Messiah Implodes Building
Date August 27, 2010
Relevant Logs Messiah Complex

Associated Press
Thursday, August 26, 2010

At 9:30pm Eastern Time authorities responded to reports of armed individuals entering the Biodynamics Incorporated laboratories building in Battery Park City. FRONTLINE Unit 01, Squad 01 was assembled in response to the alert. When authorities arrived on the scene, they were fired upon from the lobby of the Biodynamics building and FRONTLINE was deployed.

An altercation between FRONTLINE and a terrorist group inside of the building lasted for several minutes before the terrorists escaped via an Evolved translocation ability from the building. FRONTLINE pulled back due to injuries sustained in the attack to both they and local law enforcement.

What came next was a shocking display of violence as Messiah detonated charges within the Biodynamics building that performed a controlled implosion of the structure, dropping the 23-story Biodynamics corporation skyscraper into its own footprint, severely injuring one member of Squad-01 in the process from falling debris.

Militant, pro-evolved terrorist organization Messiah is taking credit for this attack.

Biodynamics Incorporated is one of the leading producers of over the counter SLC test kits and this attack will likely impact their availability within the New York City region. Representatives from Biodynamics and the Department of Evolved Affairs has stated that this catastrophic tragedy will not affect the end of the month shift to mandatory registration for all US citizens, but will likely impact Registration in one to two months when currently produced test kits are more scarce in public availability.

In reaction to the attack Department of Homeland Security Operations Director and head of the DHS Counter Terrorism Unit Jason Pierce stated in a press-conference that "Measures are being taken to ensure that the government can fully combat Messiah's presence and make them be held accountable for their actions, but that is all that can be said at present."

The attack on Biodynamics comes exactly one week following the attack on the Staten Island Hospital that claimed hundreds of United States National Guardsmen's lives.

Thankfully, no personnel were believed to have been killed in the collapse of the biodynamics building.

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