Meet Your Fellow Dinu


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Scene Title Meet Your Fellow Dinu
Synopsis Nicolas meets Miles who asks for computer help then Huruma and Roselyn show up.
Date January 27, 2009

Carmichael Manor - Basement

There is has a hidden doorway that can be accessed via a narrow alley around the back. The door is protected by a keypad and only faintly lit. The basement is all old, exposed brick. The floor is poured cement with practical, yet high quality area rugs. There's a cluster of comfortable sofas, a large LCD TV and a Nintendo Wii. There are a set of mats in one corner and several pieces of state-of-the-art exercise equipment. The space is large, cavernous almost - though with low ceilings and a faintly musky scent. There's also a row of lockers and an expensive-looking antique billiard table with carved wooden legs. One corner of the room holds what looks like a storage room, but with very secure, metal reinforced walls and a heavy locking mechanism on the door.

Hiding out in the basement with other members of their 'secret faction' is the infamous bodysnatcher, Miles. The TV is on, as soon as the door opens the sound of comical fighting can be heard, and it's VERY LOUD. Standing infront of the huge TV with a Wii nunchuck in his hand is Miles, whom is dancing around as he plays Super Mario Smashbros. He of course, is playing Pikachu and he is fighting against Bowser. Bowser does a big attack and demolishes the rest of Pikachu's life, and then the 'You Lose' in big red letters appears accompanied by the voice telling you what it says on the screen. Miles looks flustered, he sighs, dropping his arms down to his sides,"I give up." He then tries to throw the remote down to the floor, but he forgot to unstrap it from his wrist so it sling shots right back at him hitting him in the knee cap. "OW!"

The sound of the keypad unlocking the door may be heard if the television wasn't turned up so high and Nicolas steps into the room, closing the door behind him. He looks around and spots Miles just in time to watch him get attacked by the Wii controller. He chuckles softly to himself before he makes his way to the pool table, taking out the rack from it's storage spot, glancing back towards Miles. "Better watch out. Those controllers are dangerous. They've killed a number of TVs."

Miles dances around, hopping on one leg now as he holds his other leg. Turning his attention toward Nicolas, rolling his eyes he shakes his head and says sarcastically,"Ha ha. Funny." He grumbles and then reaches down to take off the Wii controller, but instead of throwing it at the floor, he throws it onto a sofa. "Uhm… I'm Miles… oh… secret code word… uh.. Namasake? … No? .. Namaru? Yeah that's it. Namaru!" He smirks at that.

Nicolas laughs softly and as he looks back towards the man. "Nice to meet you, Miles. I'm Nicolas." He says as he sets the rack down on the pool table and offers the man a hand. "Just kinda joined the gang a week or so ago."

Miles nods his head agreeingly,"Yeah. We're both kinda new around here… " He smirks a bit sheepishly at Nicolas, tilting his head to the side slightly,"Y'know? Rupe said I should meet some people, he specifically mentioned you as one of those people, something about you being the tech wizard and that I should perhaps learn a little something?" He shrugs his shoulders helplessly. "I guess I could see where knowing how to work a computer would be a good thing… You're /that/ Nicolas right? The one that Rupe was telling me about?"

Nicolas smirks and nods. "Yeah, I'd be that Nicolas." He says with a chuckle. "Yeah. I'm pretty handy with a computer. What exactly are you looking to learn? How to use one or something more…advanced?"

Huruma has arrived.

Miles grins sheepishly, moving over to the pool table and turning to sit on the edge of it, he says to Nicolas,"Probably something a little more advanced. I know how to turn a computer on and I know how to use spreadsheet and stuff. I know how to use some business-type applications, but I think that as for what I need to learn is simply how to retrieve data and cover up my tracks? You think you can teach me how to do that?"

Nicolas smiles and nods. "I'm sure I could. Though I haven't really had to use a computer for that stuff in a while, but I can help you with that." He says before he moves to the pool sticks and looks them over. "When did you have in mind?" He asks as he picks out a stick.

"Right now is good? But uh.. If you rather play a game of pool first?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, giving Nicolas a curious look. He slides off the table to his feet and turns around to face Nicolas. "The sooner the better is what I'm thinking. Whenever you got some free time. Basically, I'd like to learn how to break into secure personal computers or intranets through technical miens, if you catch my drift. For the sake of Shedda Dinu of course, if I should ever need to do something like that. You know?"

Nicolas shakes his head as he puts back the pool cue and looks to Miles. "It's not really that simple. It's not something that can be learned in a few hours. It took me a few years before I was able to hack into secure places. Where are you trying to get into if I can ask?"

"Get into? No where right now. I just figured it'd be a useful skill, really. And well, I don't think we have years, maybe we can just stick to the basics?" He shrugs his shoulders helplessly. "And I didn't imagine it'd just be a few hours, but maybe a few weeks, if that's possible." Miles moves around the table toward the rack with the pool sticks, he looks them over and then takes one that he likes.

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah. I can teach you the basics of hacking." He says with a grin, but I don't think I can teach you everything. Gotta make myself useful somehow." He says with a grin. He looks back to the television, focusing on it. A few seconds later, the television changes to a music station and Nicolas looks back to the cues, picking up the one he had chosen earlier.

"Of course, we'll leave the more advanced stuff to you, but it'd be nice to know the basics, to get the jist of it, you know? So we could do a little field work if needed." He shrugs his shoulders again, smirking deviously,"We're thinking along the lines of breaking into passworded personal computers and the like. Perhaps you've got some device or maybe a program that could do that?"

In the cold of the background, the telltale, short chimes of the keypad outside can be heard through the tiny slits around the door. Again the door opens, making a small hiss of air as it is pushed open and the weather outside makes a valiant attempt at getting inside.

Whether or not it actually is, Huruma is regarding this as her first instance here; her white eyes sweep over the interconnected parts of the basement, and her figure seems to slide through the doorway rather than stroll inward. The door shuts behind Huruma with a heavy sound against the wall, and the reflecting winter light at her back disappears and leaves her fully visible again. At least, as visible as wearing black can make you. From the precarious heels of her boots to the leather straps buckled across the front of her top underneath the half-zippered coat- the color matches that of ink and the short hair plastered against her skull in a classy sweep.

It is not hard for Huruma to find the men with her eyes, and when they do fall there- both lids narrow slightly and the eyebrows above them arch further upwards at the edges. It is almost a questioning look, and her darkened lips have yet to open in speech.

Nicolas looks to Miles and nods. "Yeah, I did back in the day. There are different programs that you can use. One, is a brute force generator. It tries multiple passwords until it finds one that works. It's reliable, but slow. Another is a password sniffer, looks for the passwords, if any, that are stored on a system. Another is a key logger. Logs the keystrokes of a computer and sends a log to you. Most use Trojins or back doors."

Miles nods to Nicolas acknowledgingly saying,"Cool. Well, perhaps that'd be the easier method until we can learn more." He shrugs his shoulders, then glances toward the door as yet another person enters. He tilts his head to the side, grinning cheesily at Huruma, he looks back to Nicolas,"Pardon." He then moves over toward Huruma, carrying that pool stick with him, in his cocky, peverse manner he greets her,"Hey there big black and beautiful. I remember you from the bar, that meeting with the Rupester." He leans his weight on that pool stick.

Huruma watches Miles approach with a squint in her eyes, one hand moving to her coat zipper and slipping it undone. That narrowed look doesn't seem to wane even as he stops and leans on that pool cue. A short, agitated breath escapes though her nose, and the woman purses her lips before sidestepping Miles to walk past him- but, not without catching the bottom of the stick with the toe of her leather boot in order to knock it out from under him.

Nicolas nods his head. "Yeah. I think it'll be a good idea to work with that. I don't need programs anymore, so it'd be easier for you." He says with a smirk. "Sure. No problem." He tells Miles as he looks towards the direction he's going. He sets his cue against the wall and starts to rack.

Miles watches Huruma in silence as she walks past him, the entire time he's just giving her this big, broad, cheesy grin…. And then over topples Miles as that pool stick is knocked out from underneath him. UMPH!

Miles lands on his side, he grumbles irritably and then quickly scrambles back up to his feet and straightens out his clothes, then acts like nothing happened by sticking his chin in the air and heading back over to the pool table. He mutters to Nicolas quietly,"She might be cute, but she's mean."

Well, it is certainly one way to do things around here. Huruma saunters on past the fallen Miles, dropping her dark coat over the arm of one of the sofas and only then passing a look to where Miles has gone, catching Nicholas in her gaze towards him. Still with her eyes on those two on the further side of the room, Huruma seems to decide that perhaps it would do her better to not reprimand so abruptly. They never learn otherwise, but still.

The tall woman seems at home in this space under the mansion; Huruma is high enough to have to duck around at least one hanging light, but slow enough in her approach of the pool table that it gives off a feeling of her sidling around her lair. She cuts behind Nicholas first, eyeing him without much reserve. This is the first time they've met for long, and Huruma wastes no time in giving her critical observation.

Maybe a velvety snip, too. "…Do you know if'e is always like that?" A question, for Nicholas, about Miles. And in front of him, no less.

Nicolas chuckles and looks to Miles. "Maybe you're just attracted to the violent and mean ones?" He asks as he looks back to Huruma. "Or you're just not her type." He says with a shrug as he removes the rack and places it back in it's spot before he heads back to pick up his cue stick. He looks to Huruma as she speaks to him. He looks to Miles for a moment before he looks back to her and shrugs. "I wouldn't know. I just met him."

Miles closes one eye, giving Nicolas a funny look and then shrugs. "Well, she is kind of hot in that 'kick your ass' kind of way, isn't she?" He smirks at Nicolas sheepishly, then takes a more serious look as Huruma approaches and he tilts his head to the side slightly, watching her intently. He grins as she asks Nicolas about him, he then shakes his head in disbelief,"If you want to get to know me better, all you have to do is go out on a date with me, sweetheart." He smiles broadly at that, giving her one of those 'would you just like to knock my teeth down my throat?' looks.

Nicolas laughs and shrugs. "I don't know. She's not my type really." He says with a chuckle as he looks at her before he looks back to Miles. "She's all yours." He says with a chuckle. "I have my eye on someone else." He says with a smile.

Roselyn has arrived.

Huruma appears to be content with circling around the pool table once, watching and listening to the two as she does so. If their talking bothers her or not, she does not make it aware. When she stops near the rear of the table, the dark woman adopts a small lift to her upper lip, and the edge of her nose wrinkles against her cheek.

When Huruma speaks now, her hands have found places on her hips, and the lift in her features shows off a sneering, sharp flash of ivory at Miles. "Tell me, boy, wha'd'you know abou'th'praying mantis?" Huruma's chin tilts to the side, with narrowed white eyes up above.

"Oh yeah?" Miles smirks, tilting his head to the side slightly, giving Nicolas a curious look,"And who might that be?" He moves around the pool table, looking at the neatly triangled balls. "You going to break ….er… The praying what?" He tilts his head to the side slightly, giving Huruma a funny look.

Nicolas smiles and chuckles at Huruma's question to Miles. He looks to the woman before he looks back to Miles. "She's a chick I know. Been getting to know her for a while. Went out to dinner once." He says with a smile before he shakes his head. "Naw, I racked. You break." He says before he looks back to Huruma.

Click, click, click. Huruma's boots make small echoes over the concrete as she steps around Miles, pausing behind him. "Thirty percent o'th'time, th'female eats his head when they mate-" She lifts a hand, perching it on the side of the pool table and leaning there beside Miles, leering down at his face. "-devours him alive." The dark woman takes unusual care in saying this, a smile playing at her lips, and a growl under her smooth voice. "And there is one species tha'demands she do so." Huruma pauses now, eyes narrowed again.

"Feelin' lucky, punk?"

Roselyn walks to the house and puts the code in the door before stepping inside. She walks into the basement and looks around the room. "So is this where we meet?" she asks with a smile asking the people standing at the pool table not noticing that Nicolas is over at the pool table yet.

Miles moves to the end of the table, preparing to start the pool game when Huruma approaches him, he takes a step back, lifting his chin up slightly to try and match her height the best he can which seems fruitless at a glance. He grins at her sheepishly,"Whatever you say, Dirty Harry." He chuckles jokingly.

Miles leans forward like he's going to take the shot, but then pulls back again, looking over at Huruma then at Nicolas and says,"You know, that's actually a fantasy of mine, to die during sex.. I haven't done that one yet." He winks at Huruma and then leans in to knock the cue ball into the others as powerfully as he can, sending the balls scattering all over the table.

Nicolas chuckles as he waits for Miles to take his shot and nods. "Yeah. I think that's a fantasy shared by very few." He says with a smirk before he hears Roselyn's voice. His smirk turns into a smile as he looks at the woman. "Hey Rose." He says with a wave. "Yup. This is where we meet." He says, leaning his cue stick against the wall and moves over to Roselyn, giving her a hug.

Her teeth are there as Huruma smiles this time, a sharp gesture, but obviously amused. If you let her make all the social moves, you're more likely to get on her good side. Huruma has a natural aversion to playboys and tools, you see. "We shall see abou'that." Whether that is an allusion into yes, or a sarcastic no, is up in the air.

As Roselyn enters and greets them with a question, she gets a cursory glance- but seeing as the two work at Lucy's, chances are that they have had plenty of time to meet, and there has been likewise time for Huruma to commit her to personal memory.

Roselyn smiles when she sees Nicolas, "Hey! I didn't know you were here." she says looking at him. She hugs him back when he hugs her, "How are you doing hun?" she asks looking up to him.

Miles glances in Rosie's direction momentarily before turning his attention back to Huruma with a sly grin plastered across his face. "I bet you'd like to see that." He stands upright from the table, this time he holds his pool stick next to him but he doesn't lean on it. He tilts hish ead to the side,"Aren't you the bouncer at Old Lucy's? So you know how to like, kick and punch and stuff right? Maybe you could teach me some of that crazy kung fu." He says as he reaches over to place a hand on Huruma's shoulder.

Nicolas smiles as he pulls away from the hug, keeping an arm around her waist. He looks to Miles. "This is the girl I was just telling you about." He says to the man before he looks back to Roselyn. "I'm doing good. Thought I'd come here and meet some of the team."

He knows that she is. Why would he ask such a silly thing? Oh, right. Kick and Punch. And stuff. It's when Miles crosses the line and tries to touch her that he plucks that thin wire.

Huruma's lip curls into a growl, flashing tips of sharp white teeth. When his hand moves just close enough, the woman quickly lifts her own to try and grab him by the wrist, to promptly twist his arm backwards. Don't touch her. Huruma's grip is likely to be a steel vice, and having large hands and that strong build will serve to only make it a thousand times worse.

Roselyn smiles, "Looks like we had the same idea." she says before she looks up to Nicolas, "You were talking about me?" she says a little confsed, "What were you saying?" she asks looking into Nicolas' eyes.

Well, Miles would answer Rosie's question, but he's kind of busy being man-handled by Huruma whom is about to rip his arm out of it's socket! Miles is spun around as his wrist is grabbed and his arm is twisted about. His feet tap dance on the floor as he squeels,"Ow ow ow ow ow!" He scrunches up his nose,"Yeah, teach me how to do that!"

Nicolas smiles to Roselyn and shrugs. "Just tellin' him that I had my eye on someone." He says with a chuckle. "Nothing big." He grins and looks towards Huruma as she bitch-fu's on Miles, his eyes widen a bit. "Oh great. I think you just made him fall in love." He says with a joking tone in his voice.

If this were any other time, now would be the moment where Huruma might lean in and bite into his neck with those sharp teeth. But, it isn't those times. It takes a visible tensing to not do it, and somehow she manages. Instead, the woman leans forward to purr into Miles' ear, touching on that set of emotions that sinks out of him.

"I see tha'I need t'teach you better, tha'is for certain…" Huruma's breath is hot on what skin it does touch. Does she mean with these moves, or teaching him to fear her more than he does right now? Probably both. Miles will learn eventually, hopefully.

Roselyn smiles, "Oh really. So you have your eye on me now? Sounds kinky." she says jokingly. When she hears the man saying 'ow' she turns and looks then starts laughing, "Now that is the very reason you do not piss off a woman, or touch her if she doesn't want to be touched." she says with a grin. She turns to Nicolas, "Don't worry hun. I wouldn't do that to you, just for future references." she says looking at him.

Miles smirks sheepishly, still trying to work his way out of her grasp, but it's a fruitless attempt. "Really? You will? Awesome!" He exclaims, he turns his head to look at her the best he can and says,"Okay, you can let go now…. "

Nicolas smiles as he looks back to Roselyn, the pool game forgotten. "Yeah, what can I say? You grew on me." He says with a chuckle. He smiles at her and nods. "Good. I think that would hurt." He says, looking back to Miles and Huruma.

There is another echo of a growl in Miles' ear before Huruma decides to release him. She saunters back around to the other side of the table again, almost like a cat that might be thinking about going back for a second try. "…One o'th'reasons tha'I am with you all in th'first'place is to make you better militia… I shoul'do my job, no?" At the end of this her jaw clicks shut again, the sound of which reverberates across the felt-covered table.

Roselyn smiles, "Well that is good to know." she says looking at Nicolas. She looks to the others by the pool table and laughs again. "So you any good at pool?" she asks Nicolas turning and looking at him.

Miles continues to grin cheesily, standing upright and rolling his arm around for a second, massaging his wrist. "Okay, so where do we sign up at?" He looks over at Nicolas and Rosie,"I don't know about these two, but I'm ready to start learning some kung fu fighting."

Nicolas laughs and shrugs. "I'm okay." He says to Roselyn before he looks to Huruma. "We appreciate all you do." He says to her before he looks to Miles. "Don't get hurt too bad."

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Yeah. I bet your just saying that, just like you said you were 'Okay' at Bowling." she says with a grin. "So when do you want to get together on another date?

There is a moment, as a teacher, that Huruma debates between teaching the method of a fight and having actual lessons, or teaching by example and simply leaping across the pool table at Miles right now. Both would work, right? Perhaps the latter less so.

"I will jus'remember who needs it most…" When it comes to signing up for anything.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Yeah. I bet your just saying that, just like you said you were 'Okay' at Bowling." she says with a grin. "So when do you want to get together on another date? I'll pay." she says as she looks up to Nicolas. She turns to Huruma, "Hi. I'm Roselyn. Just so you know, I will definitely need more training. I'm not that great of a fight, although my ability does give me some protection." she says to Huruma

Miles nods his head agreeingly to Huruma. He then looks at his watch and then looks around at the others. "Well, I will have to keep in touch with you two." He says looking to Nicolas and Huruma specifically, then he smiles at Rosie,"It was nice meeting you.. kind of." He grins, then offers a wave as he moves toward the door,"I need to get going. See you all around. Take care." He pushes the door open and slips out, the door slams shut behind him.

Miles has left.

Nicolas offers a wave to Miles as he heads out before he moves over to the pool table and leans against it. "Even though I don't know the guy, I feel like I should apologize for him on behalf of all men everywhere."

Huruma lifts her attention to Roselyn first, glancing to Miles as he moves to depart. "I know who you are. But no'what you do." She finally answers Roselyn, tone smooth and eyes turning to Nicholas. "It woul'no'hurt." Her lips purse for a second as she leans her thigh into the pool table. "Though I've met worse."

Roselyn looks at Huruma, "I can phase. So that helps me out in the end in a way." she says to Humura. She turns to Nicolas and smiles. "So you never answered me. When do you want to go out again? I'll pay, I don't mind." she says offering a wink to Nicolas.

Nicolas smiles as he nods to Huruma. "Okay." He says before he looks to Roselyn. "Sorry. How about this weekend?" He asks her and smiles. "I'll pay again." He says with a wink.

Roselyn smiles, "It's okay hun. No need to apologize. But yeah, this weekend sounds perfect. I'll be free, just let me know the time, and date. Okay babe if you really want to." she says with a grin. "You get to pick the place as well." she says with a sly smile.

Nicolas smiles and nods. "Yup. It'll be an official date." He says with a grin before he looks at her. "I'll figure out a good place to go." He says with a smile.

Roselyn smiles, "Okay. Sounds really good. I can't wait." she says looking at him, "I'll make sure I dress extra nice." she says with a wink. "Just give me a call." she says with a grin.

Nicolas smiles and nods. "Okay. Will do." He says as he pushes off the pool table and picks up his cue stick. "How about a game?" He asks with a grin.

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