Mayor Bianco Honors Heroic FBI Agent

NEW YORK — In a private ceremony held alongside members of NYPD and NYPD-SCOUT members and a select collection of agents from the Federal Bureau of investigations, Mayor Bianco awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to FBI Agent Felix Ivanov for outstanding acts of service to the United States of America.

Ivanov, a naturalized Russian citizen has served dutifully as both an NYPD member and later in service to the nation in the Federal Bureau of Investigations. On January 28th, 2009 Felix Ivanov was involved in a fire-fight involving a para-military terrorist organization believed to be responsible for the destruction of the Eagle Electric facility in Queens. Ivanov, who happened upon the scene of the terrorists unloading weapons into the building, was forced into a fire-fight by himself, and managed to fend off the terrorists on his own for nearly a half an hour before an unexpected explosion demolished the Eagle Electric compound, severely wounding Agent Ivanov.

In a written statement, President Nathan Petrelli commented that the "valor and tenacity put forth by Agent Ivanov in a time of crisis is exemplary and represents the finest qualities of American public service." Mayor Bianco also presented Ivanov with the keys to the city, and he is expected to head up a parade highlighting the brave first-responders who rushed to Queens following the collapse of Consolidated Edison and the destruction of Eagle Electric, saving many lives.

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