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Scene Title Mature-ish
Synopsis After some time at the castle, Koshka and Sami catch up
Date January 22, 2011

Pollepel Island — Bannerman's Castle

Ah, mornings. So wonderful for a new day to come bright and sunny. Too bad it's so damned cold, too. The stone walls of Bannerman's castle seem to only deepen the cold, rather than hold it at bay. But that's why most people still dress warmly even when inside, where the heating doesn't reach.

It's Just after breakfast. Chances are most people have sought their rooms or more communal places for morning activities. But for one.

Wrapped up layers, a jacket over a hoodie, scarf secured around her neck, Koshka pads down a hall toward the main doors. Her hands, though encased in gloves, have found their way into her coat pockets, and cheeks are red from the chill in the air.

"Tag! You're it!" the voice declares loudly as a single hand presses lightly to Koshka's shoulder. Running always keeps her warmer. So does dancing. These are the things that keep the blood flowing. That and smiling. Broadly.

Being a ghost had a few advantages, one of which was Sami couldn't really feel temperature. Not in the same way other people could. But that time without feeling brought with it a lack of acclimatization. In essence, she hasn't had to feel much temperature at all. Like Koshka, she's in layers and layers of clothing— much of which doesn't belong to her, particularly with how large it is on her frame. Could be Brian's. Could be some random hoodie she found lying around. Who knows.

The grey hood tugs over her auburn hair, but curls cascade around it, even as she tries to tuck them away, making Sami easily identifiable, even in her ridiculously large garb. Unlike Koshka, she's not in a blanket, but her hands are gloved by more than one pair of gloves, fingers concealed against the bitter cold that threatens them.

Her nose, cheeks, and chin reflect that same pink.

With a spin, just as Samara's hand lands on her shoulder, Koshka turns to look up at the woman. She cracks out a grin, obviously happy to see Sami but also amused by her defenses against the cold. "Morning," the teenager chirps, matching her step to Samara's. "How are you liking the castle?"

With a wry smile, Sami cants her chin to give Koshka a sidelong glance. "I was here already, actually~" she nearly sings. "A lot less tangivle, but… here." Her eyes widen expectantly as she spreads her arms dramatically, signifying her presence. She gives a little curtsey. "And I'm happy just to be alive and with other people, you know?"

Sam's grin broadens. "So… what do you think of it here? Are you enjoying it? More kids to hang out with, right? Even if some of them are trouble— " she smirks a little broader, "I got super glued into my shoes by a couple of them. But it's okay, I actually like it— like having kids around and playing and quiet." Her cheeks redden a little. "And Rue is here as is Brian— honestly, it might be cold and stuff but it's not bad." Not that she'll be staying long.

"You were here…" Koshka looks slightly surprised. True, Sami has the ability to phase and she knows that, but that doesn't mean she'd considered that fact. "I wasn't here," the youth decides after a moment, a feigned smug look crossing her features. "I was at breakfast." Because here could be this spot or the entire island, right?

Shoulders lift then fall again. "It's okay," Koshka admits. "The kids are a lot of fun. —Most of them. But… Yeah, it's fine. I'm getting on okay here."

"Oh! That's not… really what I meant. I've been to Bannerman's before is all," Sam shrugs slightly. "So no surprises here~" She winks as she falls into step with Koshka. "And I think it's great to have the kiddies around!" She shrugs and shoots Koshka a lopsided smile.

"Most of them?" she quirks an eyebrow. "Is there someone you're not getting along with?" The question is punctuated with the slightest frown. "But I'm glad you're getting on okay. Not a bad place to be all things considered."

Another shrug, this one a little deeper than the last. "Not exactly. But… it's nothing. The little kids are awesome though. Like.. funny and sneaky." Koshka looks up at Samara and grins again. "But it's okay here, really. Cold and… sometimes boring. But… I dunno, I guess it's fine."

Hands pull out from their respecive pockets and, despite the gloves that cover them against the chill, Koshka brings them up to her mouth to blow on them. She stops walking and turns, leaning against a wall. "Kinda miss the Garden and all but… Hey, you and Brian are still getting married right? When's that happening?"

"What is it?" There's a pause as Sam wrinkles her nose, "So, you're not happy here? Or…" her eyebrow quirks again, silently questioning what Koshka is saying without saying it. "Yeah, the Garden isn't really an option anymore, buuuuut— " the but is left to hang in lieu of the questions. There's a sparkle to Sami's smile as she blushes, "I shouldn't have told you. We aren't supposed to tell anyone until— well anyways. Yeah, it's happening. We're still finalizing times and stuff. A few months maybe? I don't think we're really decided on when… not firmly…"

"I won't tell anyone," Koshka states with a smile. If there's one thing she's good at, it's keeping secrets. "But I'm really happy for you two. It's gonna be great and you two'll be married for like.. a hundred years." Child-like dreams, but someone's got to keep them in the say and age. The teenager looks up at Samara then shakesh her head. "It's alright here. Kind've like the Garden. Lots of work to keep busy with but.. Guess I'm just sort've feeling restless being stuck here."

Koshka is shot an appreciative smile at the child-like dream. It's enough to make Sam's smile broaden. "I doubt I'll live a hundred years more, but thanks. I hope so." Her smile grows a little, "And I'm not one of those massive wedding people. I just want a small something somewhere quiet and special and…" she actually beams now, "but I"m not wanting to stop living again. I feel like I've woke up. After a long sleep— "

Sam hmms quietly, "Well maybe there's something we could get you to do or something. I get that it's quiet and stuff… is it not as fun as the Garden??"

"You should have whatever wedding you dreamed of as a kid. Like.. princess fairy tales or something." Which could seem strange coming from Koshka, but she's allowed to express her inner girly girl every now and again. "I hope you get what you want, but whatever it is'll be the best ever." She tips her head back a little, resting it on the wall as well.

Samara's own question draws forth a shrug. "I don't know. Like. At the Garden it didn't feel as isolated. It's safe here, mostly. But… I don't want to hide anymore."

"Well, if I got what I'd envisioned as a kid I would have to grow my hair for like another seven years. Or longer. Like my whole life." She shrugs a little, "I'm easy going enough. I just want my family. The few friends I have… whoever Brian wants." Her cheeks flush slightly.

"I suppose there is that. It's good to be safe, but I understand the not wanting to hide…" with a quiet breath, she hmmms. "I'm desperate to be live now that I'm… you know… alive…"

"Did you want to be Rapunzel?" Koshka grins up at Samara. "I think you're more a Cinderella type. Not that.. like you had to clean up or anything but… She was kind've invisible to everyone, too, except the prince." The teenager pauses, then shakes her head. "I know how you feel, sort've. My dad's gone, don't know that I'll ever see him again. It's… it kind of bothers me but.. Now I'm kind've free to do what I want. And that's not hiding my entire life."

"Really? That's kind of… sweet, actually," Sami's cheeks redden brightly now. "I like that! Maybe I am a little Cinderella-esque. But I loved Rapunzel growing up! The notion of all of that hair! Mine didn't grow over those four years. All very strange." She shrugs slightly as she shuffles on the balls of her feet. "Yeah, I'm sorry about your dad, Koshka. He just didn't get it is all. Sometimes people don't get each other. Like… my brother. He's decided he hates Brian. But he decided that the moment he learned we were together so…"

Koshka shrugs to the sympathy over her father, accepting of it, but implying it isn't necessary. "Yeah, he was kinda… different. I don't know. He never let me get involved with the rescue stuff four years ago or anything like that." Even though she was only eleven at the time, she still felt she should be out there helping somehow. "And now… He's not here to tell me no, and I'm older. But I'm stuck here where I can't help or anything." Except to peel potatoes. "—Maybe I should talk to your brother. There's no reason to hate Brian just… because."

"Well you are still a little young, and I think you're making a difference here. With the other kids," Sami shrugs slightly as she slows her pace to a stroll. "But maybe there's something else you can be doing? I don't really know," her nose wrinkles slightly. "I don't know— " she manages a half smile at the notion of Koshka talking to Tahir, "Tay has… his own protective issues. Kind of like your dad. Kinda."

Koshka rolls her eyes, in good nature. Too young, pfh. "I'm old for my age. I should be out working with everyone else to keep this place safe, not hiding with the other kids." Seriously spoken, and ended with a shrug, though light enough that it hopefully won't be taken as an argument. "Maybe it just takes an outside voice, though. For your brother and stuff. There's nothing wrong with you and Brian."

"Maybe. I need to visit him again. We haven't talked in a while. And I think… I think my sister is staying with him. Or at least she was going to— " Sami flushes again with a quiet sigh. "He threatened my junior prom date. And like he and Brian almost fought or something— " it's all very confusing considering she doesn't know the story. "And arguably, like I'm not very old or whatever, and maybe we're crazy, but— " her smile tightens. "— Brian’s good people. I love him. He loves me." She pauses and shakes her head. "He looks out for me…"

Lifting her head to look up at Samara, Koshka smiles. "Good to have someone watching out for you. But Brian'll do it too. There's like.. a billion of them or something." Tucking her hands back into her pockets, the teenager shrugs. "Sorry, I probably don't know what I'm talking about." She's an only child and lacks understanding of siblings and their ways of thinking. "Well… I'd talk to him if y ou wanted. Or.. whatever. —Whenever I can leave Pollepel again."

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