Mayor's Son Murdered

MANHATTAN - Sonny Bianco, son of New York City Mayor Harry Bianco, has been assassinated. Moments after an unidentified assailant fired twice from a motorcycle just 50 feet from the gates of Gracie Mansion, Bianco was pronounced dead by the first medical technicians to arrive on the scene.

By the time police arrived just five minutes later, they were too late to give chase, but already a few descriptions of the attacker are being circulated. Witnesses of the shooting have described a "kind of small" individual in all black on a black motorcycle. He (or she) was wearing a full face helmet - also black. More specific details are currently unavailable.

Sonny was on his way to the airport to serve out a nine month stay in Peru with Doctors Without Borders after enjoying dinner with his family at the time of the shooting. He was 29.

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