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Scene Title Messages
Synopsis Thalia comes in to see how it's going on the "who am I" front and Yamaguchi is being Yamaguchi.
Date September 1, 2009

Old Lucy's

Behind the bar, Abby works. She hadn't contacted Thalia since she frankly didn't know what to make of what she'd been told/given. That and she'd been a bit more busy what with taking care of friends, still taking care of friends and having passed along messages to those who needed messages being passed onto.

She wasn't needed at any ferryman house this night, everything covered and she'd just get in the way so, she's parked behind the bar, wiping stuff down, serving drinks, and otherwise enduring along side some of the others, a slow moving Tuesday evening.

The young woman in question slides into the bar at that moment. Dressed in a pair of black jeans and a white tank top, she is also wearing a brown leather jacket with a hood.

Thalia swings her messenger bag over her shoulder and spots Abby. "Results?" she says in greeting as she slides onto a bar stool in front of the blonde woman. Baby blues examining her. She tilts her head.

There are few enough reasons for a cop to stay sober during the best of times. By any scale, the current climate is de facto disqualified. His right hand still plaster-wrapped from fingertips to elbow, Yamaguchi ambles gracelessly into the bar, a fedora — stylish, purple, feathered — slung low over his brow. It is as appropriate an accessory as hoop earrings on a duck. The grey suit, green tie, and pastel pink shirt he wears make for an aggressively uncoordinated ensemble; as though aware of the fact, or perhaps preempting any aesthetic objections, the detective wears an expression of vague apology.

If the outfit does not offend, doubtless he will find another way of doing so. Just give him time.

In silence he approaches the bar, hooks himself onto a stool, and flattens his good hand on the counter. Over it, he levels an owlish stare at Abby and Thalia. Oh look. Girls.

Look, woman of the hour. There's a purse of the blonde's lips as she pours a pint for someone who's across the room and the waitress is waiting for it. "Yeah. I have results" which, from the look on Abby's face, well. Take your guess. But in comes a fairly.. different man, and Abby offers her level best smile for the customer that is Yamaguichi. 'Evening, Welcome to Old Lucy's, I'm the Nun, or Abby, your choice, what can I get you?"

"And?" Thalia raises an eyebrow and places her bag next to her on the barstool. She leans forward and then looks down at the man in the.. nice outfit. Her eyes travel up and down the man and she nods before returning her gaze back to Abby's.

Yamaguchi is easily diverted. "Are you?" he asks with interest, following that up with, "Mine? Really? Do you do Sexy Librarian or Airline Stewardess?" And never mind that neither of those are drinks. He flips over a coaster, scissoring it between fore- and middle-fingers, inspects the label, then pops it up display the brand name to Abby. Hefeweizen. He pats the tip of his nose with the cardboard, and looks Thalia up and down. Because she started it.

Belatedly, if hopefully, he remembers to ask both women (because it never hurts to inquire — and Thalia might say yes) "Can I see your wimple?"

"Left it at home, with the rest of my habit" Not the first time Abby's been asked that. The label on the coaster is regarded, and then, she's grabbing a cup to pour. "Yeah, Thalia, the results is weird. On one hand.. you are her sister Biologically. The other hand?" Abby regards the other woman with blue eyes. "I got nothing on you"

The glass is passed over to Yamaguchi with a smile and a rattle off of the cost of the drink. "I'm your bartender till you leave this place. Sexy librarian is tanya and becky might pull off the stewardess thing. They're always talking about how she likes to roleplay. And I don't think they mean in like.. the book kinda sense"

"Long story.. I'll save it for another time.." she say as she looks at the man. Raised eyebrows. "Nah sweetie, I'm taken already." She says and orders a shot of tequila from Brenda who winks at Thalia as she pours her drink.

Thalia looks to Abby, "Well I'm not a complete liar at least." She says but the story of why Abby's has gotten nothing on her will be told later.

"Swords and chain mail?" Yamaguchi suggests, a bit vaguely, as he fishes around in his coat for his wallet and attempts to pay his tab with his good, non-dominant left hand. He has the coordinated grace of a platypus in traction, and a mild-voiced curse prefaces his attempt to wrestle with a zipper. The billfold flips open to show the gold shield of a detective, across from a standard issue police ID. "Are you half a liar or a quarter?"

Ahh, that shield. That shield which brings a hand up, pushing the wallet away gently. "NYPD drink free here. You can thank Detective Harrison and others on scout. And she's three quarters a liar. listen, I can't sell you part of the bar Thalia, I just can't. We can talk about it later but.. It's been advised to me by my lawyer and her consults that doing so.. places me and my business at great risk" Abigail, though, looks barely old enough to even work in a bar, much less own it. She looks over to Yamaguchi, a glance to his injured hand. "Are you evolved?"

"We'll talk about it later." Thalia repeats and nods her head, she takes her shot and slams it on the bar. "Yeehawww!" she yells and winks at Brenda. "Now that was good, slide me another will ya Bren?" she says

The blonde flirt grins and does indeed slide her another. Yami is given another look then the badge is seen. Ahh ok.. cop.

Yamaguchi's eyes flicker, their gaze sliding off of Abby to Thalia, then back again. "Depending on what time of the month you ask my wife, I'm a classic neanderthal," he says amiably, the crease of a smile veiling his thoughts. His thumb manages to find a bill and forces it out of the wallet onto the counter. "I don't mind paying, though I appreciate the thought. Name's Yamaguchi. Or Ken, if you prefer to get my name out in one breath. You?" It is a generalized question, distributed equally between the two women.

"Abigail Beauchamp, Abby. Nun." he's not evo, scratch that. She scribbles down a name - Chuck Pepper - and a number, another series of words after that looks like scraped knees clinic. It's slid over, in exchange for the money. "Go see him, tell him Abby sent you. He'll take care of your arm" There's a gesture with the pen to the injured limb before she looks to Thalia. Fine, she gets the hint. Besides, with the lack of ANYTHING found about Thalia, beign near a cop is something she wants to see, see how the woman behaves.

Thalia has fake papers of course so she isn't too worried about being near a cop. "Thalia." She offers as her name. No 'Ashford' or 'Bonner' offered in last names. She doesn't looks uncomfortable around the cop but she damn sure looks like she rather be somewhere else.

'Take care of your arm.' "Will I still have two of them when he's done?" Yamaguchi asks with idle curiosity, as though inquiring after the weather. The corner of his mouth twitches; he takes a sip of beer, losing the rest of the thought in the drink. And: "Like the Muse." The detective repositions the glass neatly in the center of his coaster. It would not be exaggerating to say that he looks pleased with himself. "Or maybe it was the Graces. One of those things, anyway. It was Greek. I learned about it" and here's the clincher, "in school."

Cue applause.

"In a book," he adds helpfully, in case they were wondering.

"maaaaybe, if you ask him. He's blind, so, be gentle. You seem like the kind of guy who might play a trick on him for giggles" There's a wink from the blonde, serving up other drinks as they go. People come up to the bar, tap the counter and place their order. It's getting near time for the fun part of every hour though, as Abigail looks at the clock. "Ken, i'd protect your arm if I were yo…" Too late. Musics starting to blare and Thalia knows whats gonna happen

"Alright girls!" she yells and a she throws one leg up on the bar, hoisting herself and then Brenda up on the bar. Tanya and Lin-Ann also join the women.

While some fast paced song comes on, the women dance around on the bar. Rocking and rolling their hips. A few glasses of water are handed up to the women to which they pour all over Brenda's body, who is gyrating on the bar and laughing at loud.

Thalia throws her head back and grins at the crowd around, cheering loudly and throwing her fist in the air as she takes another shot.

Ken doesn't know what's going to happen, with the result that the sudden high-profile calisthenics take him somewhat by surprise. He straightens, rescuing his beer from the counter, and regards the cavorting legs before him with mild bemusement. Huh. Legs. He drinks his beer and thinks about Higher Things.

Abby's not joining them, she just sorta slides over a bit, and leans, looking out over the bar patrons as opposed to higher things. Though she offers a smile to the detective. "Hey, if I give you a message, would you pass it on to Detectives Harrison, O'Shea or Shelby? Like, I'll pay for your taxi even if you take it over to them before the night is over? Shelby's usually at his desk, he never sleeps" There's a pause. "Has to do with Ivanov"

Yamaguchi pauses, the glass at his lips, and drags his mind away from contemplation of the infinite to rediscover Abby's face. Oh, hello. Professional calculation briefly narrows his eyes before they relax into drowsy friendliness. "I live to serve," he says, amiably enough. "No need to cover my taxi. I was headed back to the station anyway. What is it? 'Fly, all is known. Shave the pickle when the dog barks ten?'"

Continuing to dance for a bit, Thalia rolls her hips one last time before she jumps off the bar and slides back onto her bar stool, she winks up at the ladies on the bar and smiles over at Abby. "They look great don't they?"

"Nothing verbal. Just.. " She starts scribbling, hurriedly but it's legible penmanship that's for sure. Line after line on her notepad. "I was hoping one of them would show up but they didn't, and I don't know if it's made it's way to them yet, the information, but. Well…" Rip goes the first sheet, more lines scribbled and rip goes the second sheet by the time the music dies down and Thalia's retaking her seat. "That's why they get hired. Because they can serve, and can dance." The sheets are folded in half, passed to yamaguchi. "Whoever has him, he's in bad shape. Really bad shape. They got him down to his boxers and beat the ever loving Christ out of him. He's not blindfolded, looks like basement, some place with pipes. Lots of concrete and It sounds like they did something to his legs so he can't speedy his way out"

"Hostage situation?" Thalia asks curiously and tilts her head. She looks at the two people and just puts her chin her hands. Eyes going back and forth.

The Detective blinks once — his concession to surprise — then accepts the folded sheets between thumb and forefinger and tucks them awkwardly, but securely, into his inner coat pocket. "Sourced info? Or will Shelby know where it comes from? —My wife likes briefs," he shares unnecessarily, taking up his beer to scratch idly at his cheek with the glass lip. A small streak of froth clings to barely visible stubble, outlining his jaw in white. His eyelids droop, veiling his thoughts; he grins across at Thalia and takes another sip. "Energetic work. Professional dancer?"

She's used to Deckard and his ways of finding things to shock her, or the myriad of others she knows. "Tell them it's from Abby. They won't question. "Tell them i'll be finding out more as time goes but that.. they need to pass it on to who's in charge. It's something, better than nothing, I know it's not much to go on" Better detail is written down on the paper. A glance is given to Thalia. "FBI officer who's a frequent customer. Cops like this place. Humanis First took him" it's not growled out by Abby, but the look on her face is one of Disgust. A glance up at the clock again and there's a soft sigh. "Thalia just.. come by again, we'll talk, right now, I promised I'd be somewhere"

"Fine with me." Thalia says and pushes herself off from the barstool, swinging her bag over her shoulder. "See ya soon." The cop is given a light smile and shake of her head. "Nope, I'm not a dancer. Wish I was sometimes. They have so much fun." She says as she begins to make her way out of the bar.

Do they? Yamaguchi looks briefly thoughtful, then shakes his head over an errant thought. He tips back his beer for one last swallow, half the drink, and sets the glass back on the counter before sliding off the stool. It is his turn to put himself in order: wallet in pocket; coat button hooked; breath checked. With a final glance at the counter dancers (Lordy) he ambles out as well.

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