Meat Market


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Scene Title Meat Market
Synopsis Three people go shopping, but don't find much to buy.
Date February 16, 2009

Staten Island Street Market, Staten Island

Staten Island's street market has set up in an abandoned building today, because the wind's just too cold to stay outside. Homemade signs with big letters and arrows point the way in. Once inside, the market is much like a flea market, except with more food and less knick-knacks.

Through the crowded market stumps a man with an uncanny resemblance to Hugh Jackman, hand in hand with Jezebel. He's looking around, coat collar turned up against the cold, and with the general air of 'Put-upon-boyfriend' projecting from every pore.

Even no-necked thugs have to eat. Charlie is walking through thr market, plastic bag in hand, and has just tucked some apples into it. Spying Jezebel, he squints at her and her companion. The girl seems familiar, anyway. Another minute and he might recall her.

Jezebel coaxes her companion. "Come on, you said you wanted to eat. That means vegetables, preferably fresh. Haven't you heard the gospel according to Gordon Ramsey? Besides, I know this great pseudo-Thai thing to make, if we can get fresh broccoli."

Tony perks up a bit, "Thai is good." he admits, "And yeah… fresh is good. It's just… you know… I ain't settled in hereabouts just yet."

Charlie squints again; alright, now he can place her. The girl from the park with the carousel. He lumbers over that way, glancing between her and Tony. "He doesn't look like a Sergei," he rumbles.

Jezebel perks up. Since she knows exactly one thug with no neck, placing Charlie is easy. "Hi, Charlie! How have you been? This is my friend Tony. Tony, this is Charlie, someone I met while looking for Sergei."

Tony grunts a little, and then shoves out a hand towards the other man, "Hey there. You've not seen him either, then?"

"Nope," Charlie tells Tony and Jezebel with a big shrug. His shrugs are big by default. "Search isn't working out so well, huh? You been getting bothered at all?"

Jezebel sourly replies, "I have a bad feeling Sergei's friends are working their way up to pestering me again. With my luck, they'll want a guided tour of the Rookery. So far, I've been okay, because I've stayed out of the Rookery and have stayed out of the beach bars after dark."

Tony grunts, "Well…. I guess it's nice he was liked so much, but… yeah, I gotta say, I'm not hopeful."

Charlie nods. "Uh huh. What kind of friends are we talking about? Friends, or friends with the little finger quotes?"

Jezebel answers, "No, they really do like him and want to help him. They just don't seem comfy with being out here. Where they got the idea that I know everything that goes on around here, I don't know."

Tony's lips twitch into a faint smile, "Well, mostly because you do. And you've got this whole, mysterious geek, thing going on. It's really attention grabbing."

Charlie's lips quirk up into a smirk. "Way to work a line in there, buddy," he tells Tony.

Jezebel tells Tony, "Flatterer. I do not know everything that goes on out here. Worse, only engineers get to be geeks."

Tony waves a hand, "Geeks, nerds…. It's all… you know… geek to me." He squeezes the womans hand, in what appears to be affection.

Charlie rolls his eyes a little. "Right. I'll just be leaving now and leaving you two to it. Stay off the streets at night." Which is maybe a little odd coming from him, but whatever.

Jezebel squeezes Tony's hand as she tells Charlie, "Thanks, I will. Take care, Charlie."

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