Mayor's Wife Targeted By Humanis First

MANHATTAN — Shortly after 8:00am, the vehicle of Melinda Bianco, wife of New York City Mayor Harry Bianco, was destroyed in a grenade attack just outside of City Hall. Miss Bianco, who was not present in the vehicle at the time, was immediately rushed to safety. Eye witnesses claim that a young man in the morning crowd lobbed the grenade beneath the vehicle and then ran off. The explosion destroyed the two cars adjacent to miss Bianco's vehicle. Fifteen bystanders on scene suffered minor injuries and were treated at St. Luke's Hospital and released later in the day.

NYPD Comissioned Karen Lau, in a statement delivered to the press later that evening, claim that the NYPD currently has no leads in the investigation into the bombing, however sources close to the New York Times claim that Humanis First websites are claiming responsibility for the attack, and declare that it is a warning to Mayor Bianco for his son's outspoken pro-evolved status.

This attack comes just weeks following a pro-evolved rally in Central Park, where Sonny Bianco spoke to a crowd of thousands.

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