May We Live In Interesting Times


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Scene Title May We Live In Interesting Times
Synopsis Cardinal meets Gillian's clone. Cardinal meets Shard. Shard recruits for the White-takedown team. And there's Cheez-Its. Behold, the power of cheese.
Date August 16, 2009

Anarchy Customs: Hangout

Dark wood flooring is illuminated by dome-cage lighting set liberally in the ceiling overhead. This room is simply furnished - a stout rectangular table in the center of the room, flanked by deep, plush leather sofas shoved up to the walls at either side. The northern quadrant of the room is set with a personal mini-bar; namely a fridge full of beer, a shelf of hard liquors, and a cabinet set with a large padlock above it. The walls are covered with large mirrors, the reflective areas surrounded by sketches as well as snapshots of completed tattoos. In one corner, well out of the way, there is a bench complete with tattooing equipment.

The southern portion of the room, however, is set with an opening in the floor, supported by a black-iron staircase that offers passage into the greasy garage bellow. The same staircase also leads upwards to a hatch door into the last, upper floor of this building.

Some time's passed, and the pair took longer to return than they thought— so Cardinal's down here in the 'hangout' of the gang, currently half-bent over in front of the fridge rummaging through the Ravens' supply of beer for something he finds palatable, whistling a quiet little tune under his breath.

A long trip across Staten Island to the Rookery, with few of her inquiries answered, Gillian steps back into the hangout, making her way to the fridge for something to drink, and possibly food. Not limping, with tattoos visible and unmarred with the same strange scarring in her skin baring clothes, she fits in quite well in the gang hangout— but since when did she hang out with a biker gang? Upon spotting the man near the fridge, she doesn't quite make out his face bent over as he is, and instead calls out, voice raspy, almost playful, "Think you could toss me one?" She's looking at his ass, not his face. Admiring, even. And just from that she can't quite identify him.

Obviously, she just needs to spend more time learning to identify him by ass shots, then! A bottle of beer is claimed beneath Cardinal's hand, and he pauses at something familiar in that voice before leaning back and twisting to turn around, a grin curving to his lips before he gives the bottle a toss over. "Sure thing, Gill. Hope Corona's already with you."

"Oh— Cardinal," Gillian says, raspy voice sounding rather surprised as she catches the bottle easily. It's not any trouble to twist the top off and toss it into a nearby garbage can, but she looks up at him with even more interest than she'd been giving his backside. "It's been a while. Glad to see you're doing so well." She takes a drink from the beer, before lowering it and adding, "This doesn't count toward the drink you owe me. Just so you know."

The bottle in his own hands is opened with a deft twist of the top, the cap clasped in his fingers against cool glass as he brings it up to his lips to take a swallow of the cheap brew. Once it's stirring in his belly, Cardinal lowers it with a low chuckle, "I'm alive, so… and, hey, I already got you that drink." A grin's flashed over, and he leans a hip against the fridge, head tilting, "Trying to cheat me out've another, I see how it is— what're you doin' at Devi's place, anyway?"

"Did you?" Gillian says, sounding as if she honestly doesn't think he did, a small sigh as she looks away, taking another long drink before she looks back. There's something disgruntled that flashes across her face too, but she doesn't press it. She knows who she is… and who could have claimed the drink instead. "Devi's letting me crash here a few days. I was watching the fights when the whole building went down around us. With that— guy. Whatever his fucking name was. I'd never heard of him before, but he's one of those fuckers we got out of Moab without meaning to." They'd not gone in to save everyone after all. It just happened.

"Norman White." Cardinal speaks the name quietly, the bottle brought up to his lips for another pull before he pushes off from the fridge, approaching her even as his smile dies, "That's why I'm here, actually, I was coming by to ask Devi t'keep an eye out for the sonuvabitch. I need to make sure he's stopped." He pauses before her, noting more quietly, "There's always room at the Library if you need it, too."

The mention of the library seems to startle her a bit, eyebrows raising. There's a good reason Gillian's surprised, though it's for different reasons than he might thing. Of all the things they'd spoken of last time, it seems they've all slipped her memory, more or less. "It does seem like … White needs to be stopped. He's a crazy son of a bitch. Wasn't alone either, had a woman with him. She was terrified, and…" And Shard knows him too. Everyone seems to want to stop him. Not really signing up to help with that, herself, but "What do you mean the Library? Which one?"

"White's a bigger threat than you know… Ray left instructions. Left on his own, this crazy sonuvabitch will," Cardinal says with a tight little shake of his head, before he pauses - a brow lifting over his shades, bemused as he regards her for a moment, "…the New York Public Library? Midtown? Didn't I mention it last time we talked…?"

"Well, fuck," Gillian says, running a free hand through her hair, before finishing off the rest of the beer and tossing it into the garbage. "You might have, but you weren't talking to me," she explains. "I was surprised cause I've been sleeping in the Fresh Kills Branch Library for the last few weeks and I thought you'd been spying on me, or something. Know you're a sneaky son of a bitch, but…" She crooks her neck to the side and it pops loudly, before she looks back up. "I was in a mask so I don't think anyone really noticed me on the roof, and I slipped off and exited on my own."

"As if I had the time to stalk you," observes Cardinal in wry tones, though his brow furrows above the edge of his shades, his head tilting a little to one side as he regards her with a bit of a frown, "Wait, wait wait— I think I'm missing something here, babe…"

"Seems like you are— you and just about everyone else," Gillian says, moving away from him and plopping into the plush leather sofa and leaning back. No sign of any of the damage at all. "I'm one of the clones that popped out to fight against all those Arthur Shadows that showed up to try and fuck us all over. I'm the one that carried Dee and Peter to the roof. Not sure how it happened, why it happened— why I didn't melt like the Brians when Communist Lightning did his thing, but— here I am." Hands raise up in a gesture.

A pair of startled eyes blink, twice, behind the dark lenses of sunglasses before Cardinal's hand lifts up to pull the shades away— his brow lined in confusion as he watches her for a moment, then rubs a hand over the side of his face. "Well, shit," he mutters, tucking the glasses away and walking after her with a shake of his head, "That must be… weird. Same memories— everything. And you just took off, been hiding on Staten since?"

"I went to Manhattan to have some fun, but things got a little out of hand," Gillian admits, raising her arms over her head and resting then in her hair. With elbows up, she looks comfortable. "Pissed off someone's girlfriend and she ended up being a telekinetic. So I threw her boyfriend at her and then had to run for it. I haven't been back since. Hopefully no one ID'd me— probably would've caused the— what do you call your other self, anyway?" She's not entirely sure. Same memories, but separete lives. In some ways different personalities. She seems far more easygoing and less stressed. "I've been hanging out here. My kind of people."

Hey, Cardinal's actually relatively speechless for once— no sarcastic comments or humorous quips, no serious advice or suggestions, he just stares at her for a moment before dropping himself down to sit on the clear part of the couch, one knee sliding up onto the plush cushions so he can face her more directly. "That's a pretty fucked up situation," he murmurs, taking a pull off the beer before gesturing with it vaguely, "Devi's my kind've people too— or, well, what used to be my kind've people." He sounds a little frustrated about that. "Life's gone a weird route lately. Not as weird as yours, though, seems like."

"Weird enough to stay interesting, at least." That part is said with a cheeky smile, before Gillian lightens her mood a bit, "I didn't stick around to see if everyone made it off the roof." For the first time showing hints of that strain around her forehead. "I know Dee shot Ed, proud of the kid for that. I was ready to rip his arms and legs off myself, but…" She'd not had a chance to act before she temporarily lost her abilities. By the time she got them back, he was filled up with every round the girl had and laying dead on the ground. "Everyone else okay? Did the other teams make it out?" A few weeks out of contact and just not knowing

"'May we live in interesting times'," Cardinal para-quotes with an amused twist of voice, bringing the bottle up in a vague toast in her direction, "As for the teams— yeah, pretty much everyone made it out. Cat's father, Mason, went down keeping the reactor from blowing. John died. But— you wouldn't've known him. And you were there for that, too, so— anyway." A hint of tightness there, his head turning to look over the large room, "It went down pretty much like clockwork, of course. Eddie set it into motion, so, 'course it did."

Pretty much like clockwork. Gillian hesitates for a moment and doesn't shift from her lounging posture even if some of that tension shows up. If only he were afraid. There's not much fear in the room, so she's relying on her own mood right now. "So they got Gabriel back in his own body and all that went good… I'm glad to hear it." Gabriel. There's that hesitation again. This time she does move her arms, sitting up and leaning forward, resting elbows against her knees. "I saw the end, yeah, but… did— I dragged Peter up to the roof and he got shot in the back and fell."

"He's alive." A sidelong look to her as Cardinal reassures her of it, his voice quiet and tense even as his lips purse in a slight frown that belies any attempt at reassurance, "We might be better off if he wasn't. Kazimir's power emigrated into him… and whatever Gabriel's insistence that it's not dangerous, I don't agree."

"Am I interruptin' somethin'?"

The deep voice comes from the one and the only, Vincent King. Otherwise known as Shard, otherwise known as rich motherfucker. Well, usually. Right now his funds are… limited. He hesitates at the entrance, peering at Cardinal then Gillian. Not wanting to intrude the rapper takes a step backward, looking as if he would go back down to the garage.

"Well fuck me," Gillian says quietly, not seeming to like the sound of that, either, even if, for a split moment, there was relief. He's alive. But he's fucked. "I've been both healed and hurt by that ability, but…" She trails off, shaking her head, looking over at the rapper of limited funds. It'd not been too long ago since she left him to head on up to the hangout to mouch a beer off the biker gang. "I think we'd gotten through the important shit. Card, this is Shard." That kinds rhymes in a fun way. "Card's kind of a friend. Good guy. Interested in kicking White's ass as much as you are."

At the deep rumble of the rapper's voice, Cardinal's head lifts… and then a grin flashes to his lips, recognition finally sparking behind light-strained eyes. "Two Fists. That's where I know you from. Hol-y shit— my cellmate back in Riker's fuckin' loved you, man, swear to god, posters all over his side've the cell." He twists in his posture, leaning forward to rest an arm on his knees as he notes casually, "Devi'n Gillian tell me you're the man I should be talking to, in fact, so you're right on time."

Shard can't help but grin at the mention of one of his hits, a grin winding up his lips. He looks bashful for a moment waving a dismissive hand.

"Two Fists? Son that's old school. Way back to the day." And just like that Cardinal has hopped over a wall that Vincent has been putting up around these other people. He laughs a little bit, walking forward. He offers a fist to Cardinal, but won't actually bump it. In fact he will avoid skin contact altogether.

"Your cellmate did man? Posters weren't on your side, brother? You're steppin' with the wrong foot." He gives a playful grin. "Just playin', what you need my man?" Shard goes to take a seat on one of the sofas.

A sudden hop and Gillian's up on her feet, moving away from the leather couch and toward the fridge, and what's beside and below it, obviously scrounging for food. Despite all her questions and outright accusations in the past few days, she doesn't outright toss out information about either of them, just saying, "Anyone want something? Looks like they got some jerky and chips," she grabs the jerky and starts shifting through the chips. People smoke pot in this area. They need their munchies. "Oh shit, Cheez-Its." She grabs that too, stuffing it under her arm.

Cardinal's own hand lifts, fisted, though as he pulls back he doesn't press the issue— dropping it down to his knee with a low chuckle, replying in joking tones, "Ah, fuck you, bro, fuck you." A grin, his head shaking, "Good fuckin' music, though, man. Kept some've us goin' there for awhile when we needed some inspiration. Guess it just goes to show, evolution doesn't give a shit if you're famous or not…"

The man drops back in a comfortable sprawl on the couch, one elbow hooking over the back edge. His gaze trails after Gillian's departure - hey, she's good to watch going - and he calls easily, "Don't bogart all th'fuckin' Cheez-Its, bring 'em out here." That said, he turns a more serious look to Shard, "I came here to find Norman White. I'm told you know him."

Such language. Shard momentarily considers Gillian, steepling his fingers under his chin. Though it almost makes him laugh, the man who used more profanity than several other artists combined is now condemning the verbal habits of another person. But then Cardinal, completely takes his mind off of Gillian's language. He nods a little to the man, "That was back in my angrier years, but I'm glad something good could come from it." He says, genuinely appreciative of the man's compliment.

"I'm good, sweetheart, thanks." Shard gives a dismissive gesture to gillian. Then his features become a bit more serious. "Yeah, I know him." He nods slowly. "Did time with him. Big fella. I know what everyone must think of him.." He gives a shrug. "I get it, I really do. But he's an idealist. I'm not sayin' what he's doin' is alright, I'm just sayin' he's not pure evil. He's.." He sighs. "Confused. But that doesn't make his behavior alright, not a bit. So yeah, I'm going to stop him. You can come along, 'fy'want."

"Persistant, isn't he?" Gillian says as she returns, moving to open the box of Cheez-Its and offer a handful to Cardinal, before she munches of a few herself. Her stomach needed that good, since she'd not eaten much since she camped out here. "Trust me when I say Card's a man you want on your side if you're going to show White the what for."

They killed a guy together! Well, him and the real her, but she was there when it happened too. A few more cheez-its and she doesn't swallow before she continues, talking around the crackers in the side of her mouth a bit, "Oh yeah, White's not working alone. I know he's at least got a chick with him. Scared little thing, too. She smelled great."

"There isn't a soul on this Earth that's pure evil," Cardinal admits with a slight shake of his head, seemingly regretful about— something, perhaps unrelated to the conversation entirely, "Most people think what they're doin' is right, even if it's… not for the right reasons, or they're confused about it. If he isn't stopped, though— I know what he's going to do, and I-I know how many'll die from it. I can't let that happen."

His hazel eyes linger on the rapper for a long moment, and then he nods, once, "If someone's got to take him down, better it be someone who understands him. Any backing you need, any resources you want, you got it. Just give me a call, and I'll pull the strings."

Straightening, the ex-convict reaches out with an easier smile for the tiny orange squares, "Thanks, Gill. And, yeah, Devi mentioned— you know her, man?"

Vincent nods emphatically with Cardinal's assesment of the world's population. He looks over at Gillin and gives a nod. "Didn't meet her until.." Recently. "She was on the woman's side." Obviously. "Kept to herself as much I can tell. White's going to try to put an army together if he gets his way." Shard explains. "Or at least, a few powerful people that could pass as an army."Guess who he tried to recruit first?

"I don't know what she can do. And I don't know how many others he's found." He sighs a little bit. "That dog, the other night. Ashley Williams. He was another cat at the prison." He throws his hands up, "I don't know what happened to him." Then he drops his hands.

"Well I've been thinkin', this is what I was going to talk to Devi about. If White is raising up an army. I'm going to need a crew too."

"Need anyone to punch through walls, lemme know, just make sure we got someone along who's scared shitless so it'll work," Gillian says with a cheeky grin, finishing off the cheez-its in her mouth and grabbing another handful. The best damn snack humankind ever made. "I can't wait til they make one of those 'how they get so much cheese taste in these little squares' commercials with an evolved. Imagine an Evolved who could make cheese…" It would be awesome. As long as it's not cheese out of people, or something. That would be gross.

Is she on drugs? Maybe…

"You want people, King…" Cardinal flashes a broad grin to the rapper, "…you've come to the right man. I've been building a… loose organization of people to go after this kind've trouble-spot when they pop up. I'd be more than happy to put all our resources at your disposal to take White down, one way or another." The smile fades a bit, head shaking, "I feel bad for the guy, I know his history, but that won't stop me from making sure what needs to be done's done. Eighty thousand people depend on it."

He's just taking a bite of a Cheez-It when he catches Gillian's words, half-chokes, "— are you on drugs, Gillian?"

Agnes descends the staircase again, this time without the signature clang of those crazy shoes on the wrought iron. In sock feet, it looks almost as if she'd prepared for bed before deciding to nix that idea and venture back down upon hearing voices. She's lingered at the top a moment, not really intending to eavesdrop, but getting a bit caught up in what's being said. So she just listens silently for the moment, a still figure at the top of the corkscrew. And then remembering herself, she offers a little, "Hey," in greeting, as she begins to wend her way down into the hangout. "Sorry, I just - couldn't really sleep." She glances over at the three, a question implied in that meaningless apology: is she interrupting?

Looking up at Agnes, Shard offers a warm smile to her. "Come on down, Aggie." The rapper greets as if a father to his daughter, or a really cool uncle. Something fatherly. He glances over at Gillian, "That would be.. great." He says, looking over to Cardinal finally. "I can't pay you much. Until I get a hold of my.." Millions and gajillions of dollars. "Bank accounts."

"Sounds like we have a deal, my man." One fist is offered forward, but again, skin contact is avoided.

"No more than usual," Gillian says, picking out somemore cheez-its and dropping them in her mouth, before nodding up at the poor girl who smelled so good the other night. "I'm just naturally like this. Part of the whole— I figured it out while practicing with Knox and Rick. Each one's just a little bit different." Whatever that means. Cardinal will have the best chance of figuring it out than she did. With the box in tow, she moves back to plop into the couch. "No need to pay. I probably got more money than you do right now." Just don't ask how she got it.

"I'm one've the best thieves on the planet," Cardinal replies in all humility, actually seeming a touch amused by Shard's quasi-offering, "If I want money, I can go get it. This isn't about money, my man, it's about… the future." He shrugs one shoulder, tossing a tiny cheese square up in the air and catching it in his mouth, chewing, swallowing with a crunch before gesturing with a cheese-dusted hand to Shard, "Anything you need, just contact me and I'll do what I can to get it for you."

"Hey," he calls easily over to Agnes, "No worries. Gillian has the Cheez-Its, you may have to wrestle her for them…" A slant of a look over to Gillian, and he pauses, then nods just a little at her words. "Makes sense."

Back, then, to Shard he admits with a wryly crooked smile, "Honestly, man— it's good to know there's someone competent taking the helm on this, because you have no idea how much shit I've got to deal with and organize."

Agnes offers a little smile as she's greeted, stepping off the steps and onto the floor at the bottom, but there's a bit of thoughtfulness to it. "You guys are going after him," she half-states, half-asks, both admitting she was listening for a bit up there and confirming what it was she overheard.

There's a pause, and then: "I'll help." She seems to feel almost silly offering, figuring there's really not a whole lot she can contribute here, but she can't just not offer. She can't stand idly by after all that, and now, being treated as one of their own. Of course, this very serious and mature declaration is maybe overshadowed when she's distracted a moment later. "Ooh, Cheez-Its." She stars angling towards Gillian's couch.

Clasping his hands in his lap, Shard gives a nod. "You're in Aggie." He won't turn down a helping hand. Unless that helping hand looks like it has rabies. And Agnes seems like she's clean. Squeaky, even. His eyes go from Agnes, to Gillian, then to Cardinal. The starting of something, something that will do things he can't even imagine now.

"I'll ah.. I'll get some.. jobs. For us to do." But first. "I need to get a tattoo. We'll have a meeting in a few days, whoever you can get that you trust, bring by here." Oh, he'll have to ask Devi if that's okay. "We'll figure this stuff out." Standing up, his fingers give a little crackle of blue lightening. "Nice to meet you, Cardinal."

"Ooooh, tattoos, kinda want a new one to add to my collection too," Gillian says, holding the box out to Aggie in offer, willing to share at the very least. She's already drugged herself up on cheese. There's definitely something starting up, here. "So what can you do, cutie? You would certainly qualify for my helper. I'll make sure nothing happens to you if you stay close." She winks a little, then leans back in the chair. "So that place you mentioned still open as a possible crash point? Cause if it's cleaner than where I've been sleeping before I came here, I may take you up on it. As long as my twin ain't staying there too. I'm thinking that'll be awkward."

"You too, King…" The last of the cheez-its in hand are devoured, and Cardinal braces a hand to the sofa's edge, heaving himself up to his feet and offering a slight, genuine smile to the other man, "…you too. Devi's got my number for when you need to get in touch. Seriously, anything you think you might need, just give me a call. I'll move fucking mountains myself if I have to, on this one."

A half turn towards the other clone, and he grins, "Just show up, if you need the space. The firebirds used to use it, so you might already know the way. And no, she's not, she's still living— wherever she was living, I think." A pause, "I am gonna need to figure out something to call you before I get confused."

Agnes takes a handful of the Cheeze-Its before perching slightly on the arm of the couch. As is expected, she's several inches shorter without those heels, and it makes the perching a little more difficult. But she manages. "I can't really do anything…" she admits, glancing around at the three. "Not like, you know, the suddenly appearing, or the electricity, or the, uh, punching through walls?" She heard that bit on her way down.

She gives her shoulders a slight shrug, though she doesn't come off quite so indifferent as she tries - it's not hard to tell she's dying to be useful. "But, uh, I know how to handle a shotgun. And some first aid. And I'm a pretty quick learner." Each thing is tossed out as she thinks of it, trying to figure out what has the most worth in this situation. "I guess in a pinch I'm canon fodder," she notes a bit more wryly, smirking around a Cheeze-It.

Eyes follow Sparky for a moment, then she looks at the girl next to her. "Oooo, a shotgun. Show me how to do that and we'll be great friends," Gillian says with a grin, smile wide and seeming to take it pretty well. "It's good to not have abilities sometimes, kid. Less trouble and more fun, so trust me there… Shotguns are worth just as much as my fists. More cause they don't need more than ammo and a steady arm." Where as she needs fear and close contact, but… works.

"I'm not good at coming up with nickname's for myself. I guess I should start thinking of something to go by. Never had to worry about it cause no one I ran into knew…" Until Cardinal. Whatever it is he knows. She downs a cheez-it and looks up at the ceiling. "According to Bri my real name was supposed to be Stephanie. I guess I could start going by Stef, or something…" It doesn't sounds like she thinks Stephanie is a very good name for her, but she does offer it up as a possibility at least. "But if you can think of a better nickname, have at. I definitely know the way, though." So she knows how to contact him, even without a number.

A low chuckle tumbles past Cardinal's lips as he slides his shades on, noting casually with a tilt of his head towards Agnes, "You don't need an ability to make a difference. Just ask Gillian about the last guy I took down… and I didn't have an ability worth mentioning at the time." He grins, briefly, "You just need to think with your head a li'l better."

He turns his attention to the couch again, musing, "I'll think about it. Stephanie's not a bad name."

Thankfully it really doesn't take much to reassure her, and Agnes's grin returns at the comments from the two. "We, uh, we used to go hunting. Never actually shot at something that wasn't an animal, but hey, desperate times, right?" Of course, it's easier to be blase about that when you're not actually facing the situation; but she'll close her eyes and run across that bridge when she comes to it. "And sure, be happy to show you," she adds with another grin, munching contentedly on another of the little snacks.

The talk about knowing and real names earns a confused look from her, but she chimes in helpfully nonetheless: "Yeah, Stephanie's not too bad. Better than Agnes," she notes wryly. "Could go by Stevie. You know, like Stevie Nicks?"

"Little too butch," Gillian(?) says, shaking her head at that suggestion. "If it comes down to it, Stef should work out." But she agrees with the rest, grinning and downing Cheez-Its. "Think I'll crash here another night and then move on my way. Once I make sure Shard knows where to contact us." Maybe someday he'll answer her questions. She'll keep asking them. "At least you and Cardy are easy enough to find." They have locations she can show up at. Whereas she's not sure Shard will.

"And you'll have to show me how to handle that stuff. I'll probably have to buy Devi another box of Cheez-Its before the night is out, too."

Cardinal's nose wrinkles a bit at the suggestion, "Stevie? No, way, way too butch, you're right… and, no offense, but you're anything but butch, babe." A wink behind his shades, and he turns for the stairs, "I'll see you two around, probably. Tell Devi I'll catch her later…"

"Yeah, I guess that's not really very fitting," Agnes is quick to agree, despite it being her suggestion. She offers a little wave to Cardinal as he turns to go. "See you. I'll let her know," she promises, before glancing back to Gillian or Stef or whomever she may be. "Probably don't need to worry about the Cheeze-Its tonight," she grins with a shrug, before finishing off her handful and dusting her hand off on the side of her pyjama bottoms. "Anyway, we'll just need to find a shotgun and somewhere to shoot it, but I kinda don't think that'll be too hard around here." She brushes some hair from her eyes beginning to slide from the arm of the couch. "I'll ask Devi tomorrow maybe. Should probably go try sleeping again, I guess." She doesn't sound too hopeful, but persistence seems to be key.

"You giving a second thought to saying you've already given me that drink, Card?" Gillian says, with a small tease. He's the one who called her babe. She winks, doesn't expect much of an answer, as she adds on, "This couch is comfy, so I'll stick it out down here. Alone." It seems for an instant, that could be an offer. But to which one? "We can group up tomorrow and find a place to practice, though. Sweet dreams," she says, waving fingers at them both.

There's a husky laugh that spills back as Cardinal heads down, glancing over his shoulder briefly, "I always pay my debts. See you in Midtown." Then, he's gone.

Agnes arches an eyebrow as yet another conversation passes over her head. She ponders asking for a moment, but then errs on the side of not being overly nosy with people she's really just met. Back on her feet, she just shrug a shoulder and then nods. "Yeah, that sounds good. I'll catch you tomorrow then." There's a quick grin - she's really almost excited for a chance to shoot again, not to mention maybe proving her worth a little more - and then she turns to trot for the stairs up. "Have a good night!"

Alone with her box of Cheez-Its, Gillian(?) lays back on the leather couch and makes herself cozy, putting her feet up onto the arm and eating a few pieces. An second chance at an interesting life indeed.

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