Mayor's Son Attacked

CHINATOWN - Dr. Salvatore Bianco, 29, son of Mayor Harry Bianco is in serious, but stable condition tonight after a brutal, early-evening attack in Chinatown. Authorities suspect the attackers may be connected to gang activity and that robbery was the motive. Police are searching for suspects and any witnesses to the attack that occurred at approximately 6:45 PM on Monday evening.

A statement released by the Mayor's Office says that the Harry Bianco has gone to his son's bedside and that the family asks for privacy until they are assured their son will recover.

Dr. Bianco is a high-profile Evolved with an ability classified as 'physiological manipulation.' He made waves when he was among the first to go public with his status after the initiation of the Linderman Act. Bianco heads up the prestigious Bianco Clinic in the Upper West Side where he performs scar-less and recovery-free cosmetic surgery procedures for members of New York's elite.

It is not known why Dr. Bianco was in Chinatown.

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