Mental Knots


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Scene Title Mental Knots
Synopsis Magnes gathers his friends to make a surprising announcement, but it is soon discovered that all is not what it seems…
Date August 30, 2010

Siann Hall: Elaine and Magnes' Apartment

It's late in the morning, and Magnes returned while the others were out somewhere. But he called them all to return right away, sounding pretty serious on the phone. When they finally arrive, door closed, he's sitting on the couch with his bag from the convention sitting next to him, wearing a white Guild Wars 2 t-shirt with a stylized dragon for the 2 that takes up a good portion of the shirt's left side. His hands are on his jeans, and he sighs, as if he can barely say what's coming next. "I'm quitting the band, and I'm breaking up with you, Elaine. I quit my job, too."

Sable was ready for crisis, ready for a war room meeting - it is, sadly, par for the course in the life of a young Evo in New York City. She actually has some song ideas to that effect bouncing around within the dark and twisted confines of her cranium. Every day a different crisis, with emergency becoming increasingly more like routine. Coping with that has been a matter of faith in small things. Talismans that matter. Oaths you keep.

She was ready for bad news, and ready to deal with it, her arms crossed in front of a white tanktop that she has taken a fabric marker to, dark letters scrawled, declaring: 'I'm not schizophrenic, I'm quadrophonic', spelled correctly, meaning it's almost certainly transcribed. She was prepared to meet the problem head on with a combination of slyess and ferociously applied personal principle. She was prepared to handle it.

But when Magnes drops this particular bomb, a MIRV from the sounds, with multiple payloads, it is not something Sable feels the slightest bit prepared for. Her reply is abrupt, simple, and almost dismissive.


Like Sable, Quinn had been prepared for something bad, particularly given her conversation the other night with Elaine. She’d made a brief stop by Ichihara before making he way back to the Bronx, for this impromptu meeting that Magnes had called. Dressed a green t-shirt devoid of any print and a long black skirt, she eyes Magnes, looking rather weary, downcast, generally unhappy. A finger taps on her cheek as she wait for Magnes’ announcement.

And then it comes, and all she can do is stare, eyes wide and a look of utter disbelief on her face as she just stares at him, blinking repeatedly. “You’re what?” she repeats, quietly, leaning forward in her scene. “You’re fucking what?”

He came home. That was a good thing, in Elaine's eyes. She'd managed to get some sleep in, despite the unfortunate response from Rebecca Nakano that she decided she'd keep to herself. She needed that last hope that there was something wrong in this whole situation. There had to be something more, even if he had gone to the convention. There had to be some hope.

Dressed simply in a pair of jean capris and a snug-fitting grey babydoll t-shirt, Elaine was expecting something bad, but not quite what Magnes blurted out. "I fucking knew there was something wrong," she mutters. This had to confirm. Unless he had a really good reason to decide to abandon everything good in his life, she'd be absolutely certain something was terribly wrong.

"Hey…" Elaine says, reaching to try and take Magnes' hand. "You told me that you'd tell me anything and trust me. What's wrong? Why are you being like this? If you can't tell me because you're in over your head and it's bad, just say so. If you can't do anything, I can. I'll find people who can help. You don't go away for a weekend under suspicious circumstances and come back and throw away three months and four days of a relationship plus a band you've just named. Tell me what's wrong."

"I just… I can't keep secrets anymore, I can't put you all in danger, I can't keep living this life. I have things to do, I have a duty. I quit my job because it takes up too much of my time, and I'm leaving all of this, all of you, for your own safety, and so I don't have to keep any secrets. I'm doing what I have to do…" Magnes raises her hand to kiss the back of it, then rubs it against his cheek. "I'll always love you Elaine, and, I'm moving out, I'll pay the bills, but you guys won't be seeing me. I'm sorry."

Sable's mouth forms a thin line, her arms approaching straight-jacket tightness across her body. Her gaze is fixed on Magnes with ant-burning focus, and she is quiet for just three seconds after he delivers his explanation, such as it is. Even when she does speak, it's with a tension replicated throughout her whole body, an anger held just barely in restraint.

"Since when d' y' have that right, eh?" Sable asks, stalk still save for what needs move to speak, "what makes you th' fuckin' decider here? How's it you decide what th' fuck's best f'r us, 'n' how much our safety matters? 'n' what the hell is yer duty? To what? To who? If this ain't-" the word she is about to use is not released, though, she halts, retraces her steps, "are y' steppin' away so y' don't have t' say, or will you actually fuckin' tell us what's goin' on so mebbe, just mebbe we don't have t'," another redaction before the fact, "so mebbe we c'n wrap our heads around it."

The 'mebbe's are spoken in such a way as to suggest, implicitly, one more statement: 'This better be good.'

Quinn is silent for a moment more, before she eyes Magnes. “That’s a load a’ bullshit,” she remarks, though not with anger or malice. “If you can’t keep secrets anymore, than don’t. You an’ I talked about this, Magnes. We know that you like t’ run off. We know they’re danger, an’ I’m pretty sure we’ve all learned t’ accept it.” Her eyes narrow, hands folding in her lap. “I told you not t’ do somethin’ stupid Magnes, an’ that holds true now. Don’t be a soddin’ idiot. Tell us what the fuck’s goin’ on. Don’t walk away. Don’t break this.” A pause, and her lips waver. “I swear to god, magnes, if you do this an’ you don’t have a good reason, I’ll never forgive you. So think carefully before you get on with this.”

Elaine allows her hand to be rubbed against his cheek, watching him with a firm expression. Then, abruptly, she pulls it back and slaps him across the same cheek that he was just caressing it against. Her body is tense, and she focuses solely on him for the moment. Not that Quinn and Sable aren't helping, but Elaine's got a righteous fury going and she can't do much but let it go.

"Magnes J. Varlane. You are spouting a bunch of complete and utter bullshit and here's how I know. So shut the hell up and listen to me. Think clearly for a minute on exactly what I'm saying and tell me that it's not suspicious. I'm going to give you a timeline and you're going to listen to it and think about it objectively. Shove your damn feelings aside and look at the facts."

"Wednesday," she begins, "you had a chat with Quinn. She'd told you before to open up and tell people what was going on. Wednesday night, you told me all about how you saved the world and told me you'd keep no secrets from me. When you came back from all that shit where you were nearly killed, you just wanted to focus on protecting everyone and focusing on us. Thursday night you told me you'd made the Red Robin and Batgirl costumes for Dragon Con and that we were going together. So you'd planned to go, Magnes. Who plans to go to a convention without tickets? If you spent all that time making those costumes, you would've had the foresight to buy tickets in advance, or at least have the firm belief you could get tickets when we were there."

She pauses. "So then Friday I find this note from you. You'd one a single ticket and left without me. Why would you have spent time making me a costume to just leave? I even got a private eye, this girl who's a post-cognitive, Rebecca Nakano to come and check out what happened when you left the note. She called and made sure you checked into the hotel, that you checked into the convention. So you were there, Magnes, I know you were there."

Another pause. "But why would you run off and go to a sci-fi convention alone when you wanted to go with me and then when you come back from it, you suddenly abandon everything you swore earlier in the week to protect. I don't buy it. Something secretive is going on. And unless you had a really good reason for going to Dragon Con alone, I'm entirely sure something happened. And if you won't tell me what happened? I'm going to go find people. Don't think I can't. I'm not helpless. I had a post-cog look into what happened. You don't think I'd do more? Tell me what happened. Tell us what happened. Now. Don't be a fucking coward."

"I'm not being a coward. I went to Dragoncon, because I won the ticket, and.. I guess I just thought I'd miss it if I had to find a ticket for you. And then there was this party the other night, so it's kind of hazy, and now I need to do this…" Magnes shakes his head, rubbing his cheek from the slap, then looks down into his lap, unable to really face anyone. "I'm joining Messiah again, I have to. I just, I feel it, it's the best thing I can possibly do, and I can't have you all caught in the middle. Don't you understand? This is what I have to do, in the very pit of my stomach!"

Sable's brows lift as Elaine's hand lays down the law. Surprise provides a brief break from simple anger, and is sustained as curiosity when Elaine relates a sequence of events that adds up to… what exactly? Nothing they yet know the nature of, something Magnes must explain. Elaine's narrative is an equation equalling x, but not all the preceding variables are accounted for.

That 'Messiah' turns out to be one of those unaccounted-for factors, that seems to work a change in Sable's mood, one reflected by a shift in her demeanor, the lowering of her brows, stormy and dark over her yellow eyes. "How long's this been th' case?" she asks, and the growl in her voice is the rumble of a distant thunder, "did y' have a sudden revelation, like fuckin' Saul on th' road t' Damascus?" Sable had to go to Sunday school, you see, and some stories stick. And, to be fair, the very name 'Messiah' invites the comparison.

Quinn watches Magnes from her seat next to Elaine with still narrowed eyes, arms folding across her chest as he listens. His explanation is lacking, and the mention of Messiah has her springing up to her feet. Now there’s hanger in her eyes where it was largely absent before, the Irish woman stepping up and in front of Magnes, turning to face him – and then abruptly, her left hand swings out, striking Magnes across his cheek in an open palm slap.

“You unbelievable ass!” she exclaims, hand balling into a fist afterwards. “No! You’re not fucking allowed!” she practically yells, right hand rising to point a finger at Magnes. “Jesus Christ, Magnes, you know what I did this weekend? I found out a friend of ours died, and then I went to a feckin’ mass funeral for what happened on Staten feckin’ Island, where a feckin’ fight broke out!” Both hands are shaking as she stares down at Magnes. “Jesus, I won’t stop you from tryin’ t’ do the shit you do around town, but I will not let your run in with Messiah an’ let you become one a’ those people I went to a fucking funeral for. It’s not fucking allowed!” An’ I’m not letting you leave us t’ do somethin’ that feckin’ stupid!”

"So running away from is, from me, that's not cowardly, Magnes?" Elaine stares at him intently. She stays close. She'll get in his face if she has to. "If you only had one ticket, you could've called me. I would've found a way it. It's not like I couldn't charm someone and act cute and get them to give me a ticket. I would have at least been able to stay with you in the hotel. Don't need a ticket for that. So I don't believe that bullshit."

Her eyes narrow, suspiciously, though there's a hint of fear in her tone. "Party? What happened at this party? Did someone from Messiah talk to you there? Is that why you're so gung-ho to join them again? What do you remember from it?"

She purses her lips. "I'm going to talk to Rupert. You decide to do something like that, join Messiah again? I'll fucking join too. How's that for 'not being in the middle'? You tell me what it was that you thought about that made you decide this. What the hell could have happened to you at a sci-fi convention that made you want to do this?"

The ongoing assault on Magnes relieves Sable of the responsibility to lay on blows. Being slapped by a girl (a real girl) does internal damage all its own. Sable keeps her perch, her arms still folded, lines on her face an exact illumination of scorn. "It will be on yer conscience, though," Sable says, her voice taking on the uncharacteristic tone of grave pronouncement, "and y'll be like all those others. Some fucked up personal quest dressed up like it's some grand fuckin' cause."

Finally her arms unfold and she leans forward on her perch, hands resting on her knees as she sticks her chin out, really looking at Magnes. Pointedly. "That who y' gonna be, Pauly-boy? You think there's somethin' higher 'n' better 'n' more important than stickin' t' those y' love, who love you? Nothing quite as selfish 's selflessness. I tell you now, nothin' is right that harms your love. There ain't no cause worth fightin' for that don't have love at is heart. You go, boy, you spit on everythin' that means anythin' t' me. 'n' know what?"

Sable makes a quick, sharp, hacking sound and spits on the floor, spittle coming out in a high velocity pellet and splattering there. "If you go, you fuckin' go. 'n' don't think t' come back less than on blood-stained hand and thorn-torn fuckin' knee."

No one is joining or rejoining Messiah,” Quinn states, very firmly and matter of factly, as if this is law. Hands move to her hips, gaze flicking over to Elaine with a glare for just the briefly moment before moving back to Magnes, an almost pleading expression painted across here face. “I dunno who Rupert is. Is he the leader of Messiah you said you knew? Because Jesus Christ, Magnes, how does any a’ this sound like a good idea to you?” She knows now that Messiah helped the Ferry on Staten earlier in month, but given the radicalness of their actions, and the other things they’ve done… no, just no.

“You don’t even remember what happened? An’ that doesn’t sound weird t’ you?” Now she’s leaning down, practically nose to nose with Magnes. “Bullshit. I don’t buy any a’ this. Either tell us the truth, or give a real reason. Or get the hell out an’ don’t come back. But for the love of God, please pick one a’ the first two, boy. Because I don’t want t’ lose you, an’ apparently Elaine, t’ Messiah. Not t’ this kinda bullshit.”

"Why the hell are you doing this, Magnes? Why is Messiah so important? Why do you believe in it more than you believe in me?" Elaine growls, throwing her hands up in frustration. "I don't make a threat like that lightly, Magnes. If you're so convinced that Messiah is right and good and that you have to do it, then why can't I join, hmm?" She moves away, pacing the floor a little. "You can't even give me a reason, Magnes! What's changed for you since you left? What happened? I'm not letting you fucking leave until you give me one good damn reason to let you. And if you leave without giving me that reason? I'm going to bring all kinds of hell on your head and don't you dare think I can't. Do not underestimate what a woman can do when it comes to matters of love, much less life and death."

"Why the hell are you doing this, Magnes? Why is Messiah so important? Why do you believe in it more than you believe in me?" Elaine growls, throwing her hands up in frustration. "I don't make a threat like that lightly, Magnes. If you're so convinced that Messiah is right and good and that you have to do it, then why can't I join, hmm?" She moves away, pacing the floor a little. "You can't even give me a reason, Magnes! What's changed for you since you left? What happened? I'm not letting you fucking leave until you give me one good damn reason to let you. And if you leave without giving me that reason? I'm going to bring all kinds of hell on your head and don't you dare think I can't. Do not underestimate what a woman can do when it comes to matters of love, much less life and death."

"I… just…" Magnes stands up, hands still on his stomach as anxiety grips him in the gut. "It's not more important, it's just… fffuck, damnit! Stop confusing me!" He flings a hand at the couch, sending it flying into the wall behind him. "I have to go, I can't keep listening to this, I'm sorry. I want to stay, I love all of you, I want the band, I want this life, I just can't, I have to join them, and this was the best way to do it!" He starts marching for the door, reaching for the knob. "I'm sorry, good bye."

Sable's grim implacability is pretty well thrown as Magnes literally throws a couch against the wall. She sometimes forgets he can do that. She knows he can move shit, that he can make glasses of milk float in the air, or make heavy stuff real light, but making entire pieces of furniture fall sideways is something she doesn't really actively take into account.

It's an outburst, of the sort Sable herself is not unfamiliar with. That kind of thing is very much in the crazy rock midget handbook. But it doesn't seem like Magnes.

And when she said he should go if we was going to go, Sable didn't really think, didn't really imagine that he would. Certainly, she imagined its possibility, but the reality startles her even more than the sudden change in the room's feng shui. There is a pause in her reaction that lets him get as far as the knob, before Sable springs her feet and bounds after Magnes, teeth gritted, hopping right up onto his back and trying to put him in a headlock.

"Like hell! We ain't nearly fuckin' done with you!"

With Sable getting on Magnes’ back, Quinn is attempting to move between him and the door, fury nearly radiating from her palatably. “If we’re confusin’ you, you know this is wrong, Magnes. This is bullshit. This while feckin’ thing. Christ, Messiah is bad enough, but who the fuck is telling you you have t’ leave us for it?” Quinn leans against the doorframe, a baleful gaze lowered on Magnes.

“You go past me, you go out this door, Magnes, there’s no coming back. That’s it. So sit the hell down an’ let’s talk about this. “ A finger is pointed at him as she talks, wagging up and down in a traditionally chastising motion. “And what the fuck man? The couch? Are you tryin’ t’ hurt one of us? What the hell happened at this con?”’

"Magnes, I don't care what you think, something happened. And if you can't remember someone talking to you or giving you this idea or something prompting this sudden change of heart then there is something wrong. People don't just change like this overnight. Not without a trigger. Not without some idea. And if you can't remember talking to someone or thinking it on your own, someone's messing with your head, Magnes. You gotta fight it off if someone's messing with your head. Think!" Elaine's moving to try and get the couch back in order since Quinn and Sable clearly have the situation fairly under control with Magnes there. At least physically.

Magnes grabs Sable's arm, but he can't bring himself to actually hurt her, he just stands there in front of Quinn with Sable on his back, trying to keep Sable from squeezing too tightly. "No one told me anything. No one did anything, I decided on my own! I don't need a reason!" he insists, grunting as he tries to pull Sable's arms from around him, which isn't working out very well as he's still trying not to hurt her. "I'm not lying, no one told me, the convention happened normally, I just… decided."

Sable cranes her neck around to get a look at Elaine, something she's said catching onto her attention. Ringing something of a bell. Messing with his head? There are people who can do that. In fact, Sable has met one in her own building. Sable growls into Magnes's ear, her grip tight enough as if daring him to try and be forceful with her.

"You so fuckin' sure?" Sable says, "care t' test that, eh? Sit th' fuck back down and we c'n sort this out." Her arms squeezes tighter for a second, driving her point home… whatever that point may be. 'Pay attention' maybe? "Quinn, y' know where Kaylee lives? Over at Gun Hill? Go get her. My boy here can't have no objection t' us checking t' be damn sure this is his own goddamn choice, can he now?"

The thought of someone messing with magnes’ head provides little to no comfort to Quinn, but she’s willing to go along with this, for now. “Can’t say I do. Only met ‘er once while at the buildin’. Tell me where t’ go, an’ I’ll go try an’ find ‘er.”

Elaine is elated. Sable has a plan! She peers over at the two, frowning at Magnes. "Everything happens for a reason. Tell me what you were thinking. Humor me. Walk me through why you need to help Messiah. Are there people you need to help? Do you believe in their cause? How did you come to this decision? Cause if you're just randomly deciding, I don't think that's well thought out, do you? Come sit." With the couch righted, she's shoved it back where it belongs and she moves to sit. Perhaps they can lure him back, at least for now. Sable's plan had to work.

"Fine, just get off." Magnes heads to the couch, even if Sable does stay on his back, though waits for her to get down before he actually sits. "It's not really a reason I want to join them, it's more of a feeling, like it's the right thing to do. It's what I need to do, it's a gut feeling."

Sable gives him one more 'convincing' vicegrip before dropping off of Magnes' back, sidling over to let him move to the couch unimpeded, though she remains by the door, arms crossing again, like a minute bouncer. "I ain't one t' speak ill 'f intuition," Sable says, sounding at least temporarily placated, "but this is all such fuckin' bullshit. Look… Quinn, you 'n' Elaine stay here, 'cause I know where she is," charting Gun Hill by the positions of occupancy by pretty girls is sort of a cartographic hobby of Sable's, "I'll be right back. Now don't no one do nothin' stupid," she's looking at Magnes when she says this, "I'ma gonna be back quick 's I can. When I get back, better not be no more interior decoratin'-type changes, dig?"

Trusting that her point is made, she turns to the door, stops, turns back to squint at Magnes again, pointing a finger at him, then turns to the door again, this time actually opening it and slipping out. The sound of her footfalls come rapid even as they fade. She's running.

It's some long and likely awkward minutes before that patter patter of Sableish feet is heard again, this time increasing in volume. And she's not alone. Sable's adamance and franticness may seem a little ridiculous, but she's certainly persistent, and she would not have given in until Kaylee agreed to come along, or Kaylee Jedi Mind Tricked Sable into believing Kaylee was not Kaylee but instead her non-Evolved twin sister Vivianne, who could be of no help, but maybe Sable should go far far away to look for the real Kaylee.

Luckily, that's not how things went down, and soon Magnes' door swings open, a small, dark haired figure appearing, an arm lifted to usher in a much taller, fairer haired personage. "He's in here," Sable promises. And he is. Sitting on the couch, under the watchful guard of Quinn and Elaine, armed with that deadliest of weapons - the scorn of ladies.

The telepath looks completely flustered, maybe it's the way Sable insisted and all. "Okay, okay… trust me, I doubt his brain is going to implode… or something." She's so very reassuring with that, mouth pulled a little to one side.

Her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, it's not hard to see the dark bruise on one of her cheeks. Her clothing is pretty much, just a pair of wore jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt from a random motorcycle dealer, sleeves pushed up to her elbow . A pair of biker boots on her feet.

Glancing at the others as she steps in, Kaylee lifts a hand and gives it a bits of a way. "Hello." Her blue eyed gaze lands on Magnes, brows lifting a little. "So, Magnes." Hands perch on her hips as she studies him. "I hear there is an issue?"

“It’s either an issue, or Magnes is a total arse,” Quinn remarks from where she stands, arms folded across her chest. “Magnes is goin’ on about how he has t’ run off an’ do things that he shouldn’t want t’, an’ he’s willin’ t’ leave us all behind t’ do it on a whim.” Quinn exhales sharply, fingers pinching the bridge of her nose. “Elaine seems t’ think someone’s been messin’ with his head.”

"Feel free to call me an idiot if no one's done something to him, but he's suddenly had a change of heart after leaving under circumstances I found a little suspicious." Elaine frowns a little, glancing to Magnes. "Sorry."

"They think something's wrong with me, but I know there isn't. I can decide something without everyone think I'm crazy somehow." Magnes crosses his arms, staying planted in the seat he's had since Sable left. "Go ahead, have at my brain."

"What sort of things?" Kaylee asks with intense interest, hand sliding off her hips and moving closer to Magnes. Stopping in front of the poor guy, she looks over all the woman in the room with him. "I need to know what's changed so I know what I'm getting into here.

"Just going in willy nilly can be dangerous." Even as she speaks, he thumbs rubs against her fingers, reaching out to press fingers against his temples, they stay perched there, but she doesn't dive in just yet.

Quinn glances over at Elaine, and then back to Sable, grimacing as she returns her gaze to Kaylee. Hands fall to her side as she takes several steps forward, speaking quietly, as though she worries someone might be listening, or as if she were ashamed. “Messiah,” she practically whispers. “He had promised t’ tell people things and try and be a more normal feckin’ person, and then he took off t’ DragonCon without Elaine an’ came back not rememberin’ part of it ad clamouring about rejoining Messiah an’ leavin’ the three of us behind.”

Elaine looks to Kaylee. "A few days ago he was talking about how he was going to protect his friends and not go flying off the handle with heroics. And now he abruptly comes back from a sci-fi convention that he suddenly ditched me for and suddenly has this feeling in his gut that he needs to join Messiah. He feels it."

"I do feel it, I'm allowed to have a feeling." Magnes says with a bit of frustration, but follows Sable's advice and thinks about his urge to go to Messiah. "There, go ahead, then you can see nothing's wrong."

Once she's gets the news, brows furrow deeply and lids slide over blue eyes. Magnes can feel the pressure already as Kaylee slides into his mind, searching. Right from the start there is an sharp intake of breath and a softly whispered, "Son of a…" it trails off and the young woman is quiet, brow dropping as deep as they can go on her fore head… this might take a bit.

'Son of a…' is good. That means something is wrong. Which… okay… isn't 'good'. But you know… the band. Sable doesn't know any other bassists. Priorities. Am I right?

Sable does express considerable worry though, in spite of her underlying wish to find something wrong… nothing too wrong. But just wrong enough to make this all a really bad dream, rather than an oncoming reality.

Quinn’s brow is furrowed, watching Kaylee and Magnes carefully, beginning t pace after a minute or two. She’s not quite sure what to do here, and the truth of matter is she’s not entirely sure she believes in the idea of someone having been playing with magnes’ head. But she can, hope for good news, which is what she does best anyway. Exhaling sharply, she shakes her head and looks in Kaylee’s direction, hoping for that good news.

There's something. Something. She knew it! Elaine chews on her lower lip, nervous, as she watches Kaylee and Magnes. She'll stay quiet, in respect for the conversation, but she's anxiously awaiting the results.

Magnes strains his eyes shut, not used to the feeling of getting his head dug into. His eyes rapidly move under the lids, and he reaches out, feeling around the couch. "Elaine." he says without adding anything else, clearly wanting her to come over.

Magnes can definitely feel when Kaylee leaves his head, it's feels like she jerks out of his head suddenly, with forces. Her hands come of his head as if his head just caught on fire and she stumbles back, eyes wide. She stares at Magnes, but then there is a touch of pity.

"You need to stay away from anything and everything Magnes. "Messiah… anything you work for. You stay put." Both hands come up to stall any protests. "ONLY til I talk to some people. Your mind…" She trails off, hands spreading with a helpless look. "It's such a mess… it's like… this — this —" Hands come together like she's packing a snow ball.

"Huge knot of messed up shit. I can't even begin to really look at it." There is a look of exasperation, glancing at others. "I need to talk to some people before I go in there and try to really look at it or loosen the knots in your brain. I can't fix your swiss cheese memory, but the other stuff… I might.

"Right now I need to treat him like some freakin' ticking time bomb." Kaylee finally grimaces too, pressing the heel of her hand to her forehead, eyes closing for a moment. "I need to make some phone calls. Make arrangements."

But… Kaylee can do such crazy stuff. How can she not fix this problem? Sable's expression falls like an elevator with its cables cut. Kaylee can't fix it, at least not now, because of how bad it really is.

What sinks into the put of Sable's stomach is a heavy weight of guilt. Irrational - though who was expecting rationality - though it might be, her first instinct is to imagine that her vigorous wishing, her interference, had been what brought this about. That if she hadn't asked for Kaylee, they wouldn't know, and that not knowing would be the same as it not being so at all. Crazy, backwards logic, but who doesn't think like that at moments like this, in some hateful inner cavern.

"Naw… naw, wait, what's that fuckin' mean? He'll be okay, eh? This ain't nothin' y'all can't sort out right quick? This is my goddamn boy we're talkin' 'bout here!" Sable's tone is plaintive, as if she could plead Kaylee into admitting she's overreacting, or maybe pulling a joke in bad taste. In an instant she has rounded on Magnes, her lips set into that same strangely young scowl, "What th' fuck've you been up to? I thought this shit was over! Whatall did y' get yerself involved in?" Sounding, word by word, less angry and more simply upset.

Quinn sighs, shaking her head. “I’m not sure we can keep him here, Kaylee. He threw a couch earlier tryin’ t’ get out. He’s pretty set on this whole Messiah thing, so unless you can snap your fingers an’ put him t’ sleep, I think that might be a lost cause.” Quinn kick idly at the floor, shrugging her shoulders. “Who’re you going t’ call, Kaylee? In case the two a’ us can work t’gether on this. I want t’ get this madness over with quick as possible.” She’s pacing again, fingers rubbing her left temple as she walks. Magnes may have people playing with his head, but Quinn’s the one with a throbbing headache after all of this. “At this point I’m almost wonderin’ what the hell he has himself int’ that has things in such a knot,” she remarks almost flippantly, glaring back at Magnes.

Elaine quickly goes right over towards Magnes, reaching to take his hand as soon as he murmurs it. She peers carefully at Kaylee, giving a small nod. "I'll keep him here." It's bad, obviously. She knew something was wrong. "We'll get you fixed, Magnes." She murmurs. "I talked to Cat originally that something was up when Magnes left, so she knows there's a situation.. she might be able to figure out how we can help…"

"I know I'm missing memories, that part I can actually explain." Magnes points out as he reaches up to gently rub his head. Though he probably has no idea just how many times he's been wiped. "I don't know what else could be wrong, but if all I have to do is wait a while, I can do that. But I'm going to Messiah right after."

"Sable…" Kaylee starts, eyes closing for a moment, before giving the woman a straight forward look. " There are things in there, I don't dare touch til I consults some people and take precautions incase… incase I trigger some stuff." Those final words blurted out with a sigh. "This kind of stuff you don't play with lightly." It's explained softly and a matter factly, eyes landing on Magnes.

"What you've got going on in there. It ain't a simple fix, Magnes. You could possibly be a danger to everyone, and I… I just can't take a chance. "Already Kaylee is fishing for her cellphone, it's just that important. "Don't worry. I got this. I'm calling Elieen and Raith." Those two names alone should explain how serious it is, to those who run the Ferryman circles. "Don't worry… I'm fairly certain they will be extremely interested in this. Cat… we don't need her yet. I'll leave that decision to Eileen." They need the more… militant group of the Ferry.

"Trust me Magnes… what's in your head ain't pretty." Kaylee moves towards the door. "He gives you guys trouble, come get me, he's so fully of mental tamper, shouldn't matter if I give him a command to stay." Her thumb flips through numbers until she finds the one she wants. "I'll let you know what's going one as soon as I can…"

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