Melancholy Thanksgiving


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Scene Title Melancholy Thanksgiving
Synopsis Some sad people get together in an attempt to make the holidays as happy as possible. Sean Connery guest-stars.
Date November 25, 2010

Le Rivage

This is weird for Anna, but she needed some time out of the Broderick home, so the teenager is here. She's dressed in slightly fancier clothes than normal, a sweater dress over a pair of black trousers, with a long coat and a hood protecting her from the cold outside. She moves towards the indicated doorbell, and presses it, then starts the waiting.

It's not Marjorie that opens the door. It's the little boy, Owain, in a little dress shirt and slacks. "Hi," she says, looking up at Anna. "Are you here for Thanksgiving?" He doesn't wait for an answer, instead he turns into the apartment, a nice middle-class thing. "MOM! Someone's at the door."
And the smells of the apartment fill the hall with that door open so. It smells like heavan must smell - all the warm aromatic spices, cakes, vegetables - pure professional home-style cooking, or something like. And Marjorie is there, down to her apron. "That's Anna, Owain. Sorry about that, Anna dear. Do come in, please!" She smiles, making her way out from the galley kitchen to greet her guest.

Anna smiles at the boy, and nods to the question. "Yes, I—" And then she's interrupted by Marjorie arriving at the door. The teenager smiles as she's invited in, and enters. "Thank you for the invitation, ma'am." The girl says, smiling. "And hello, Owain, how are you doing today?" The girl waits a little awkwardly to be shown where to go now.

"I'm good," Owain says, offering a hand and standing tall. Such manners! "It's very nice to meet you, Ms. Anna." But there's a little flush in his cheeks. With his bowl cut and his big buck teeth, that kid tries so damn hard to get it with the ladies - and Anna is just his sort. Not his Marlene, surely no, not her. But a lady is a lady and this one is fine. Old enough to be attractive on an 'older' standpoint, but much younger than his mother. Perfect!
Marjorie sits back a little, smiling and watching the exchange.

Anna accepts the hand and shakes it, smiling at the boy. "Just Anna, please." The girl responds, and a hand reaches out to ruffle the boy's hair. Then, the teenager looks over at Marjorie, "Nice to meet you again, ma'am." And as though it was on command, Anna's stomach starts to rumble… must be all the tasty smells around the place.

Marjorie smiles. "Well I always do like having some people over for Thanksgiving. My father's here actually too, though he ran out to the store. I don't expect to see him for awhile. He's not a great shopper, and today things are particularly bad, even for those of us who consider ourselves professionals. Go ahead and have a seat for now if you'd like, or you're more than welcome to watch the football game. We don't really like football, ourselves, but it's a big Thanksgiving tradition, so I suppose we may as well partake. Would you like a snack in the meantime?"

Anna chuckles and takes a seat. "Not into sports, really." The girl responds, "And I wish your father good luck shopping today…" A faint chuckle again. "And a snack would be nice, yes… I'm kinda hungry."

"Come on over, darling," Marjorie insists, bringing the girl into the kitchen. Laid out in front of her is what looks like a lot of mess to a laymen. But it is the finishing touches of Marjorie's meal. Of course, as always, the three covered dishes of cookies, cakes and cupcakes are set out, and Marjorie motions. "Have one if you'd like, although we should be starting in a few minutes. I just have to wait for my dad to get back. How are you foster-parents tonight?"

"They're doing great." Anna lies, and it's quite obvious too. But the food grabs the teen's interests right quick, "Again, thank you for inviting me over… the Brodericks can be sooo stifling at times." She says while she almost seems to drool at the look of the food.

Marjorie offers the girl a plate, and pours her a cup of peppermint tea. "Do they not celebrate Thanksgiving? You're more than welcome to call them and invite them over too, if you'd like. I'm sure they are trying their best. Being a parent - particularly in an unconventional situation, can be a very difficult thing." If Anna watches, she'll see Marjorie look over her son with a sudden deep, heartbreaking sadness - but it's gone soon enough.

"Oh, no, they do…" Anna responds, shrugging. "Without me, this year." Somehow, Anna almost sounds like she's sorry… almost. "I don't need them… didn't ask for them either." The girl says strongly, "All they are is a pain in the arse."

Marjorie nods, knowingly. "Well we'll send you home with plenty of leftovers, at least, so they can try some." She says. "Actually Anna, it's good that you're here. Would you be willing to help me chop some carrots while we talk? I did want to talk to you about your foster-parents." She doesn't sound accusitory, or even nosy. More…curious than
anything. "If you wouldn't mind."

"They have plenty, honest." Anna responds, "Besides… they don't know I'm here…" Whoopsie? "And sure, I'll chop some carrots, and talking is fine too… I guess." The girl starts to look around for a knife. "What did you want to know, ma'am?"

"Just how you're doing," Majorie responds, a little off-put about the parents not knowing she's here. She'll have to work on that one. "Living with foster-parents can be very difficult, I'm sure. For everyone. You don't seem to get along with them very well, I've notied. At least, that's how it sounds sometimes. Is that true?" Marjorie's hands chop easily, as though it were some crazy second nature.

"I'm okay, I guess…" Anna sighs, "I.. I miss thanksgiving with family." The girl looks down… a few tears seem to drip down her face. Meanwhile, Anna finds a knife and starts to chop the carrots as well, "They are so restrictive, and they try to pretend they're my parents… they're not, they're surrogates at best…" She sighs again.

"They are," Marjorie agrees, already tossing her first batch of carrots into the pot. "But they're two people who are trying for a girl they don't know. That takes a great deal of courage and kindness to take in a stranger and try and give them everything that you can. Have you considered it from their point of view? How things must look to them, and how they are trying? They're probably just as confused as you are."

"I don't want them to try. They put restrictions on me they don't have any right to make." Anna bites, suddenly seeming a bit angry. "And you don't want to know what Timothy's like when he's angry…" Anna sighs, "Just coming here will likely mean I can't sit for a week… unless Margaret can keep him calm…"

Marjorie frowns, setting her knife down. "Anna, if they are abusive, if they are hitting you - that is a problem. There's a difference between not getting along and having them put their hands on you. Is it true that he really does this?" She asks, her green eyes wide. Owain comes shuffling into the kitchen. "Mom, can I watch some cartoons while you guys fix dinner?" Marjorie nods, mostly happy to get him out, and then turns back to Anna.

"They aren't abusive." Anna responds, putting emphasis on the word they. "And I don't really want to talk about it… I shouldn't have said anything, really…" The girl sighs. "Anyway… how long till it's time for dinner..? I'm kinda hungry…"

"Well if he is abusive, Anna, you need to speak up. You don't have to tell me or talk to me if you don't want to. But you should talk to someone." Knowing that the girl doesn't want to talk, Marjorie lets it drop. Sort of. "I know it can be difficult…Owain's father and I are having some difficulties. But we'll eat in about 5 minutes. Dad texted me, he's on his way."

"Okay, good." Anna answers, smiling a little again. Still… despite not wanting to talk about it, Anna comments, "I'm just a tough kid to raise, I guess… it's no problem." She finishes up her batch of carrots, "I… just wish my parents were still around… life was better back when they were alive…"

"I'm sorry for your loss. We've all lost and it never quite gets the same. I don't see you as being a terribly difficult child to raise. All children are difficult in their own ways - I know I was difficult at times. That's part of being a kid. That doesn't mean that you should use that as an excuse for bad behavior, but forgive yourself for mistakes." Marjorie smiles, bending over and pulling out the turkey, setting it atop the stove. It sizzles and cracks dleightfully.

Anna continues, still sounding a little upset… "I just.. my real parents never touched me…" She sighs, "I know spanking is supposed to be good for kids at times, but I.. I never realized just how much it could hurt…" The teen sighs, but the sight of that bird cheers her up somewhat, but she continues, "I guess different people just have different ways to raise children,,,"

Marjorie looks over at Anna, clearly worried. "Owain!" she calls, and she gets out the sivlerware and plates, handing them to the boy who seems to know his place already. This leaves Anna and Marjie alone again to talk. "Do you hvae a case-worker, Anna? You should tell him or her that this is happening. They may be able to help."

"I don't want to hurt Margaret…" Anna sighs.. "She's pretty nice, really." The teenager looks at the floor, "I mean, she's not as nice as mom was… but kinda sorta close…" The girl seems conflicted, internally. "So, I won't tell… I shouldn't have told you…"

"You shouldn't be ashamed of it. You didn't do anything wrong, this is not your fault. I wish…very much that you could see that." Is Marjorie the one that's wrong? Should she just forgive him for hitting her? She can't be sure, but she covers it with the sound of the door opening. And in walks an old man with a white beard and little else to speak of in the way of hair, carrying a bag. "Ah got them," he says, his accent distinctly Scottish. (Sean Connery). "Hi daddy. Daddy, we have a guest, this is Anna. Anna this is my father, Mr. Mihangle."

As the new person enters, Anna gets up and smiles, though by now it's distinctly obvious Anna had been wearing a little makeup… and it's distinctly ruined by the girl's tears, "Hello, mister Mihangle. I'm Anna James." She extends her hand, "Nice to meet you."

Marjorie takes the bag from her father and kisses his cheek. The man puts an arm around his daughter and hugs her, then looks to his grandson. "Looks like we're about ready! And Ms. James, forgive me. I get a little excited when I'm around my family since they decided to move." Hint hint. Cough cough, Marjorie. But it seems to all be good-natured, because Marjorie sticks her head out of the kitchen - and sticks her tongue out of her mouth besides. Daddy scoffs, shaking his head. "Be careful you don't pick up any bad habbits from this one," He tells Anna, matter of factly. "All sorts of childish things, I raised her to be better with guests around!" But it all seems to be good natured. "But it is very nice to have you, Ms. James. Please, won't you sit down?" After all, Marjorie is bringing out all the food.

And Anna sits back down, waiting patiently for the food to arrive. Her smile seems to disappear a little as she watches the family goings on… jealous, perhaps? "I have plenty bad habits of my own, don't need any more." The girl jokes, though her undertone suggests there's some seriousness to that comment.

"Oh, I'm sure you do," the old Scot says, knowingly. "I've yet to meet people who don't. But bad habbits and bad pennies are just the same - you pick them up and throw them into a jar or onto your desk and you never seem to get rid of them. There's always more, unless you make a concerted effort not to pick them up and keep them in teh first place." He nods, and Marjorie finally has everything set out. She sits down beside her son and Anna, and raises hands to take hands with each of them. "Anna, would you like to say grace for us?" She figures that will make the girl ahppy.

Anna closes her eyes respectfully, "Oh, holy father who is in the heavens. Thank you for providing us with food every day, but especially today we would like to thank you for providing us with our needs. We thank you as well for the feast we have tonight, and ask your blessing upon this meal. Please forgive us our sins, and help us not to repeat them. This, we ask of you in the name of your holy son, in the name of Jesus. Amen." And then she opens her eyes again, looking at the food.

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