Maxwell Development Ceo Dies

NEW YORK — Reports have begun coming in as of this evening that President and CEO of Maxwell Development Corporation Leonardo Maxwell was killed late Thursday night when his twin engine private jet that departed from JFK International Airport met with turbulence mid-flight and crashed into a field just outside of Providence Rhode Island.

Maxwell (27) had made an unscheduled departure from JFK in what sources within the Maxwell corporation are saying was "an unusual but not atypical last-minute vacation." Chairman of the board for Maxwell corporation, Daniel Knight, stated that Maxwell had arranged for a personal flight to St.Augustine Florida to get away from the inclement winter weather before Sunday's blizzard hit.

Authorities are stating that both Maxwell and his long-time bodyguard Cassius Potts were both on board with the pilot when the plane went down. TSA analysis of the crash suggests that unexpected downdrafts created by the unpredictable storm may have driven Maxwell's plane out of control.

More news on this tragic loss as it develops.

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