Me Or Him


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Scene Title Me or Him
Synopsis Elle and Lola have a talk
Date October 18, 2010

Lola's Apartment

Lola has been less than pleased for the past day or so. She and Elle need to have a talk. She's already crushed up some sort of strange black ash and tossed it into a pot on the stove. A spell, of course - a Santeria curse. There are a few candles going. Lola is wearing jeans, a white tank top with a gun tucked in the back as she does this.

"Threaten me ya smug bastard. I got what Ah needed from ya, an soon as Ah can Ah'm sendin' you ta hell. Every damn scar on mah body is yer fault…." she grumbles a bit, picking up a little bell and ringing it. Yes, her Santeria rituals can be a little strange. At least this one doesn't involve any dead animals.

Elle has been relaxing back in the bedroom, stretched out on the bed with her arms behind her head. She's been relaxing, reflecting on what she said in Cardinal's presence last night that she really didn't mean to say. She's still fairly embarrassed by what she said to him last night, and she's quite unsure of how she's going to handle their next meeting.

She hears Lola mumbling in the kitchen, raising to her feet. She's barefoot, wearing jeans and a green t-shirt with several weapons displayed; it says 'In the Event of a Zombie Uprising, Remember to Sever the Head'. The redhead peeks her head into the kitchen, her brows raised. "Who has you pissed off, Miss Lola?"

Lola glances back over her shoulder, tossing…is that a chicken's foot… into the little stew. That completed, she lets it simmer, a strange, rich smell, though not entirely unpleasant. She turns to look at Elle, but she still seems a little edgy.

"Ya still feckin' that Mortimer Jack, sugar?" Lola asks. She doesn't quite like Elle's new look - it's just not her but whatever. She's got bigger fish to fry. And bigger chicken's feet. She leans back, against the counter and lights a cigarette, watching Elle curiously as she awaits an answer.

Elle's brows raise a bit, the girl leaning against the counter as she peers thoughtfully over at Lola. "I…/don't know. I'm still trying to figure him out, I think." She tilts her head to one side. "He's nice, and I have a tattoo with his name on it on my hip, though I haven't let him see it since I was…you know." She tilts her head to one side. "He kissed me. I don't know how to feel about him. Why?"

"Does he know where ya live? Cause, ya know. He's gonna try an turn me over ta the folks tryin' ta kill me cause I…well we been tasked with killin' his Locos. He thinks it's….wrong or somethin." She lifts her fingers to put air-quotes around the words 'wrong'. "Sure, he done kilt a whole buildin' full a…well some innocent people. Made mah life hell. But Ah get hired ta do some killin of his mess an he can' have it. Elle if ya see him any more…we're gonna have a problem." She leans against the counter, shaking her head. "Not a bad one, but…ya've been the only person Ah could done call mah friend, but if yer tryin' so hard ta love him then…well, ya see it from my point a view, dontcha sug? Besides, yer spozed ta be helpin me kill 'em."

Elle blinks a few times, her brows raised as she peers quietly at Lola. "Wait— what?" Her brows raise. "Warren's threatening you?" She frowns, leaning back a bit further to peer toward the taller woman. "Why would he do that? And no, he doesn't know where I live. He doesn't even have my phone number." She frowns. "I'm going to have a talk with him…if he's threatening you…" She sighs. "What exactly did he say? Word for word."

Lola shakes her head, exhaling. "Either that he'll do the killin' a me his self or he'll make sure the folks what want me dead know where Ah am. They know Ah'm alive, dumb fuck that yer Mortimer Jack is, but…" She exhales again, and shakes her head. "Ain no reason ta suspect he wouldn' say the same ta you, sugar. Yer helpin me with his people. Besides, wouldn' be the first time. Second time we met was you comin' ta me, askin' fer help in killin' Mortimer Jack after he done tied ya down an tortured you with a…wassit called? Tesla Coil? that's a thing, right?"

That one is new, and the shock of it prompts Elle's jaw to slacken. "Nobody told me that." She frowns, tensing a bit. "…I don't…I'm going to talk to him first, but…I don't really think I'm into him." She frowns, turning to peer at the ground. "I might just kill him anyhow, if he's going to be a threat. I don't appreciate people threatening my friends." Suddenly, she's scowling.

Suddenly the look on Lola's face is…different. Softer. Maybe that's what she looked like years ago, before her mother's murder, before prison, before Daniel Linderman and Mortimer Jack and Kain Zarek. Disbelief and surprise and…something else that is too close to a real emotion to even name. "Ah'm sorry Ah didn' tell ya, sugar. Truth be told, with all a this goin' on, it slipped mah mind. When we met, you an me, Mortimer Jack was still crazy an ya'll were datin. Ya pulled me aside an asked if Ah knew how ta get away from him, if ya ever needed to. Next time Ah saw ya, he'd done tortured ya. Didn' even occur ta me that ya didn' remember. Ah'm awful sorry, sugar." She pulls the cigarette from her mouth, glancing down. "Ah…expected ya ta run off ta him soon as it came down ta this 'him or me' sorta thing. Ah'm…surprised ya ain."

Elle frowns. "No…nobody has told me anything about him. All I know is that he and I used to date, and that he's still stuck on me. You know, the real me. Not…this." She gestures at her form, which is still so unfamiliar to her. "Richard says he has some things I wrote about him, but he said I wanted to form my own opinion about him before reading it again. I don't think I like him, if that's the case. But then…"

She shakes her head, and pulls up her shirt to show the tattoo that graces the curve of her hip, on her abdomen. It's a gear, with what seems to be unintelligible writing 'engraved' into it. Close examination reveals that it's a mirrored text, simply written so it reads properly in a mirror. "Why the hell would I get a tattoo of that son of a bitch?

Lola leans forward, peering - not leering- at the tattoo. "Why does anybody is mah question," Lola says as she sits back. "Maybe ya got it afore ya'll..ya know. Started tryin' ta kill each other. Beats me, really. Ah just know what ya told me. An…well Ah ain' got friends, Elle. Just you, so ah promise Ah ain' gonna lie ta ya." She shrugs again, snuffing out her cigarette. "Ah'm sorry if this is hard fer ya, sugar. Ah don' want it ta be."

"Is anything ever easy?" Elle offers a weak smile. "I'll speak to him. If I can't get any ground as Madison…I can certainly get ground when I fucking zap him into a wall." Her fingers crackle oh-so-briefly, before she leans back, sighing. "I did something stupid yesterday. I had this moment where, like…I had tourettes or something. I couldn't control what I was saying. Like…I lost my ability to inner monologue." She tilts her head toward Lola.

"I pretty much said, 'HEY RICHARD, guess what, I have a secret crush on you that I will never act on'. And…yeah. I don't expect anything, but I don't know how I can even look him in the face now. I really didn't care to let him know about that." Elle frowns. "Now he must think I'm some crazy stalker or something, when I really don't even want to act on the little attraction thing."

"Aw hunny," Lola laughs a little, shaking her head. "Dicky Cardinal's one a them classic heart-breakers. Well he would be if anyone went 'round offerin' hearts to 'im. It's a pretty dangerous business though. Still, he's available - why doncha just sack 'im and get it out of your system?" That's what Lola does. Not often, but enough. He's like her other period. "Seems like you an Ah ain' had good luck with men anyway, recently. Maybe we oughta try J-Date or somethin,"

She goes back to the stove, stirring her concoction. "Listen, sugar. Ah don' wanna sound crazy but, lemme know when yer goin' ta talk ta Mortimer Jack? Ah can' be there - it would make talkin pretty impossible. But Ah kin cover ya from the windows. Though ya really oughta talk ta old Dicky afore ya do that - apparently Mortimer Jack needs ta stay alive another month or two. After that, we kin do whatever we want to 'im. And officially, we're off the locos." Officially is in air-quotes.

"That's why I didn't even want to say anything. It was weird though, I felt like I couldn't stop myself from saying exactly what was on my mind." She sighs softly, tilting her head. "Maybe I will try, if I can ever stand to look him in the face again. It was so awkward last night, I just…left." Elle shrugs. "Who knows. I hear OK Cupid is pretty good.

The offer for assistance prompts the woman to blink. "I— if you you want to cover me, that would be…nice." She smiles faintly. "If I can bring myself to even talk to Richard, I'll speak to him…but really, I just plan on telling him what's up." She pushes off the counter, moving around Lola to open the fridge.

"Ah kin talk ta him if ya like. Dicky, Ah mean. Listen, sug, livin' here means a few things. We're the assets Cardinal can' really put on his payroll. He's gone out on limbs fer both of us, that means whatever we do, we oughta run it by him first." Lola moves out the way of the fridge, climbing atop the counter and sitting there, swinging her legs a little. "If ya want, until ya both kin get down an do the nasty, Ah'll talk ta Cardinal. But…ugh. Ah really wanna kill that little shit." Mortimer Jack, of course.

"Either way, a course, Ah will cover ya. S'what roomies do, right?"

Elle nods slowly. What Lola doesn't know is that she'll be having a talk with Warren first, in private. She's not scared of him. She knows she's dangerous. She knows he's dangerous. She also knows how Warren feels for who she really is. And if it comes down to it, she'll have the second talk, with Lola covering her from a window.

"If you could talk to Richard, I'd appreciate it." Elle pulls out a soda, cracking it open and slurping some down.

"Alright, sug," Lola agrees, pushing off the counter. "Ah'll talk ta him tonight or first thing tomorrow. In the mean time, ah'd best get goin," She pulls on an Old Navy sweater. "Ah got a fellah ta see 'bout of a set of IDs. Which reminds me - ya been able ta hook up with yer plastic surgeon yet? At the very least, mama could use a new set a prints." She pulls on the sweater, covering the gun she wears with it.

"I'll get the price for you as soon as I can." Elle smiles faintly, leaning against the counter. "Get it with the name Madison Cole. I don't need Registration papers. Just a social security number that will fool the folks at Registration into thinking I was born Madison Cole. This is a good alternate identity to have, and since I know where that fucker lives…" She frowns. "I'll talk to Julius for you."

"Thanks sugar. Be safe, alright? Ah won' be gone long." With that, Lola undoes the locks on the door and steps outside, pulling her sweater tight. "Christ, colder than a piglet's tit 'round here, don know how ya damn Yankees stand it," she mutters as she makes her way out the door. She is just so very charming, that one.

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