Meeting The Big Man


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Scene Title Meeting The Big Man
Synopsis Isabelle arranges a meeting with Nicolas and Rupe.
Date January 18, 2009

Old Lucy's

Nicolas sits at the bar, talking with the on duty bartenders. He seems to know a few of them by name, a sign that he's probably been here once or twice before. He sips his beer idly as he chuckles.

Roselyn working behind the bar giving a few of the customers their drinks. A beer here, a shot there,. She turns and looks at Nicolas, "So how is everything going for you?" she asks giving him a smile, while pouring herself a shot and drinking it all in one go.

Stepping into the bar is someone that hasn't really been here before. He's still dressed in a white button-up shirt, as he just got done doing a little work. Moving to sit at the bar, he tries his best to keep to himself at the moment. Running a hand through his hair, Grant glances left and right as he figures out what he's going to drink.

Nicolas looks up to Roselyn and grins. "Going pretty good. Are you happy to get your job here?" He says with a grin as he takes a drink from his beer, looking to Grant and offers a nod before he looks to Roselyn. "Get my friend here a beer too." He says with a grin.

Roselyn smiles and nods, "Yes I love my job." she says looking at Nicolas then turning and grabbing a beer out of the cooler. She pops the top and sets it down in front of him. "There you go hun."

An eyebrow raises as Grant glances around. He nods slightly, offering a semi-silent, "Thanks." to the guy with a half-grin. So much for being alone. It's not that bad a thing really, but he's used to the way people have been around here so far. Not the nice people he had back home.
Isabelle has arrived.

Nicolas sits at the bar, sipping on his beer. He looks to Grant and chuckles as he raises his beer bottle. "No prob. No sense in everyone drinkin' alone." He says as he takes another pull from his bottle.

Roselyn smiles at the man and turns back to Nicolas, "So I think after I get off of work we should go bowling." she says with a grin, "Actually it depends on what time I get off really." she says looking at Nicolas, "That is if your free and only if you want to." she says looking at Nicolas in the eyes.

"Nicolas! Get in here!" A voice shouts and Izzy pops her head out of the back room door before going back in.

Isabelle has left.

"True." Grant offers in a half-grin before the voice shouts from the back room. Wincing, Grant buries his head in the beer that was given. Taking a swig, he can't help but feel a little self-conscious after that, even though he's no Nicolas. Nothing of the sort.

Nicolas looks up as he hears his name being called. "Fuck." He says, draining the last of his beer as he looks to Roselyn. "I'll be back as soon as I can." He says as he stands up. "Yeah, if you get off in time, we'll go bowling." He says to her with a wink before he looks to Grant. "Make sure no one sits in my ass groove." He says, pointing to the seat he was in before he heads into the back room, closing the door behind him.

Nicolas has left.

Old Lucy's: Back Room

Nicolas knocks on the door once before he opens it and peeks his head inside, looking from Isabelle to the other man. At least he's not holding a baseball bat that he can see and has somewhat of a neck. He looks around, hearing things again. He looks back to the bar before he steps in and closes the door, shaking his head slightly as if to clear his head.

Rupe shucks his coat and drapes it over the back of a chair. The academic dusts snow from his hair and rubs his hands together. He looks up at the sound of movement and the entrance of people.

"Hey Rupe." She says and walks over to the man to rub his shoulder before plopping down in one of the armchairs in the room. She looks from Rupe to Nicolas. "Rupe this is Nicolas, Nicolas this is Rupe."

Nicolas's eyes turn from Isabelle back to Rupe as he is introduced, offering a slight nod of his head in greeting. "Hey." He says to the man before he looks to Isabelle. "This the guy that I was to be meeting?"

"Nicolas, hello. Yes, I'm Rupe." The academic gives the young man a smile, then he motions to a chair. "Please, have a seat. Isabelle tells me you might be interested in joining us?" He glances towards her, then back to Nick. He sits as well.

Isabelle only nods her head at Nico and listens to Rupe as he speaks. "I told him of your ability Nick." She lets him know.

Nicolas looks to Isabelle and nods his head before he looks back to Rupe. He moves to sit at one of the chairs. "Yeah. It seems that we've got the same point of view on things and the way we're being treated."

"I see," says Rupe. He considers Nicolas in a polite, yet attentive way. "And what is it that you'd like to be able to do about it, precisely?" His tone's not accusatory, it's clearly interested. "What do you see yourself doing to help us?"

Nicolas thinks for a moment before he looks to Rupe. "I can hear things. Transmissions, emails, IMs. I talk to computers, I use them. I can find information on anyone. Anything. I grew up a computer hacker. I was good at what I did. Hacked the FBI when I was seventeen. My powers just made me better at what I do."

"That's what you can do, Nicolas. That's what your power is. But…specifically. What do you want to see done about the problem?" Rupe's eyebrows go up. "This isn't a trick question. I…just want to understand how deep in you want to get. And what you'd want from us in return."

Nicolas nods as he looks at Isabelle for a second before looking back to Rupe. "I want to stop the bullshit laws like the Linderman Act to be passed. I want to see the Evolved Registration stopped. They're treating us like the Nazi's did to the Jews. They're no better than Hitler. I am tired of us being treated like we're a lower class citizen or even an illegal immigrant. I want to take those bastards who think that just because they're 'normal'," He makes the quote signs with his fingers. "they are better than us and we can be put into cells for god knows how long and disappeared from the face of the planet because they are too God damn afraid of what we can do."

The bartender looks to Rupe and centering her gaze on Nicolas, Iz speaks. "That's more like it. We have to know where you stand on these issues and such."

"This is more a 'you hire us' than the other way around, Nicolas. If we're comparing this to a job interview," Rupe smiles. The response gets a pleased nod. "That's what we believe as well. And what are you willing to do to stop registration, to stop the oppression?" He looks to Isabelle, then to the young hacker again.

Nicolas looks up at Rupe, looking him in the eyes as he answers the man's question. "Whatever it takes to stop it." He says simply.

"Good," says Rupe. He claps his hands together. "We can discuss things more later. But I think that's enough to get you meeting the rest of the team. See if you get on with us." There's a grin and a glance to Isabelle. "Well. You have a talent for corraling the picks of the litter, madam."

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to Rupe as he follows the man's glace to Isabelle before he looks to Rupe. "Should I expect to hear from you or Isabelle on when this next meeting will be?" He asks the man.

"Ah, no…no meetings, Nicolas. Next step is to get to know the others. See if you want to help on anyones' operation. My house is where we meet. Isabelle will take you there, show you the code for the basement. That's where we congregate." Rupe inclines his head. "Things are still in the works, so you'll have to be patient as we get ourselves organized. But I have a feeling we'll need your talents very soon."

Nicolas nods his head slowly as he ahhs. "Okay. I gotcha. Well, I look forward to doing what I can to help." He says as he looks to the man. "Well, wherever you need me, let me know and I'll help the best I can." He says as he stands and moves to the man. "I appreciate you coming to talk to me, letting me join you guys." He says, extending a hand to the man.

Rupe shakes Nicolas' hand with a grin. "Well. You seem to believe what we believe. And your skill is a highly useful one. We can't afford not to have you." He releases after a firm shake. "Welcome aboard. I'm sure Isabelle will show you the ropes. But my door is always open if you have any questions or suggestions."

Nicolas nods his head and looks to the man. "If I need to, I'll be sure to give you a call or stop by." He says as he retracts his hand. "You're not listed are you?" He asks with a sly smile.

"Isabelle has my contact information. She knows how to get ahold of me. And you can always visit me in my study, at the house." Rupe makes a hand motion. "My door is always open."

Nicolas nods his head as he looks to the man. "I appreciate it and I look forward to working with you." He says as he looks back to Isabelle for a moment then back to the man. "If you don't mind, I have a beer waiting for me."

"By all means," says Rupe. His smile, as everything with his mannerisms, is genuine. He seems a gentle man to be heading a terrorist group. But with how many members they have, he must be saying the right things. "I hear Isabelle's being generous. That members drink free." He quirks a grin. "I'm not sure this is the wisest idea. Have a good evening."

Nicolas chuckles and nods. "Well, she might take that away after I get through with it." He says with a grin. "You too. It was nice meeting you." He says before he moves to the door and heads back out to the bar area.


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