match Record
Synopsis After her dream, Gillian pays a visit to the person whose power had likely been involved. She also catches the dreamer up on certain things she's missed. Eve also ends up segwaying into a lesson in firearms.
Date July 7, 2009

Eve's Apartment

"Dreamt you coming." Eve says with a light smile as she lets Gillian in. It' early afternoon and the sun shines in through the window. Wind chimes are hanging in the open window as the air moves them the soft soothing sound enters the apartment. Her paintings are everywhere, most of them prophetic ones.

Eve wears a long dark blue skirt along with a white tank top. Her feet are bare and they make a soft shuffling noise as she leads Gillian into the living room.

"Was there chess involved?" Gillian has to ask as she moves further into the apartment, going to sit down almost as soon as she finds a seat. Dressed casually, if neater than normal, she pulls something out of her carrier bag at her side, two somethings. A notebook that looks pretty worn and used, and a paper back book. Complete Book of Beginning Chess of all things. Fairly thick, by the looks of it, likely bought used.

She looks tired, overdrawn, ragged even. But she's not crying or hiding behind a mask of steel this time. "I had a dream— I think one of yours. I don't think I'd had one before. I— I'm not sure I really understand it, but… I'm not a painter, so I just wrote it down, drew a few sketches." She holds out the notebook.

"No chess, but my dream led me to believe that you had some news, something has happened." Eve does take notice of the two things Gillian draws out and she sits across from Gillian and offers a hand.

"Ah, your first experience with the dream world of the future. Confusing isn't it?" she says softly and brushes a hand through her hair. She indicates the notebook and drawings. "May I?"

The notebook is flipped through quickly. Each page has a detailed journal entry, a date, and lots and lots of writing. Occassionally there's sketches, too, mostly symbols and objects. Some basic doodling skill as an artist, but nothing fancy. Gillian must have been keeping a journal, lately, from the looks of things. When she gets to the last pages, she flips it open and holds it out. The account is fairly detailed, with sketches of chess pieces and boards in the sides. People who'd been present are described, or names mentioned when she knew them. The presense of Tavisha and Teo— Teos are noted, as well as things said by either of them, or by her.

Coupled with a perfect memory, the dream had been fairly detailed soon after waking. There's chunks missing, most likely, but the gist… there.

"It's about stopping Arthur, I get that much. And it's going to be done with some kind of sacrifice."

"The White Queen.. do we have any idea who that could be?" Eve looks up at Gillian and tilts her head. "Two Teos? I've been M.I.A. for too long I see." Eve shakes her head and looks back to the pages. "Arthur has been a bad.. /bad/ boy." She sucks her teeth and waves her finger.

"So Arthur is to be stopped. But not without our side losing someone as well.. anymore description of this White Queen?"

"You don't know the half of it…" Gillian says quietly, looking down at the notebook. The margin has a bunch of scribbles of queens that must be white from the way she's shaded them in and kept from filling it in with black colors. "Arthur's done a lot of horrible things, including manipulating Peter." Into telling her he loved her— The more she thinks about things, the more they hurt, so she closes her eyes and pictures something else for a moment…

"Nothing else on the White Queen other than that— Never mine." Doesn't make much sense, but she looks back up at Eve instead and says, "It's probably better to be M.I.A. right now. There's a lot of bad things going on… but I did get one piece of good news. I have a brother— a twin that I never knew about. Arthur killed half of him, but…" Still alive and that's what matters, even if she has to picture the good memory again to keep from being upset.

"Oh no no no. I've been gone far too long it seems." Eve hasn't really left her apartment but to sing at the Orchid Lounge and that's about it. The singer places her hands on her knees. "Help is going to be needed from all of us." She says with a look out the window.

"It's time for me to come back. Not that I've been very far away." She says with a soft smile. "A twin? What was his name?" Half of him? That's a strange way of putting it. "We'll get the bastard back for that."

"You might know him, actually— he works with Phoenix and the Ferrymen both. Brian Fulk?" Gillian asks, discarding all the terrible things for the moment and trying to focus on the good, even if… "Arthur attacked the Lighthouse and killed a lot of his replications— stole his ability at the same time. I found one of him alive, and his ability is back now, so he's okay— he's just traumatized from all the death. I made a replicant that— I was supposed to be talking about happy things, wasn't I?" She shakes her head.

"Anyway, he's my twin. We were both adopted by other families and we just recently found out. I did DNA tests to be sure."

"Brian.. he ambushed me and I helped recruit him into Phoenix." She thinks back to that day. "That's the day I met my sister.. Jezebel." She offers and pats Gillian's shoulder. "There isn't much good going on right now hun."

"At least you know you have real family out there, huh?" she smiles softly at the woman.

"My other family is still— at least Victor is still my brother. I don't think he even knew I was adopted. Even if I was four or five when it happened— I don't think I was that old— he would have been too young to remember it." Gillian says quietly, looking down at her notebook before she closes the pages and sets the book of chess on top of it. A lot of personal thoughts and doubts in that journal. And word for word recollections of conversations, in some places…

"Anyway, Victor's still my brother just as much as Brian is. Maybe even more so. Even if I would rather he not be trying to be a cop."

"In a way.. you're blessed with two families. While some have none." She comments to Gillian and looks down to the floor. "What else have I missed Gilly?" she asks, Eve really hasn't spoken to anyone at all lately.

"Gabriel— we're not together anymore," Gillian says, looking up towards the ceiling as she sinks back into the couch. "The next fucking day he — went to go save Teo. Teo who got possessed by his future self who hitched a ride back, I guess. I'm not sure how that happened. Either way— apparently Teo of 2019 set up shop inside our Teo's body. Gabriel found out he was possessed and after what Kazimir fucking did to him, of course he tried to help him— he actually likes Teo." There's a decided pause, she lets her eyes slide shut for a minute. "So Gabriel apparently left his body— is inside Teo's head too, and Arthur, somehow, found his body and has it. Part of the dream had ex-Vanguard people helping us, right? Well— that's why. They want to get Gabriel back. Little else."

Eve blinks.. uhh what? "Wow.. ok I've missed a lot. So Teo has two other people in his head? Ouch. I need to see him." The seer nods her head and looks at Gillian. "How you dealing with being broken up from Gabriel?" She tilts her head and closes her eyes for a second.

"Are they any closer to helping Teo.. not be possessed?" Wow she's missed tons.

"I don't know— I guess Phoenix thinks of Arthur as a bigger threat than what's going on with their second in command," Gillian speaks in a voice that makes it clear she disagrees in part, but agrees in some ways too. Especially since the guy who'd been the other half of a recently ended relationship… She shakes her head. "I'll be fine. And I'm sure once everyone stops running around like… crazy people… there will be a lot more done to help Teo. Hell, he might leave on his own once Arthur's dead. That's pretty much why he's here. I think."

That's the way she's reading things, at least, from what he'd told her, what Eileen said, and what she knows of the other time travellers.

Eve doesn't like the Teo situation at all."He'll have to be top priority when Arthur is done with. But that's assuming he has other reasons to be here than to just stop Arthur. "I'm happy that you're dealing ok with everything." She says sincerely and smiles at Gillian. "Peter's ability?"

"You mean besides my dreams being crazy about chess — which I don't even play — naked versions of myself falling out to run around, turning to metal— touching people and seeing the worst things they've ever done— yeah. Doing peachy." Gillian's being sarcastic. But that's no surprise. "But at least I can help when the fight goes down. That's what matters."

"I wish I could be as helpful in a fight as you can be." It's something Eve has struggled with greatly. Not having the sort of ability to help. "But I'm a damn good fighter and a good shot so maybe I'm being stupid. Envying you." She chuckles softly. "You have a lot of responsibility with that ability now. As Uncle Ben would say."

From the way Gillian raises her eyebrow, she may not have any clue which Uncle Ben she's talking about there. "I'll be lucky if I can get things to work like they're supposed to. Trust me, I'm sure once this is over, I'll need some shooting lessons so I'm not just standing there glowing when people need me for something."

"Well don't you worry none there, I'll teach you how to shoot. Actually. How about now!" Eve hops to her feet and whistles to herself as she makes her way to her room. It seems Eve is in one of her 'moods' Gillian would have experienced these by now and could be use to them. "We're gonna have you a gun slinging temptress in no time." She winks as she walks out with a standard pistol, nothing to fancy for a first timer.

"Guess it won't hurt to do a lesson now— though I'm guessing shooting bullets in your apartment would probably be frowned upon," Gillian says, looking at the gun as it's brought in. There's an amazed shake of her head, but learning to use a gun must beat reading a book on chess, cause she puts it aside for the moment. "All right. One lesson. But then I gotta go. I want to practice abilities a couple times too before we go in."

Eve is already walking out the door and into her hallway. It's lucky that her apartment is near the roof so they don't have to go far to get to the roof. She kicks the door open and then comes to stand on the roof facing a billboard across the way.

"See that there?" Eve takes aim.. and fires. A loud bang echoes and makes a few birds scatter away from the roof. A bullet hole can be seen near the middle of the billboard. "I've been learning to shoot rifles and other types of guns. Never hurts to know, right?" Eve grins and gestures for Gillian to walk over.

"I don't… think that's actually legal in the city," Gillian says, looking rather amazed at the older woman and her— many oddities. "This being one of those. Though she'd followed to the roof, she reaches out and grabs on to her and says, "Come on, I'm sure we can find somewhere a little further from where cops are likely to come to do this. I know you like Midtown, so we can go there. Or you can take me for a drive, but I'm not firing shots off of a roof in the middle of town."

"Ok fine.. I wasn't sure if you had time is all. Too go to the range or to Midtown. We can go there real fast. Especially with my car." She says with a grin. "Here we go!" she says and cheerfully leads Gillian away from the roof. Humming a tune aloud as her hair swings back and forth as she walks.

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