Mayor's Son Stirs up Trouble

(This story appears in gossip columns, on a TMZ-type show and other associated types of publications. It's also noted at the end of some news hours as a sort of 'space filler' type of story. The following is how it would appear in the gossip rags)

Well it seems that Mayor Bianco's son isn't always a gentleman. We have exclusive footage of Doctor Sonny Bianco taking a swing at one of New York's finest. A Chief, no less!

(Video cuts to a blurry cell phone video where it looks like a curly haired guy is punching someone, but it's difficult to make out)

Doctor Bianco is an Evolved with the ability to rearrange faces with a touch. But ouch! Looks like he tried to rearrange this guy's face the old fashioned way.

(Cut to an image of Chief Allerdyce with a bloody lip)

Doc Bianco is a surgeon to the stars. He's probably responsible for (and the news announcer goes on to list a bevy of beautiful Hollywood starlets and socialites. It's all just speculation)

Just when the fight was looking bad, stunning Pause editor Nalani Hollingwood stepped in and so did, get this, Italian film seductress Lucrezia Benatti.

(the screen cuts to flattering images of both women)

Those are some very sexy bodyguards. Go, doc. In other news…

(In a serious news broadcast:)

It seems those in high society are not immune to the stress that's bearing down on our city. Last night, Mayor Bianco's son, Doctor Salvatore Bianco was involved in an altercation at a function at the home of City Councilmember Juliet Lee. Witnesses say the two men were involved in a heated argument shortly before Doctor Bianco struck Police Chief Everett Allerdyce. They reported Chief Allerdyce struck Doctor Bianco twice in return before guests intervened.
Doctor Bianco was taken to hospital where it is reported he suffered from a broken nose. Neither man has expressed a desire to press charges and brief statements from both the NYPD and Doctor Bianco's office called the incident 'regrettable.'

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