Meeting Again


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Scene Title Meeting Again
Synopsis Dong-Tian and Sparrow run into each other in Chinatown after her return to the city.
Date March 24, 2011


Lit by a swarming sea of headlights, street lamps, neon signs and interior lighting, the bustling Canal Street Market is packed shoulder to shoulder and moves to an urban pulse. Amidst the tight crowds of residents and visitors, it would be hard to see that New York had collapsed in on itself in this cross-section. Spared as much as it could be after the explosion, Chinatown had endured as a pillar of New York City, and its refusal to succumb to the collapse of the other burroughs around it only contributed to the surge of population and interest here after the rebuilding began.

It is within all of this play of lights on the dark streets where that strong facade begins to show its structural cracks. A district so small can hardly sustain the some two-hundred and fifty-thousand residents, piled upon with transients seeking shelter, the unaccounted for displaced housed in local homeless shelters, and the thousands of visitors that pass through each and every day. There simply isn't enough Chinatown to go around, and in the face of more pressing reconstruction, the condition of this portion of the city has begun to continue a slow decline in the years following the bomb. Potholes line the market's street, pieces of broken sidewalk litter the curbsides, and the facades of so many buildings have begun to take on the look of post-bomb New York that so many other regions had assumed. No place in new York was truly spared, some just didn't know they were wounded yet.

A fist lays in heavily to the man's lips.

The blonde man's head whips after the steady smack of flesh cracking against flesh thuds out dully. Blood speckles out onto the back of the man's hand. Before it's turned rapidly, a backhand delivering a follow up strike. Blood shoots out of the torn up lip and tongue. Flapping his hand after the strike Dong-tian glares at the man being held against the wall. Bringing up his hand he blows down on his knuckles. A middle aged blonde man struggles to keep himself upright before him, even with the support of two men on either side of him.

The Chinatown alleyway may get eyes, but most know to look ahead and keep walking. If you're in Chinatown you don't mess with the Triad. Dong-tian looks down at the blonde, snarling some. "Get him out of here. Remember Donald. Three days. If we don't have our money, we will meet again." The Chinese man reaches up to push his sunglasses back on the brim of his nose. As usual the man is immaculately dressed. The enforcer dips his chin to the other two gangsters holding up the blonde man. Dong-tian waves his hand in dismissal. Adjusting his sleek black suit jacket. Looking down, one brow arches delicately. A spatter of red liquid has found itself on the white shirt under his jacket. A snarl is doled out as he clips his way out of the alleyway, opposite of his comrades and the cheap skate.

It's late afternoon, the weather is cool. But at least the sun is out today, piercing through the very few clouds that have populated the sky. Dong-tian straightens his jacket as he strolls out onto the busy city street, shoulder smacking straight into a random passerby. Lips curling up into a growl at first…

Remembering the noodle house that she enjoyed so much, Sparrow has returned to NYC and Chinatown. She notices a few people who are walking by the alley, glancing in, then turning quickly forwards, a slight hurry coming to their steps as they pass it by. Didn't notice a thing, not going to look back either. Unlike other areas where people might give in to double looks, not so much here. For Sparrow, it merely makes her curious, and so there's a slight hurry to her own steps as she reaches the alley, just in time to be nearly bowled over by the sharp dressed man coming out of it. "Hey.." She begins, even as she hears the growl that begins to be given by the man. Dark eyes whip upwards, the young woman all too ready to offer a scathing put down to whomever just ran into her, though she gives pause then. It's been a while, just over a year or so, and there's a sense that his name is on the tip of her tongue..

Dong-tian himself is rapidly softening. Harsh features relaxing some as he peers down at her through his glasses. One hand reaching up to adjust them slightly. His head tilts some as he simply stares for a long moment. He's not really sure. Like the finger just can't be placed. But the face is connected with relatively good memories somewhere in the back of his head. His hands leave his face with a flourish, going to be tucked neatly into his coat pockets.

"Do I know you?" He asks quietly, glancing down at himself. There's a small patch of red liquid on his shirt. He pushes his jacket close rapidly. Blood doesn't come out easy. He pauses for a moment, one finger coming up as recognition starts to sink in. "You're that.. girl." It's announced with a little bit of an endearing tone.

Whatever anger might have been there on the forefront, ready to give him a tongue lashing, seems to melt away as well in Sparrow as she stands there, staring at the nicely dressed man. Still, there's something tickling at the back of her mind, and she is certain she knows him. Somehow. Maybe. She thinks! "I'm not sure." She answers without thinking, her accent painting her not from the Big Apple, though as he pauses, as recognition sets in for him, she quirks a brow upwards at his words, "Girl? Well, that I am, but I think I'd prefer to be known as a woman.." An impish nature shows then, though she soon seems to be pricked by her own remembrance. "Oh.. you.. noodle house.. the one that never could get the date with, yes?" She asks of him, though she blushes soon enough, "I know your name, but for the life of me, I cannot think of it." Right on the tip of her tongue.

"Same with me. I apologize." The light Chinese accent tints his voice just ever so subtly. Hands remaining in his coat pockets, he shifts his weight onto one foot. Glancing down the hallway, Dong-tian catches the tail end of his subordinates taking care of the man that owed them money. The gangster who was just laying heat into a man's face is now smiling charmingly back at Sparrow. "Well since we're both a blank. I think it's fair to say we can both start over." Marking her blush a light smirk pulls up.

"Dong-tian." He murmurs, his hand coming up to greet her. "And you are?"

"No apology needed, honestly." The petite young woman says with a flash of a smile, laughing quietly, "It's not that you were not memorable either, only.. so much time." This is said as if to assure him he was a bore or anything! "I still have your umbrella around.." She laughingly admits as she offers her hand to him, "A pleasure to once more meet you. Sparrow Redhouse." The name is given lightly, and while she isn't in a position to look down the alleyway, he's at least blocked her from her curiosity by standing where he is.

"You were very memorable as well." He quickly metes out a light smile hanging on his lips. "A lot has happened." He agrees quietly. Hands flapped out to his sides restlessly. "My umbrella?" He mouths 'oh' softly, head tilting back some. "The umbrella. Ah yes. I should probably get that back then." He glances up at the sky, giving a little shrug. "It's going to rain soon." Dong-tian remarks, giving her hand a gentle shake before dropping it. "A pleasure to meet you as well. Again. Sparrow." He smirks a little. "Did I say the first time we met that that is a very pretty name?"

"Probably should, though.. I might have to dig it out of my things.." Sparrow begins, laughing easily enough before she smiles at him, hands shaken and then released. With the compliment once more given, there comes a hint of color to her cheeks as she nods, "I believe you did, but a girl doesn't mind hearing such things again." She pauses, then wonders, "Things have been well with you though? I've heard bits and pieces of stuff that has happened here, but.. I just got back into town, and I admit, to being a little lost." A wry smile shows as she glances about the area, "But I remembered a noodle house here that I did so enjoy, and felt like trying to find it. I.. just dont remember where exactly it was."

"The world almost ended." Dong-tian murmurs with a little smirk. "Noodle house? I know a guy who owns a noodle house down the street." It might be his soon if things go the right way. He turns some, opening up his stance. "Things have been well enough. Just visiting old friends." Beating enemies of the Triad. "Making summer plans." Plotting a criminal coup. "Busy around the office." Trafficking drugs and guns.

A little shrug is given. "You know. All the norm. You?"

"But, it didn't. So, life goes on as we know it, hmm? Another day, another dollar." Sparrow answers, a laugh given as he turns. "You do? Oh.. I'll have to go and see if it is the same place that I remember." As it seems he might be interested in walking with her, she will move, or at least give indication she might walk if he wishes to do so, listening as he speaks. If only she knew the undertones of his words! Ahem. "All the norm, hmm?" A hand lifts, brushing her hair from her face, though she casts her gaze to him, "Dealing with family issues, things going boom back home. The norm in some ways. Trying to return here with new inventory for the gallery to make up for my lack of presence here."

"I suppose so." Taking a few steps down the sidewalk. "Things going boom metaphorically I hope? Opposed to things going boom in real life here." Dong-tian muses, eyes surveying her quietly from behind his sunglasses. Lips tightening as he peers down at his side at her. People mill about them, though seem to give him a somewhat wider berth than most passerby receive on the streets of Chinatown. Or at least those who know better, anyway. "Gallery?" The question is simple and almost bored. As if he expects her to elaborate on her vague gesture.

"You are a painter, or…?" One hand raises from his pocket pointing up to the upcoming intersection. "If we turn here the place is only a block away. Do you remember the name of the noodle house you like?"

"Oh, metaphorically. Nothing /quite/ so exciting as happened here." Sparrow offers, laughing a touch, and yet there's a hint of expression that touches her face that suggests she'd rather have faced the troubles here, than those back home in some ways. She cannot help but notice the way the man earns the slight wider berth from those that pass them on the sidewalk, and she glances to him, curious before she nods, "Gallery, yeah." When asked to elaborate, she shrugs, "I sculpt." She doesn't go into more detail, perhaps picking up the bored suggestion in his voice to some degree. As they make the turn, she glances to him, then shakes her head, "I don't, actually. It was near.. where the trouble was.. with the cops and all. I was in there eating when it all happened."

Glancing through his sunglasses down at her, he watches for a long moment. "What do you sculpt?" Dong-tian asks quietly, as he goes to cross the street with her. Raising up a hand to a vehicle about to make a right turn, motioning for it to pause. Leading her across the street, he arrives on the other side. "Well. We'll just have to find you a new place. If you can't remember the old one. There are a lot of noodles in Chinatown."

His hands enter his pockets smoothly. "So. Just here for the art then? Do you work a traditional job or is sculpting your living?"

"This and that. Some abstract stuff, other more native.. whatever really strikes my fancy?" Sparrow finally offers with a slight smile as she glances to him as he guides her across the street once the car comes to a stop. "Thanks. I am sorry that I disappeared after our dates never really managed to pan out time-wise for us. I'm surprised you hadn't found someone to date or something around here." She's teasing now, though once they gain the other side, she hmms, "For the art mostly, though I do a little waitressing at place called Panucci's Pizzeria. A friend helped me get a job there, and I live upstairs, so it all works out fairly well."

Dong-tian eyes her a little more from the side of his glasses. "Well. The office keeps him busy." That and trying to take over a criminal syndicate and controlling his fragmeneted personalities spread in different bodies. There's plenty to keep him busy in life. "I don't really get into dating a lot.." And apparently he's engaged in a different body. You know the little things that keep you from going on eHarmony.

"Panucci's." He repeats dully as they stroll down the blocks that separate them from the noodlery. "I know of it. I know someone who used to work there. I believe." He looks down at her dully once again, reaching up to tweak his sunglasses some. "Well. I do need to get going to the office. But.. If you ever find that umbrella." A little shrug is given.

"Keeps.. him busy? Are you talking about your brother?" Sparrow questions as she glances to him, though certainly such things going on will keep a man busy when you have so many things to keep track of. Like using the right name when introducing yourself once more to a person! Ahem. When he speaks of knowing someone at the pizzeria, she ohs, looking curiously to him. "You do? Who?" Curious, curious is she, though as he makes excuses to leave, she blushes and nods, "Thanks again. It was nice to run into you.. or rather.. have you run into me." Smirk. "I'll be certain to give you a call when I find it. Still at the same number?" She aks to be sure.

"Sorry. I meant me. Whatever keeps me busy. Freud." He waves his hand flippantly. Pausing on the balls of his feet, Dong-tian recovers a card sharply from his pocket. Swinging it in front of her. "No one important." He smiles charmingly, holding the card there for some time. "Good to see you as well. Call me sometime."

Sparrow laughs softly, shaking her head, "You are a strange man, Dong-Tian." There comes a grin, "Good thing that I think strange men are interesting, hmm?" As he presents her with the card, she accepts it, then nods, pocketing it after a quick glance at it. "Sure. Take care, and hope your day goes well." She glances over her shoulder to the nearby noodle house, then to him, "thanks again for the suggestion of this place." She ducks her head, turning to head off into the restaurant, humming under her breath.

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