May The Force Be With You...


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Scene Title May The Force Be with You…
Synopsis Luke tries to pick a fight and gets more then he bargained for with Aric.
Date July 26, 2010

The Blue Moon

//As you step in from the outside world, it is a wonder you found the store. If you really weren't looking for it you may have just passed it by. Blue Moon is an Occult and Magic shop owned by Aric Gibbs. The smell of jasmine, rose, and thyme fill the air. To the untrained eye, the place is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of magical and occult items. But for those who know a thing about the craft or about the occult they will know the difference. Most of the items and components that are stocking the shelves are mundane and not very dangerous. The books on the occult which line shelves after shelves are collections of work that are either not dangerous or probably will not work. The shelves are stuffed with magical looking trinkets and crystals. Then there is an entire section devoted to candles of every color and some are scented. They range from simple to intricately designed and beautifuly carved candles. Then the shelf unit that is filled with every type of tarot card you can imagine, of course they have books on how to use the cards right next to them.

Most of the stuff here is pretty basic, an entire section devoted to herbs and they even sell live plants for those who like extremely fresh. Some items in jars have those interesting names like Eye of newt and Dragonscale. Anyone who has seen the real components would know that these are not the real components, but to the everyday person they would think that these were authentic. It's almost as if they are purposely are not putting out the dangerous components.

The inner portion of the store has been painted a deep orange, offset by light wooden floors. A half dozen small black tables are on each side, and track lighting brings to attention the black-framed tarot cards done in a multitude of different styles that adorn the walls. A counter is to the left, and a chalkboard behind it boasts the daily specials. The wall that leads back out to the patio has been painted a bright yellow lined in black around the arched doorway, and designs make it visible as a sunburst. At the far end of the hallway is a sturdy metal door marked "Private".

The smell of coffee, chocolate and baked goods mix with the faint scent of roses, jasmine, and thyme today. The Blue Moon
has a performer by the name of John West can be heard singing on the patio. (
Aric is greeting and helping people as he directs them to the patio. He is dressed in a simple pair of jeans, and a t-
shirt. He is barefoot walking around like this was his home. Philipa is at the counter handing a woman a coffee treat with
fresh whip creme and fudge shavings on top.

Luke has been doing community service today, which results in him being just plain irritated. And where do people go when
they're irritated? …he doesn't know, but he likes getting coffee. Wandering into the Blue Moon, he scowls as he looks
around, daring people to say something to him.

As he turns on his heel, he begins to walk back towards Philipa to help her with the guests. Aric's eyes fall on Luke as he
begins to make his way towards the counter. He smiles at the young man and says, "Welcome to the Blue Moon. How can I make
you happy today?" Aric runs a hand through his long locks to get them out of his face as he cocks his head to the side
looking the sour pussed man up and down.

Luke just stares at Aric for a minute or two, a sneer forming. "What kind of cheesy line is that?" seems like Luke is
trying to antagonize people. "You're the lamest dude I've met today, and I've met a lot." community service, after all.

Philipa's face goes sour as she looks at Luke. She opens her mouth and Aric holds up his hand for her to stay silent. Aric
smiles as he cocks his head to the side, "Yes…that could be. It is how I greet my guests when they come into my house.
Your here for something?" The telepath could find out easily enough but he does not want to enter this one's head. He is in
an awful place it seems. The man smiles as he asks kindly, "What can I get you this evening?"

"Your house, huh, no wonder it looks kinda crappy." yes, Luke is aiming to pick a fight with someone. "Black coffee."
black like his SOUL. Oblivious to the fact that the guy is a telepath, Luke looks around with seeming boredom. Who knows
what he's planning!

A kind smile, "Black Coffee. Coming up." As Aric moves to get it himself, he shakes his head at Philipa and whispers, "I
have this one. He is just misunderstood." As Aric pours the coffee he puts it in the cup and gets one of the cardboard
wraps to absorb the heat so the man won't burn himself. He brings the coffee back and sets it before him. "Well it might be
crappy to you but some consider it comforting…even inviting…hopeful." He says, "3.00 please…we have the talented John
West playing on the patio or your welcome to enjoy the AC here in here."

Luke reaches for the cup of coffee, and it starts boiling. "What, are you trying to put me in the hospital? This coffee
could seriously harm people. What kind of place are you running here?!" there's a fizzle and a pop at Luke's ankle, and he
glances down, makes a brief 'meh' expression, then returns to being outraged.

Aric cocks his head to the side as he looks down at the coffee. He moves to touch it and pulls his hand back. It was not
that hot a moment ago. He looks at Luke and says, "I am so sorry sir. I am not sure what happened." He moves to grab a rag
and picks up the cup to pour it in the skin. He looks at Luke and says, "The machines are set to keep it at a comfortable
tempature. I do not know what happened." He moves around the counter walking towards the herb section and takes a tube of
something and brings it over. "This is an organic tea tree palm. It will help sooth an irration or burn you might have
gotten. Please take it as my apology."

"Well you might be in the habit of burning your customers for all I know." Luke doesn't even say thanks when he's offered
the tube of ointment, and pockets it. Huh, whatever. He seems to be in a slightly better mood now that he's giving someone
else a hard time.

"Why don't I give you a complimentary reading for your time." Aric smiles as he moves to the tarot cards and begins to
shuffle them with one hand. He looks like Gambit from the movie Wolverine oddly when he does this move. He motions to the
table if the boy should wish it.

The sneer is back. "What, so you're some sort of psychic nut or something too?" Luke asks, but nevertheless goes to sit
down at the table. Eh, who knows what people can do these days.

"Your energies are placed into the card. I am merely the vessel. You see what you put out into the universe is what you get
back." He moves to sit down as he begins to shuff the cards gracefully. He places three cards face down in front of you. "I
am Wiccian. We believe in the rule of three." Aric taps the card and says, "Think in your mind a question. A situation.
Something you seeking? Something personal to you. Yet do not say it outloud. Ask the cards for the answer."

"Lame." Luke did just say that again, although he's pretty curious. "Ask the cards? You've GOT to be kidding." oh well,
whatever. Wonder if my parole will end soon so I can get this damn thing off my ankle. that's about it for his silent

The Four of Cups is the first to be revealed. "Your someone who is misunderstood. You are angry at the world for something
and this…" He traces the cups one a time while looking at Luke, "Your struggling as if you were a man on the edge. You
see the four cups represent the four winds. The knife in the middle represents you. You could fall off and cut yourself."

"Or I could cut you instead if you need a little help speaking straight." Luke rolls his eyes, eying the card. "You're a
fake, it's clearly obvious I'm pissed off at something." he's clearly not impressed. At all.

The man's pale green eyes narrow at him as he turns over the next card. The Fool. "You have gotten in trouble recently.
Your paying for your actions and you wonder if it punishment fits the crime." Aric begins to play with his crystal on his
necklace, "Tell me…are you on parole?"

Luke frowns suddenly at Aric. "What's it to you?" ok, so maybe this guy isn't a hack.

"It's ok to make discoveries on your journey in this life. The question is what you do to learn from that is where it will
take you. I knew a great Monk who said, "You change the way you look at things the things you look at change." He places a
hand on the last card and says, "Ready to see the solution?" Aric asks with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Solution to what?" Luke narrows his eyes at Aric. Huh… this guy must be Evolved. No way a NORMAL person would be able to
figure stuff like this out.

"The solution to what you need. The direction you should take to solve this challenge in your life. Whatever it is your
going through. I am merely reading the cards. I have no idea what is coming next. You have to be willing and open to see
though. You have to accept what comes." Aric traces his hand over the card.

"Fine, what is it already?" Luke snaps impatiently. "So you can't read the future at all? What's the use of it, then?" the
card is glared at as if all his problems were caused by that alone.

As the man shakes his head slightly, he turns the card over and it reveals the Tower. Aric blinks and hmmms as if he
were shocked. He looks at Luke intently before he says, "This means its going to get worse before it gets better. Yet when
it does…whatever is burden you…weighing you down. It will make you stronger and ready for anything that comes your
way." He must be referring to the ankle bracelet. Or is he?

"Hah." Luke doesn't look convinced, and the Tower is eyed skeptically. "Thanks for nothing." he does have a lot to think
about, however, and maybe he's even believing it a little? Can't tell by his expression of disdain, however, and Luke
stands up. "I'm out of here." what, without getting coffee?

As Luke stands, Aric does as well. He places a hand over his heart and says, "Thank you for coming to the Blue Moon. May
the Goddess watch over you. Blessed be." He watches the boy leave, picking up the cards one by one. Aric chuckles softly as
he whispers to himself doing his best Obi Wan impression, "May the force be with you Luke."

Luke is gone, which is probably fortunate for Aric in that Luke did not hear that last part.

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