Messages and Farewells


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Scene Title Messages and Farewells
Synopsis Eve leaves a message before going walkabout.
Date September 25, 2008

The Hangar

A wrought-iron fence borders several small garden beds and the stone stairs leading up to the house's front door. The house itself is a structure of old stone - not even concrete blocks, but quarried stone — with natural-color wood doors and window frames. The windows on the ground floor are barred.

Inside, the level is divided into only three rooms. The first is the foyer, with polished hardwood flooring, a freestanding coatrack on either side, iron-dark against soft-amber interior walls. The main staircase spirals up from one corner of the foyer, girded by a wrought-iron railing.

To the right from the entrance is the kitchen. The walls just off from white, the floor tiled in dark gray. In the center of the kitchen is a black-topped island, matching the counters that line the room. One wall is dominated by an eminently modern stove framed by an anachronistic brick hearth. Cabinets above the counters have glass doors; the windows above the sink are framed in light-colored curtains, the illumination they let in adding to the expansive atmosphere.

The dining room takes up the back of this floor. The far wall is brick and stone, with a facade of a fireplace mantle in the center. Interior walls have been painted a tone intermediate between amber and ivory, which is also the accent color in the dark rug beneath the long dining table.

After having a long and tiring day Eve is finally ready? to disappear for awhile. Her long dark hair is down and she is wearing something other than a dress today! With a pair of black jeans and a red tank top, the seer is pulling two bags down the stairs. One is a suitcase and the other a duffle bag which may contain all of her clothes and other necessities. When she gets to the bottom of the stairs she sets the bags down and blows a strand of her hair out of her eyes, she then places a hand in her back pocket and she looks at the envelope with the letter she has written for Helena. Eve sighs.

Jennifer has finished up classes, which again means showing up at what passes for home base for the Ferrymen and getting stuff done. She comes inside, and tosses her backpack aside…which conveniently ends up putting her near the stairs. New person, don't know, must be PARIAH. "Hey." she offers with a vague wave.

Eve blinks and then looks to Jennifer as she greets her, "Ah hello" she smiles gently and holds out her hand, "I'm Eve, from PARIAH." she nods and then looks down to her letter again. She taps her foot and then looks back to Jennifer, "How long have you been involved all of this?" she waves her hand around the room as if that explains that she is asking how long Jennifer has lived here.

Jennifer takes the hand, and shakes. "Wow. That's WAY more open than I expected anyone to be about this. And I've been doing this for a little while now. A few months. How about you? How long have you been a terrorist?" She asks with an amused grin.

"I figured you would know what was going here, since you well live here" Eve chuckles and smiles at the woman. "How long have I been doing this?" she actually looks up towards the ceiling as she tries to think, "A long time now, I can't even remember how long it has been." She then looks back to the envelope, "But I'm taking a break from this /terrorist/ thing for a little bit. Things are…" she looks off, "Complicated"

Jennifer nods. "I know things kind of went south for you guys for a while there. Or do you mean more complicated than that?" She asks, looking to Eve curiously. "I don't know a whole lot about you guys, I admit."

"Well, I froze up when I shouldn't have, but some people? are not that forgiving and so I think I need to leave for a bit" Eve brushes the hair from her face and looks to the other woman again, "Can you do me a favor and give this to Helena? She's the blond here, we aren't really speaking right now and well I want to? give this to her. Or if she isn't in you can just drop it by her room" Eve looks hopeful and cants her head.

Jen frowns a little. "Okay, so there's only one blonde?" Just to be sure. "I can bring it to her, sure." She looks over to see what it is that she's supposed to be bringing. "But…I mean, I know it's not my place to butt in…you guys are a team. Going off alone could be dangerous."

Eve nods her head as she hands the letter to Jennifer, "I know it's just, things are falling apart and I need to sort some things out myself. Personal matters that the others can't help with and it would be better this way. I only ever wanted to help, but it isn't seen that way unfortunately."

Jennifer looks concerned. "I'll tell them…I promise. But honestly…It sounds like you could use someone to talk to." She doesn't want to push, but…

Eve blinks, someone being nice to her? Besides Alexander? Wow, weird. Eve smiles at the woman and then takes a pen and paper from her bag and writes her name and number on it. "Call me in a few, I could use someone to talk to but I need to go, have a show tonight" she smiles at Jennifer, "Thanks, you know not many people have been that nice to me in a while" she nods her head at the other woman and grabs her bags and she hands the paper to Jen.

Jennifer doesn't know Eve…so no reason not to be nice. She takes the paper and then nods to Eve. "All right…take care, okay? I'll call you later." A worried smile.

Eve nods and smiles again at Jennifer, "Please do" and with that she leaves the place. Let's hope everything ends up ok.

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