Messiah Attacks Reclaimed Zone
Date August 12, 2010
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Friday, August 13, 2010

The most shocking display of violence in New York City since the terrorist attacks in January of 2009 were sparked on Staten Island's "Reclaimed Zone" late Thursday night when, according to sources within the Pentagon, a group of individuals from the pro-evolved and anti-government terrorist organization calling itself "Messiah" raided a secure CDC facility.

According to the official Department of Defense report, the Staten Island University Hospital, claimed by the CDC and Department of Defense for the development of an anti-virus to the lethal H5n10 virus was the focus of the group's attack. It is not yet known at this time what Messiah's goals were in the attack, but sources within the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have stated that the group may have planned to steal massive quantities of the H5n10 vaccine, or stores of the drug Refrain used for medical testing. An ongoing investigation into the incident is slated to determine the nature of the attack.

During the organized terrorist attack, private security company Stillwater Securities alongside the National Guard were confronted by armed individuals outside of the hospital just prior to 9pm Eastern time. Shots were fired and an altercation took place outside of the hospital resulting in the deaths of an estimated sixty members of the National Guard stationed at Miller Field less than a mile away.

The attack is believed to be a part of a concerned paramilitary effort to undermine the federal government and the Linderman act in response to the recent opening of the Registry for Non-Evolved signed into law on August 9th.

It is estimated that at least 20 to 30 members of Messiah, likely drawn in from cells across the country took part in the attack on the Reclaimed Zone. The Department of Defense has not yet stated whether the details of the attack will be released to the public yet, save that they are aware of a concerted effort to undermine national security put forth by this organization.

Due to the severity of the attacks and the catastrophic collateral damage to the Reclaimed Zone, residents currently residing in the policed neighborhood are being recommended to find safe residence outside of Staten Island for the foreseeable future while security is reinforced and the Reclaimed Zone can be more effectively protected.

Department of Homeland Security Operations Director Jason Pierce called the attacks, "Cowardly, dishonorable things that took the lives of young men and women who devote themselves to protecting this nation," in a press conference early this morning. Pierce later went on to speak of Messiah as, "Misguided and dangerous threats to the safety of not only the United States but the world."

A $15 million dollar reward is currently being offered for information leading to the arrest of the terrorists responsible for the attack on the Reclaimed Zone.

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