Memory Lane


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Scene Title Memory Lane
Synopsis Old partners meet up, discussing the past and the future.
Date August 19, 2009

Biddy Flannigan's Irish Pub

Memory Lane was a lot more difficult to navigate when one aimed to forget certain things… Her smile. Her laugh. Colby manages to dig up what she was searching for - A young Officer Harrison sitting in the driver seat of their police cruiser. She skips over the images of the dinners - Ariel and Elisabeth leaning towards her with bright laughs. She fails and cringes, looking down into her beer bottle and setting her attention back to reality.

Colby sits at a table not far from the door, shoulders hunched up to set her elbows on the table and both hands to her beer. She's dressed down a white tee and a pair of comfortable, tan, cargo pants that tuck into brown combat boots. She glances at her cellular phone, checking the time. As much as she wanted Liz to keep her word to show up, part of her wished she'd hadn't answered the phone and had allowed this attempt for the ex-partners to renew their friendship to slide. She sighs and tips up her beer, stealing a sip as her gaze settles expectantly on the door.

When the door opens, Elisabeth Harrison steps in dressed in cop-casual — today it's a pair of chocolate pants, a black scoop-necked T-shirt, and a khaki blazer. Her blonde hair is loose, and though she looks just as weary today as she looked the day Colby sat in the cell for killing the kid who killed Ariel. It's hard to keep sympathy from her expression as she walks over to join her old partner — harder still to meet those dark eyes with her blue ones and not say the words 'I'm sorry' again. All she does is drop a hand to Colby's shoulder and squeeze tightly for a moment, a silent message of support, and then she drops into the chair across from the Latina. "How ya holding up, Squeak?" she asks, a gentle smile in her tone as she brings up the old name. All because Colby did the girly squeak thing in a squad car ages ago.

One corner of her lips tilt up at the familiar form making her way near. It was insincere, Elisabeth would know that well enough, but the effort it made all the same. The hand on her shoulder earns a lift of her touch, cold with the condensation of her beer, and pats her ex-partner's elbow. She waits until the woman is settled to lean back.

"Squeak." That earns one of those charming, nostalgic smiles. "Alright, Princess," she retorts before waving done the waitress and making a directive gesture towards Eliabeth. Her smile lingers for two long, peaceful seconds before waning ever so slightly. "Not bad. Not bad." It was convincing, but for the fact she repeated the phrase. "Not sitting behind bars," she says, lifting her hands in a small gesture. "Working. Keeping my mind busy. How 'bout you, though, chica?"

There's a faint chuckle at the retort. Elisabeth sighs heavily and studies Colby closely. "Yeah… kinda noticed you weren't behind bars. I take it you'll be workin' for Da Man now, hmm?" Homeland Security, after all, is one of those Feddie kinds of step-on-the-cops'-toes organizations. "Colby…." She trails off. She can't ask what happened — it's pretty obvious anyway. She can't warn her old partner off of the path she's on — it's most likely too late anyway. Len Denton and his offers people can't refuse. "Just… be careful, okay?" It's almost all she can say on what's happening, but she's worried. It's very clear in her expression.

Colby turns her visage away a most subtle degree, enough to look at Elisabeth from a curious angel as she lofts a dark brow. She reaches out, but her fingers never reach Elisabeth. Instead she curls her finger and raps her knuckles on the tabletop to cover the moment of weakness. "I'm doing something good here," she offers, the look in her eyes insinuating there is not doubt for that Latina that she is doing the right thing. It's not just a matter of Len's inescapable offer. It's something more.

She leans back again with a soft sigh, "Enough of that. We all know that cloud is looming. Let's talk about something else." She scans the few occupants of the bar and sips her beer.

Elisabeth nods slightly and says with a faint smile. "Of that, I have no doubt." She reaches out and holds Colby's wrist gently, not restraining but having not missed that movement toward comfort. She knows it's far from enough. She releases the other woman easily when she sits back and says, "Been a long time, chica…" She smiles. "Odd how serendipity works, isn't it? I was actually about to call you and ask about a case you might have had your fingers into anyway."

The soft gesture is accepted, if a bit stiffly, before Martinez is released to sit back. "Ooo. Work. You know just how to get my attention." Colby's smile is an easy, charming expression. She straightens a bit in her seat and sets aside her drink. "What do ya need, Princess?" She lifts a hand, readjusting the aviator glasses perched atop her dark, braided hair and allows her attention to return swiftly to her ex-partner.

"Refrain," Elisabeth says succinctly. "There's starting to be a bit of buzz on it — it's supposedly some kind of glowy blue injectable drug? I was wondering what you might know about it." She grimaces a little, shuddering to think of what the COMPANY will do with that shit on their shelves. They already fuck with people's memories. "Anything you can tell me?" she asks. "I know your new job ain't the drug trade anymore, but hey…" She smiles a bit. "I can still pick your brain some."

The mention of the new drug sets a smirk across Colby's features. "Yeah, I've heard of it. Just started getting my fingers into some info about it when all the shit went down. Not sure what I can give you." She leans back forward, made more comfortable by the streamlined talk of work, and laces her fingers together atop the table. "Blue glowy drug." She nods in agreement. "From what I hear it only works on the Evolved, so that'll be where you want to start digging. From the sound of it, the users shouldn't be hard to miss - catatonic state, takes you back into your most euphoric dreams for up to an hour. Gives you an itch like heroin and can steal you in after the first hit." She sighs and shakes her head. "Like the Evos really need another strike again 'em," she muses aloud. "What've you got on it so far?" She turns in her seat, propping up one boot on the chair next to her, resting on arm over her lifted knee, and taking a more relaxed posture.

Elisabeth shakes her head negatively. "Almost nothing, honestly. Everything you just said is all that I've got on it too." She sighs. "I heard it's coming out of Chinatown, but I definitely think it's something that needs stopping. Quick-like, too! Who knows what kind of nastiness will come of being hooked on that shit?" She rests her elbows on the table and says mildly, "If you've got time on your hands with Homeland, maybe drop me a line if any of your old contacts pops with anything useful?" she asks. "I know you'll probably have your hands full with other stuff, but …" She shrugs.

"Maybe I can fit in some side work," she says with a quick wink. "I'll hit the streets and see if I can rustle up some more information for you." With that she polishes off the last of her beer and braces her hands to the table, pushing up to her feet. She stands there awkwardly at the end for a minute before dipping hurriedly forward, wrapping her arms around Elisabeth and giving her a quick pat on the back. "Missed ya, chica," she mumbles before eagerly breaking the contact and stepping away. She clears her throat and scans the bar just to keep busy. "You were a good friend to her. I owe you everything for that." She looks back with a half-assed smile and a little nod. "Take care, Princess." She gives a wink and slips away.

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