Mayoral Election Results
Date February 15, 2010
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NEW YORK, New York — In what has been the most dragged out and scandalous political campaign in recent history, the Mayoral campaign of New York City that started back in 2009 has finally been resolved. When Polls opened today the initial results seemed surprising, with Jennifer Chesterfield pulling an early lead over her opponents Marcus Donovan and Sylvia Lockheart. With only a small percentage of the voting districts in however, it became clear that the damage done to the Chesterfield campaign from that 11th hour scandal that roused suspicions of the Chesterfield family's connections to the Pinehearst Company and her daughter Catherine's ties to the terrorist organization PARIAH were greater than imagined.

By 6:00pm it was clear that short of a miracle, Jennifer Chesterfield would not be winning the election. With nearly double the votes, a neck and neck race between Sylvia Lockheart and Marcus Donovan ensued. and their total vote counts were seperated by only a few hundred ballots in either direction.

When polls closed at 10:00pm and all districts reporting in on the voting, it is by a slim margin that New York City was able to successfully announce that Republican candidate Sylvia Lockheart won the mayoral seat for New York City. After a brief phone conversation congratulating Lockheart on her victory, Marcus Donovan was otherwise unable for comment, though his campaign office has stated that Donovan "is not out of the political arena yet, by any stretch."

At 10:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Sylvia Lockheart was officially declared the new mayor of New York City, taking over for the overdue retirement of New York's long-time mayor Harry Bianco.

It is expected that the people of New York City will be talking about this election for several years to come, and that it will go down in the history books as one of the most memorable competitions set against the tragic backdrop of New York City's effort to rebuild in the era after the bomb.

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