Memorial Announced for 35 Teens

Authorities have released the names of the 35 teenagers who formed the Evolved Pact and took their own lives this past Saturday. The NYPD is referring to this as the greatest tragedy since the bombing in New York. Investigations have found that the teens, who live in all portions of New York met on an Internet Bulletin Board called "Evolved Teens" and eventually formed a support group, meeting on a weekly basis. According to a note left by the 35, they were protesting the treatment of Evolved persons by the government and by the unevolved. The nation is mourning the loss of this group of young people, and there are plans to erect a monument in honor of the teens at the location of their death. There were originally 36 teens, however NYPD reports that one of the teens survived due to an undisclosed ability, assumed to be self healing or immune system related. Authorities are not releasing the name of the surviving victim.

In addition, two other teens are said to have been part of this group of children. These two, according to the Internet video that is circulating, were the 'guinea pigs' of the group, volunteering to go get Registered and tested so as to tell the others what was involved. Leslie Tippen, 17, is allegedly a pyrokinetic and Jason Dexter, 17, reportedly can melt any substance. Witnesses confirm that both reported to the Registration center to be tested at their appointed times, and neither of them returned. They are being treated as missing persons and an Amber Alert is now in effect. If you have seen either of these teens, please contact the NYPD SCOUT Division.

A public memorial service is being held on Friday.

James Denson - 15 - Speedster
Brendan Fischer - 16 - Energy Blasts
Tonya Gross - 14 - Gadgetry Builder
Nicole Graham - 16 - Flight
Shasta Granger - 14 - Ice Manipulation
Eric Granger - 14 - Water Manipulation
Jimmy Brandi - 13 - Music Mimicry
Maureen Humbert - 12 - Plant Talker
Trish Keyes - 15 - Voice Mimicry
Ron Anima - 14 - Avian Talker
Jane Thurston - 16 - Lightning
Liliana Whitaker - 14 - Telekinesis
Melissa Alston - 15 - Strength
Christopher Langdon - 13 - Color Manipulation
Khalil Martouf - 12 - Language Acquisition
Tranter Jayma - 16 - Insect Control
Jenessa Wayne - 12 - Super Memory
Halldor Rigby - 14 - Stealth
Frannie Pollie - 13 - X-Ray Vision
Keisha Sindri - 14 - Energy Reserve
Richard Kaelea - 15 - Cyberpath
Vincent Haven - 15 - Glowing
Billy Stanton - 13 - Energy Blasts
Leslie Canfield - 15 - Telepath
Annmarie Thornton - 14 - Gender Shifting
Roland Ludivine - 13 - Night Vision
Amber Dyson - 16 - Metal Manipulation
Trevor Jean - 12 - Wind Control
Elizabeth Myers - 12 - Metamorph
Gregory Hilliard - 15 - Invisibility
Mark Dupont - 13 - Pyrokinetic
Frannie Collins - 16 - Healer
Dawn Spring - 14 - Light Manipulation
Monte Ayano - 14 - Gravity Manipulation
Simon Edric - 13 - Perfect Timekeeper

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