Mentally Straining Allegiances


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Scene Title Mentally Straining Allegiances
Synopsis Those with nothing to hide gather together to let Kaylee do the job tasked of her. Understandably, no one is happy about it.
Date December 08, 2011

Pollepel Island, Bannerman's Castle

When the council’s request was brought to her, Kaylee was not a big fan of the idea. To search for a murderer in the minds of the people trapped on the island. Being a telepath brings with it a certain stigma; which means, she had to work to cultivate a trust among the people on the island. Many do, but something like this could potentially strain those relations. Despite that fact, the woman hesitantly agrees to assist, not even complaining. The matter was serious enough that she would not shy away from it. The lives of so many people on the island were at stake, since the murderer who could strike again at any time.

Since with the announcement, Kaylee has been painfully aware that she now has a very large target on her back. One more thing for her to worry about after some rather traumatic events.

However, tonight would be one of the easiest, people gather willingly in the dining hall to let Kaylee look into the crevices of their thoughts. There is relaxed conversation — some may be edged with nerves by those that haven’t been subjected to her ability like this. She might take heart in how many have — over the course of the evening — had shown up; but, it does not uncurl the knot in her stomach. They are friends and Ferrymen colleagues, people who know her and trust her not to take more then what is required. Still it made her a little sick to her stomach that there was even a need to do it.

Long tapered fingers sit lightly against the temples of Benjamin Ryans, while the older man looks stoic, if a bit uncomfortable. Her golden hair falls down her back, strands of it falling into her face, as her head tilts down in concentration – eyes closed. The large deep blue sweat she wears has the sleeves pushed up at her elbows, the hem of it falling a little past her hips, before transitioning to the floral floor length skirt.

Ryans had approached her, a show of support, from the co-head of Special Activities, for the poor frazzled telepath. Having him and members of the council openly allowing her to scan their memories, it does help, showing folks that even the leaders of the Ferrymen are not exempt.

His eyes are focused on the small delicate cross that sit at her collar bone, this close, it was a safest place to keep his gaze, when his eyes were open. Brows furrow a little as he listens to the telepath’s mental commands, an unheard conversation.

Finally, Kaylee takes a step back, putting distance between her and the man. Giving him a gentle smile, Kaylee reaches for a pad of paper, flipping through the pages to find the one she wants. “Thank you, Mr. Ryans.” He inclines his head to her, moving to get up. A few notes are taken by the telepath, before the paper are replace, covering what she has written from prying eyes. These notes would be for the council only.

“Okay,” the notepad is held close to the telepath’s chest protectively as she asks the room, “Who is up next? ”

Lynette is not happy. A few people on the island know that she wanted to do this quietly. Elegantly. Without overtaxing a telepath and making everyone on the island jumpy. But she had to agree that the murder and the force field were doing a good job of that anyway. So, even though she doesn't like it and even though she argued against it, Lynette is here. Because they are not exempt. And because she wants to show the others that Kaylee can be trusted.

She stands nearby, arms folded as she waits. She's in jeans that carry rips (although not bloodstains, which is a miracle) and a knit sweater that's too big and falling off one shoulder. A pack of cigarettes and a lighter are in hand, but unused. They are more of a security blanket right now than they are a vice. Later, they'll be a vice, when there are less people crowded around.

They go great with vodka.

Her gaze is distant, but then, it has been since they got back from the Ark. And that mission might be another reason why she's here to support Kaylee. It takes her a second, but when the next volunteer is called for, Lynette unfolds herself and steps forward. "Might as well be me," she says, her tone attempting to be light, but it sounds a bit hollow.

"I'll go," announces Noa Gitelman, as she gracefully unfolds herself from where she'd been sitting crosslegged on the floor reading a book. Maybe she wants to set a good example for the younger Ferry crowd. Or maybe she wants to impress the older Ferry crowd. At any rate, it's clear she believes she has nothing to hide.

But her voice overlaps Lynette's, and she shakes her head, waving Lynette forward. "Go ahead," she says, perhaps just a little too happy to let the other woman go first.

She stretches a little, now that she's risen from the cold stone ground, and then tips her head one way and then the other to get rid of the crick in her neck from having her head bent over the book. She glances over to Ryans, now that he's done. "Let us know fi it hurts," she stage whispers, but there's something a little nervous in her expression, despite a quick smile that's so unlike her mother's, though she resembles Hana in so many other ways.

Robyn Quinn says nothing, lips thin as she stares at the others gathered, and then at Kaylee. She is clearly not happy about something - anything going on lately could certainly be a contributing factor. Her arms are crossed as she leans against a wall, looking out at the others from behind a pair of dark sunglasses. "Sure," she remarks, sounding nonplussed. "Let's get this shit over with."

She willing to let the others go first though, a sweeping motion of her arm indicating for them to go on ahead.

Barbara on the other hand stands beside Lynette. She doesn't think she needs to be here. Well, she knows she doesn't need to be here, and she believes Eileen trusts her more than that. But a show of good faith can go a long way, that even council members are willing to go forward with these "interviews", can perhaps go a long way in the strained state of how things are at the moment. "Whenever you're ready," Barbara offers, a half smirk on her face as she looks over to the Ferry's resident telepath.

Moving aside a little for the councilwoman, Ryans gives Lynette an encouraging smile and a small nod of his head, before moving to settle himself near Megan and Huruma. "Its not that bad," Ryans comments blandly, fingers rubbing at his arm, well enough above the injury site. It itches like mad and he is doing his bet to leave it alone.

There is a sigh of relief when so many pipe up ready to do this, she lets out a slow breath to relax the unease in her stomach. "Great," Kaylee says with a bright - yet somewhat forced - smile. "Thank you.." She added genuinely. While she waits for Lynette to take a seat, the young woman turns away long enough to set the pad back down on the table next to them.

"So, I know you have dealt with my ability before." Many times, as of late. Kaylee's voices lift enough so that she does not have to keep repeating these instructions. "I promise. Nothing more then a glance, just going to look in your most recent memories. Namely, the days around the night of the murder." The last word is sighed out softly. She briefly touches Lynettes shoulder in reassurance and then moves to bracket her head with long fingers.

«Okay… Think back.» There is a light pressure behind Lynette's eyes, the telepath's closing as she reaches for those memories.

The need for safety now supercedes the liberty of the Ferrymen on Pollepel. When a traitor is in their midst, there's no other choice. Wolves at the door, barely at bay? It itches on her skin nearly as bad as the rawness does on Ryans' arm. She looks up as he returns, one brow lifting from him towards Kaylee, mouth in a firmer line. The ones that know they are innocent of crime are the ones that want this over as soon as possible.

With the few volunteers lining up for Kaylee, Huruma waits, and watches, her own senses reaching idly out to test at the emotions of those under Kaylee's hands.

Something else seems to cross her expression, a fleeting, deeper look that lies down behind Huruma's gaze as she looks on.

In truth, she can't believe it's come to this. Megan's copper brows are furrowed over her nose when Ryans rejoins them. Although she's — as always — doing her best to restrain her emotional responses around Huruma so as not to make the woman deal with more than she has to, the redhead is both sad and angry to see this organization tearing itself apart like this. The Ferry works on trust. That's gone now.

Her dark eyes flicker to Ryans and she murmurs quietly, "Not the point." There's a part of her that wonders if the former leadership would have allowed this. She doesn't believe so — but she's not entirely sure of that, knowing that Harkness was willing to kill a child to keep her from exposing them, so she'll keep her discontent silent and do as is necessary. She has nothing to hide from Kaylee and the sooner, the better, as far as she's concerned.

"Alright, ladies," Lynette says, her playful tone sounding more genuine this time around, "get in line." She gives a wink of Noa, possibly because she figures the girl doesn't mind waiting. As she moves, she glances to Ryans, replying to his encouragement with a two-fingered salute. And a smirk. But when she reaches Kaylee, she gives her a gentler smile. Support, camaraderie, all that.

But then she settles in and gives a nod to the telepath's words. I'm sorry we're putting you through this, Lynette thinks, for Kaylee alone, since she's trying to give the impression of a more unified council this time around. But apology given, she closes her eyes and lets her mind drift back. It wasn't long ago, after all, and luckily she wasn't blackout drunk at the time. That might have looked suspicious. As it is, her memories are covered in a haze, as is her mind in general. A sort of numbness that she's been existing under for the past few weeks.

Noa, standing now, hangs back, her arms folding as she leans against the wall. Lynette gets a smirk. "I'll try to contain my excitement and not push you out of the way like it's a Black Friday sale or something," she says. That analogy was no doubt explained to her because she certainly hasn't been shopping at a Black Friday sale this year, last year, or any time in her short life. She glances to where Huruma watches, one brow lifting at the woman's shift in expression, but she doesn't say much else, and simply waits for her turn.

Quinn pushes herself off the wall, a bit of a scowl on her face as she steps forward to join the others. A hand reaches up to adjust her sunglasses. "Are we- actually doing a line up for this? Seriously?" There's a bit of a bitterness to Quinn voice, but she complies, moving up quickly behind Noa.

Barbara stands just to the side of the rest of the group - she'll either wait, or slip in at some other point. She offers Lynette a smile, and then another to Kaylee. She's sorry as well, but she's more focused on making sure there's no problems or outbursts at the moment, a bit of an annoyed expression offered towards the musician. "It'll be quick," she offers, hands on her hips. Hopefully.

«Necessity often breeds desperation» Kaylee's mental voice is hollow, but truthful, even a little distracted as she sifts through the memories of the councilwoman. There is no lingering, the pressure is there for a moment; moments, even if they are blurry ones are mentally squinted at.

The drunken haze is noted and is there is may be a touch of jealousy for it. She is unable to really partake in things like that, anything that might loosen the barriers around her mind - without hurting herself. Even now she remembers that first time - not fun.

There are only moments before the pressure is gone again. «Thank you, Lynette.» She means it, too.

"Noa…" The telepath glances over her shoulder, at the young woman, hands falling away from Lynette's temples. A brow lifts as if you say, I heard that, her look a touch flat. "Your next," is announced with an equal blandness. She doesn't like what she is doing, but that doesn't mean Kaylee has to put up with such comments.

A glance is cut over to Megan, Ryans lips pressing tightly. "None of us like this, Megan." Even he will admit it. "But there are too many people at risk here." He moves his gaze to Huruma, a brow lifting questioning. Is she going to be difficult?

Kaylee's shoulder round a little at Quinn's outburst, her back to the woman, and she jots a few notes. There is a small flash of anger from the telepath, for Huruma, but she straightens her back and ignores it; thankful of Barbara's support.

Huruma, for a time, is lost in the way that Kaylee seems to streamline the process, only passively aware of the conversation going on near her. She senses eyes on her when Ryans turns a look her way, and that questioning look of his is given a vaguely troubled one in reply. What? Her, difficult? Usually. We'll see.

Megan nods slightly to Ryans, absently swatting his hand away from rubbingrubbingrubbing at his arm. "I'm well aware, Benjamin," she tells him under her breath. Needs must when the Devil drives. Or in this case, attacks. Raising her voice slightly, she asks the telepath, "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to step up after Noa — there are still things to be dealt with in the medbay. And I know you're doing your best to keep it short and sweet," she tells Kaylee sincerely, in apology for her tone. She doesn't say she's going to deal with bodies, no one needs that reminder.

When Lynette's eyes flutter open, she looks back to Kaylee and gives her a nod. For the thanks, for what she's doing. But then she stands up and looks over at Noa. "Don't worry, she's very gentle." There's a quick smile, but then Lynette walks over to stand near Barbara. She casts a glance toward her co-council, uncertainty showing there for a moment before she looks back to the room. Expression neutral. "If anyone's nervous, we're here. We'll do what we can to help this go smoothly and quickly."

The raised brow is met with an apologetic smile from the younger woman, whether it was meant for her or not. "Sorry. Unlike my mother, I have a sense of humor. No one ever said it was a good one, though," Noa quips, sitting down across from Kaylee and resting her hands in her lap a little nervously, twisting a l. She hasn't been through this before, at least not with Kaylee. "You probably don't want to go too far back. just for your own sake," she says quietly. "I had a lot of teenage angst and a lot of that stuff is never going to happen." It happened of course, already, for her, but is still in the future for them. It's a confusing paradox of memory and fiction.

"For the record, I'd rather do this than go to Walmart." She's heard stories.

Quinn has no reason to be upset with Kaylee of course - and she's not - but how angry she is about this whole situation is manifesting itself in the most abrasive of ways. She turns back to the wall where she'd been leaning and pulls a long, thick stick to herself. Megan's seen it, her walking stick. She needs it less now than she did a month ago, but she's still keeping it close. A look back at Megan, and again Quinn sweeps her arms forward. "Please." Kaylee can maybe catch a stray thought that comes after - because standing her longer is exactly what I want to do. She keeps that to herself, though, if only barely.

"You miss Walmart when you don't have it anymore," Barbara offers with a half smile - she's sure most of the people stuck here on the island now would love to be out shopping, rather than below the forcefield that held them here. As Megan moves forward, Barbara looks to her, offering a nod.

The swat gets a look of annoyance from Benjamin, but he does settle a little. Fingers of his one good hand curl into a fist and sets it perfectly still on his leg. This will not last long, but for now the good medic gets her way. He watches the faces around him, a concerned glance is given to Quinn, but he is quiet either way.

"Absolutely, Megan," Kaylee offers to the medic an apologetic smile of her own, before turning to the young woman now in front of her.

The comments - especially about Walmart — rewards Noa with a bit more of a smile from Kaylee. Thankful for a moment of something more amusing, she grips the girls shoulders briefly, "I promise, I won't look any further back then I need too." That reassurance given, fingers transfer from shoulder to temples, eyes closing again.

Comments around her are ignored as she gives Noa the mental cues needed to help focus on the day… mental fingers slide along the memories finding what she needs. There is relief when she finds nothing. It is the last thing the council needs, having to doubt the kids from their futures.

Then it is done.

"See not so bad and your secrets are yours," Kaylee whispers, giving a small wink to Noa - clearly no hard feelings about earlier comments — before she takes to writing notes and waiting for Megan to take a seat.

Noa is a puzzling little thing. Huruma tries not to pay it too much mind. She's trying. Quinn, however, is a touch more distracting from watching the task at hand. Her fingers flex and tighten against her palm as she holds her hands on her lap. It is an increasing tension, somewhat irritable and growing more visibly so in the edges of others' sights. Something about her own tension goes vastly unsaid.

Huruma turns a strained sort of look to Megan when the other woman goes ahead to take her turn once Noa is finished.

The redheaded nurse looks both exhausted and mildly perturbed. She moves forward and quirks a single brow at Quinn. "If you need a more constructive oulet for all that energy, I could use a hand in the medbay," she informs the younger woman in a calm, measured tone. "Thank you for allowing me to precede you." Could be sarcasm, could be genuine — one never knows if Megan Young doesn't want them to.

She steps up to the seat Kaylee is using for the people being scanned and sits down. There is no tension in her body over being scanned, and it's obvious that she feels she has nothing to worry about here.

"What I wouldn't give for an outlet mall," Lynette says with a sign of longing. "Just one new pair of shoes. Is that too much to ask?" Heller thinks so. She glances over at Quinn, worrying bringing a frown to her face. But understanding keeps her from commenting. Plus, she's being invasive enough, she can't bring herself to hush dissent as well. "I wouldn't take her up on that, Quinn," she notes after Megan's offer, "it smells like hospital down there." Which, of course, it doesn't. But that's why it's a joke.

"Just don't give away any of Hana's if you saw them, because I can't protect you from her," Noa whispers back, clearly joking, as she slides out of the seat. She glances up at Megan and offers a small smile as she moves out of the way, then back toward Quinn to stand beside her, letting her shoulder lightly touch the other's. The tiniest offer of comfort, of camaraderie, if the other woman needs it. She glances Lynette's way. "The hell is an outlet mall?" She hasn't quite caught up on all things of this current timeline, it seems.

"Seriously?" Quinn quirks an eyebrow in response to Noa's comment, before looking around at the others. Even her vision imparied as it is, she can still read a room. So, swallowing down some of her annoyance, she lets herself fall silent, waiting for her turn as Kaylee works her ability on Megan.

"Certainly you can fit into one of the boots in storage, Lynette," Barbara offers with a smirk. She doesn't get to go to any sort of mall often if at all, but she still appreciates the levity the conversation brings to the room, particularly in light of other factors. "We'll have to make sure someone takes you to one of the ones in lower Manhattan, or in Boston."

"You all would not last a hot moment back in 1890's New York," amusement colors the Telepath's voice, as everyone reacts to Noa's… naivety. There is a small smile as she drops the pad and pencil on the table again. Huruma might feel the reluctance that Kaylee feels when faces with Megan. Intimidated really, even though the medic gets a smile.

"I know…" Kaylee says softly to Megan. Maybe she caught something she said, or she is just taking a guess at how the woman feels. The woman's fingers press gently to the medic's temple. «I didn't want to do this either.» Eyes close and the pressure increases behind Megan's eyes, though nothing compared to the pinch of pain that was gathering in Kaylee's skull. It is gentle, the coxing for memories of those days.

"Quinn…" The name is offered soft, fingers falling away from Megan's skull, it was just that quickly. "Thank you, Megan." There is an apology in that tone as well.

Watching Kaylee do her thing is equal parts impressive and wracking. Huruma has been around long enough to know when a telepath has tuned themselves; this one especially. Her pale eyes settle on Kaylee as Megan sits down and leans into the search. It doesn't take long, of course. Megan is…well, Megan, right? There wouldn't be anything there. Huruma can count on one hand the people she thinks about like that. The medic has had enough to deal with, and as she studies the interaction, Huruma filters out a cool breath through her teeth at the same time that she blatantly offers Megan's senses a touch of calm, questioning but not invasive. Enough to be noticed— a gentle prod, to see if she needs it.

With a faint smile at the comment about the mall, Megan simply closes her eyes and lets Kaylee lead her thoughts where they need to go. «It's all right. We do what we have to right now», the redhead replies in her own head. Given that the nurse already has a tension headache, this is not exactly a pleasant experience. Her eyes fly open and shoot in surprise toward Huruma for a moment, and she seems a little less strained. But by the time Kaylee is done with her gentle invasion, the band of pressure is pretty damn tight.

Megan stands, patting Kaylee's arm briefly, without letting on except in the deepening lines of strain around her eyes that she's hurting. "Come see me when you're done here," she instructs the telepath. The cost of what is being done here is not lost on the redhead. She makes her way back through the group, now that her own scan is accomplished, and seems to be intending not to stay.

Lynette looks over at Noa, eyebrow lifting at her question. She opens her mouth, as if to answer, but then closes it again. "No, I can't tell you. It would only make you depressed that we're stuck on an island." That might be a little dramatic, but it's for effect. Her gaze flicks to Barbara, and she lets her shoulders sag. "But do any of them have stilleto heels? I think not." She knows not. Because she already looked.

She chuckles at Kaylee's comment and nods. "Damn right we wouldn't. Give me cars and planes and indoor plumbing." Which. Are hard to come by.

Jokes come easy. But Huruma — at least — knows it's all an act. Inside, there's no amusement. Nothing even close.

Noa's eyes widen just a little to the reaction given to her question. "Well, I know what a mall is. I take it they don't just sell outlets? I mean…" her dark eyes move from face to face. "I'm a technopath and even I'd find that boring." The jokes are quick and light, but seem to be just that — meant as the tiniest bit of levity in the stressful moment. When Kaylee calls Quinn, Noa touches the woman's shoulder gently, before letting her hand drop again.

"We have knives and glue," Barbara responds to Lynette, her smile growing. "You know we're all about DIY here." She offers a look towards Noa, giving a small laugh. "Well. Like I said, we'll have to make sure you make it out to one of the really good ones, Noa." With that, Barbara falls silent again, watching as Quinn's lips quirk side to side, the musician letting out a sigh as she steps away from the wall and towards the chair where Kaylee has been having people sit.

She doesn't ever look directly at Kaylee, at least not as far as anyone can tell with her sunglasses on, making her way over the chair and gingerly loweing herself down into it. stick placed across her lap. "Be quick," she says quietly, closing her eyes. Kaylee likely knows a surprising number of her recent memories already - even the ones Quinn herself doesn't seem to remember - so she relaxes as she lets the telepath delve as far as she needs to. I'm sorry, she offers in a thought to her. Bit on edge. Didn't mean to take it out on you. Deep breath,, and then relaxation.

There is the gentle press of a warm palm against her friend's cheek, if briefly. "I'll be quick as a bunny." Kaylee reassures before fingers move to touch temples and the telepath ignores the throb of her own skull.

Ryans only waits as long as it takes Megan to leave, before he presses fingers into his arm again. At least he isn't scratching at it. Huruma will, of course, fell the man's anxiety as a constant thread of worry. They were trapped, and they practically let it happen in his mind.

Over by the mental interrogations, invisible fingers slide along the film of Quinn's newest memories. Then the pressure is gone, almost as soon as it began, or so it seems. There is relief on Kaylee's face, though she didn't doubt, Quinn, she just has a lot of doubt - especially about herself — So many minds and nothing yet, not even a clue. «No need for sorry, my friend.»

Letting Quinn go, Kaylee turns slowly to look at the two final woman, Barbara and Huruma. Brows lift as she waits expectantly for the next person. Ryans glances at Huruma to see what she does.

Huruma does know the act. She does it too. Lynette's is more affecting of her, however, given the proximity of so many of the same feelings. After they got back from Alaska it was one thing. But now there is a shadow on the walls and the sense of something threatening to decay on the back of Huruma's mind. It's been lingering longer and longer. It's no longer hers to keep at bay— it belongs to the castle now.

It is rare for Huruma to be distracted— lost in those thoughts, less so. And yet she seems surprised when she realizes she is being watched, eyes lifting and momentarily darting from Ryans to Kaylee. The tall woman favors one side when she stands, weight shifting to her right and the rest of her compensating with a stretch as she exchanges seats to coil down in front of the telepath.

"You know better than to go too far." It's less a warning than it is a…reminder.

"Don't tempt me, Barbara," Lynette says. Because she might get desperate. She looks over at Noa, smirking at her reply. "When this is all over, we'll find a Radio Shack and really let you cut loose."

When Huruma heads over to Kaylee, Lynette turns that way, concern coming to her face. "Let's call this the last one for today," she notes, putting on her Offical Voice. "Barbara can be first in line for the next session, but I think we need to let Kaylee get some rest." She glances over to Barbara, her head tilting. "Sound good?"

"Don't tease me," is Noa's wry response to Lynette, followed by another quick smirk. She too heads in the direction of the door, but glances back over her shoulder. "Thanks. Don't wear yourself out," she says, a little gently to Kaylee, before she's out of sight, her footfalls on stone growing quieter with each step.

Quinn huffs out a breath of air and nods, offering a smile up to Kaylee as she rises up. "Just like promised," she offers grin. "Thanks Kaylee. If y' need a breather later, come find me. I'll be takin' my frustrations out on my guitar." Which is her way of saying she'll be singing and taking requests if she feels like it. With that she turns, gaze angled down at the floor as she makes her way out of the room.

Barbara gives a small shrug. "Just makes sure you check with someone to make sure we have glue to spare, Lynette. Otherwise?" Go nuts. If that'll help her fellow council member feel less stress, Barbara is all for it. They all need everything they can get right now. With that, she looks back up to Kaylee. The interrogations, at least, seem to be going "well". Relatively.

When Huruma move to take her place, Ryans finally gets to his feet. "I need to go check on Malcolm." With a murderer on the loose he feels better once he has checked on the man. It is clear, that the old man only stayed long enough to make sure that Huruma did her part. He gives Kaylee's shoulder a brief supportive squeeze, and a nod to the others. To Huruma, specifically, he gives a look that states simply, 'behave.'

The touch on her shoulder startles Kaylee, her nerves stretched thin. The ache behind her eyes becoming more prominent, but she knows that she is almost done. He gives a small pained smile to the man, before giving Huruma her full attention.

There is something that touches Kaylee's eyes, before she grimaces a little; looking a little ill for a moment. Memories of Adam, are something she tries to suppress, but having Huruma right there… it brings them forward. "Of course, Huruma," Kaylee offers with a soft smile - maybe to hide the twist of her gut.

Fingers lift to touch dark skin timidly, but then pressing just a little. Eyes close and her search begins; though only after a moments hesitation.

Then she sighs… "Thank, God." Eyes open brighter a smile on her lips. "Your good to go."

Huruma doesn't look back at the silent reminder she gets from Ben— she will behave. It's fine. She concentrates instead on Kaylee, pupils large as the younger woman leans in to touch at her head. The pressure at the fore is different. The ease with which Kaylee practices now is startlingly different— and in turn that eases Huruma's own pressures, letting her posture relax as she is studied. The last few days have a lot of thoughts, less actions, more talk, more depressions. No choking, no old women, no death.

The blonde's audible relief plays out in her emotions too, and Huruma's mouth parts in a small laugh, hand lifting to brush the top of Kaylee's. "Oh ye of little faith?" She murmurs before standing.

"It's not lack of faith, Huruma," Lynette says with a smirk, "it's relief that none of have to go toe to toe with you." Which none of them wanted to do.

She comes over to Kaylee, a hand going to her hip. "That's it. Until you've gotten some rest. And some food. Babs will bring a new group next time. I know this is important, but there's no reason to burn you out." She turns then, looking first at Barbara, then at Ryans. "No one here is going anywhere, after all." That's said with less joviality, since the people she was trying to cheer have all gone. And because it's true. The forcefield, the troops, the water. They're all trapped here. Their spy is, too.

Barbara gives a little nod to Lynette, looking to Kaylee. "The last thing we want to do is strain you, Kaylee. You're doing an immense service for us, regrettable as it is." The smile Barbara's had finally fades, giving away to a more serious expression as she closes the distance between all of them. "But I trust it has been so far, so good?" Relatively. She takes a deep breath, looking up to Ryans and Lynette. "In which case… we should probably get some rest. All of us."

"Sorry," Kaylee says a little sheepishly to the woman in front of her. "Your right I should have more faith in you." She'll admit it plainly. "No excuse not too after everything you have done for the Ferrymen." There is a full-blown apology in those words to Huruma.

She glances at Barbara and Lynette, looking suddenly weary and worn out. A moment is taken to press fingers to her temple and massage there in slow easy circles. "Just really want this to be done… I hate the looks, the… thoughts coming at me." She takes a deep breath and then offers them a smile. "Thank you, Lynette. Barbara." The support was noticed and appreciated, that feeling colors her tone. "Though, I really thought Rue would be here… but," She scoops up her notes, finger snagging the pencil after it, "maybe next session, huh?" She sounds hopeful.

Flipping through the pages again, Kaylee turns her attention to writing notes, making her way to the door. "I'll see you guys tomorrow, for another rousing round."

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