Meeting At Greasy Spoon


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Scene Title Meeting At Greasy Spoon
Synopsis Chance meeting between Kurt and Sparrow at the Nite Owl upon her arrival to the city.
Date October 14, 2009


The Nite Owl is a survivor from ages past - one of those ancient diners with huge plate glass windows, checkerboard linoleum floor, and a neon owl over the entrance that blinks at those entering. Inside, there's an L-shaped main counter, complete with vintage soda fountain and worn steel stools. All of the cooking is done on the ranges ranked against the rear wall. The outer wall is lined with booths upholstered in cracked scarlet vinyl, tables trimmed with polished chrome. Despite its age, it's been lovingly maintained. The air is redolent with the scent of fresh coffee, vanilla, and frying food.

It's later in the evening and the Nite Owl of Chelsea isn't hopping but it isn't completely dead either as folks are preparing to head out to the bar by putting a touch of food in their stomachs right away. Kurt Campbell is sitting on a stool at the main counter laughing a touch to loudly though sober as a judge, "Oh gosh, he really quit that way? You aren't pulling my leg ma'am now are ya?" He shakes his head and picks up his black coffee to take a sip making one more half laugh huff noise.

While there are those that are leaving the Nite Owl, there's another that's entering the old diner. Stepping inside, Sparrow spares a brief glance around the place, seeking a place to sit, and ends up heading for the counter, and an empty stool she sees. Slung over her shoulder is a satchel, a little dusty and worn. Steps lead her to the stool, the satchel to be slung off and dropped between stool and counter back out of the way, a polite nod given to the waitress that might soon come up to take her order, "Water, for now." A menu is taken up to be looked over, though she gives a brief glance down the way when she hears the laughter from Kurt.

Kurt spots someone he doesn't know in the diner and gives her a small smile when he catches her lookign at his though his dark face flushes lightly cause he probolly sounded like an idiot just then. He shrugs as Natasha nods her head and moves to grabs a water for the new comer. He leans back despite the backless stools and then finally says, "Hiya." To the woman sitting near him, "Sorry bout the rukus, one of the cooks quit today after a hissy fit, was expecting I guess. He was far to five star for this place. I mean not that the food ain't good it's just not the palace or anythign like that." He is rambling yes indeed.

Thanking the waitress, Sparrow ponders the menu, though she is soon distracted from it when Kurt speaks up. Offering him a friendly smile, she laughs, "It's alright. It's actually quieter than the diner back home." Her accent speaks of a mid-west origin, going along with the 'back home' comment. Listening, she nods, laughing softly, "Too high class for a simple honest diner?" She asks lightly with some understanding.

Kurt rolls his eyes at this and nods his head, "Yeah he was into making everything perfect and not to much fat in the dishes. This place is basically an institution around here, greasey spoon reputation included." He smiels at this and shrugs his shoulders before holding out a hand, "Oh sorry I'm rambling away and forgot my manners. Kurt Campbell, I don't work here but I bike courier from the place dright down the block so end up here often."

"Yeah, I could see why he'd up and quit, and not fit in around here." The woman answers, laughing softly, "You don't mess with a place's reputation, especially if it's got people coming in for what they want and are used too." When the hand is offered towards her, she turns on her stool and takes it, giving a shake, "Sparrow Redhouse." Yes, that is her name. "Nice to meetcha, Kurt."

"A pleasure to meet you to Mis…Sparrow." Kurt uses her first name since she did use his, though he almost goes with miss Redhouse, "You new to the area or get lost?" He asks with a hint of a jesting tone.

"Just Sparrow, if you like." Very easy going is the woman it would seem. A glance more at the menu, and then she's asking, "What do you suggest for a first timer here?" Meaning, suggestion from the menu to eat, yes. She grins at his question, "Took a wrong turn at Albequerque?" Ah, yes, Bugs Bunny to the rescue!

Kurt hums and peaks at the menu over her shoulder though he probolly has in memorized by now, "Well the soup of the day is always good and the bugers are perfect here."He says about the food then leans back giving her her personal space back. A chuckle passes his lips at the bug bunny reference, "Oh well Chelsea ain't that bad really."

"Hmm.." Sparrow gives his suggestions some thought, then decides, "A good cheeseburger. With fries.. I think that will work." She glances to the waitress, "Do you make milkshakes?" Here's hoping! Can't have burger without the milkshake! Once the order is given, she turns back to Kurt and offers, "I'm here to talk to some gallery owners, actually. Not sure how long I will stay in the city. All just depends on when I tie up things, I guess."

Kurt ohs and raises an eyebrow at this, "Gallery owners? You an artist then?" He asks with interest and smiles at the milkshake comment, "Oh of course they've gotta have milkshakes, this place invented milkshakes. Or so Natasha will tell you if you let her." He says once the waitress is out of site.

Sparrow chuckles softly, nodding as he asks, "Yeah, sculptor. Sell my things back home, and been branching out slowly. Had someone show some of my pieces up here, and got a good reaction, so here to see about putting them up in a few shops." Proud, just a little, and yet seems to be very down to earth about it all. Knowing that she can get her milkshake, makes it all good with her. "There's this little place back home… well, it was the hangout for kids when my mother and all were in high school. Was like four blocks from the school. The high schoolers could walk there for lunch, if they didn't want to eat in the cafeteria that day. Family owned and ran.. damn good food."

Kurt grins at this story and nods his head, "Family owned and run I've always found to be a touch above the rest. It's like all that family arguements transfer into real good food." He chuckles at his own attempt an humor and shrugs his shoulders going a little bit darker in the face, "what kind of art do you do, painting and stuff?"

"That is the truth of it. That, and you get all those little family secret recipes for..well, won't say free, but you know what I mean." Sparrow offers, laughing quietly. She sets the menu aside with others nearby, then turns back, a curious glance given to him before she explains, "Sculptor. I do carvings in rocks and such. Small to large and everything in between."

Kurt ohs and he nods appreciatetively at this, "I haven't got an artisitic bone in my body unless you count art with symbols on a computer screen art. Though that's just a bad bored habit really." He admits with a grins and shrugs at the glance he was given.

Sparrow tilts her head, then laughs, "Ascii art?" She's at least got enough computer knowledge to know what he might be talking about, "I've always found people who could do that, interesting. Me? Suck at it. I don't know why, but I do." Just not her medium to work in! About that time, the waitress returns with her food, setting the plate down before her with fries on the side. "Be back with your milkshake."

Kurt smiles as she knows what he is talkign about, "Yeah…I'm a computer programmer when I'm not bike couriering, use to be in MIT years back. It's a long story." He adds then end with a shrugs, "But I like the ascii art when I get stuck on something. It's calming cause it's something to figure out that I know I can do." He gets a top up of coffee once the waitress comes back and orders a soup and salad to go for his roomie.

Sparrow quirks a brow upwards when he mentions the school, "Thinking of returning, or found something else you prefer to do these days than grinding away at the books?" Not too nosey, and asked in a way that suggests if he really doesn't want to talk, he can easily avoid it. Pulling the water near for a quick sip, she sets the lgass aside, and then begins to put all the proper condiments on the burger that aren't there - mayo, ketchup, mustard.

Kurt shrugs at this question and is normally an open book once he gets talking, "I don't know. Not really ready for school again just yet, to much to do around here at the moment." His salad arrives with the soup in a nice brown paper bag that makes it look like a lunch for school. He pulls out a few bills and passes them off to the waitress waving off her offer of change, "But I better get running. He pulls out his courier card he jokingly printed up on the computer as a joke, all it says in his name and his cell number, "If you're in town longer and bored maybe give me a call, or well need anything. Though not that illegal way, I don't mean that." It isn't at all sounding like a corny pick up line since he is taken in his mind but he does stumble through it cause he's a touch of a bubbering fool sometimes.

As he receives his meal, and pays for it, Sparrow is finishing up putting the condiments on her burger. Offered the card, she does take it, smiling, "Sure. I'm certain you'd know all the good places to hang out, likely. I.. thanks?" She does say before she offers him a soft goodbye, spoken in another language, soon to say, "Just wishing you safe journeys. Take care, Kurt."

Kurt smiles back to her as he pulls on his jacket, "You too and again a pleasure to meet you Sparrow. Good luck with the sculptures but if they are as good as they sound you probolly don't need it." He adds and then heads back out to the October slightly cool weather.

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