Metal Man Saves Little Girl

AOL — Metal Man saves Little Girl

A London family wants to properly thank a mysterious stranger who helped save a little girl from a bank robbery. The man walked away from the scene after making sure the girl, her brother and mother were all okay.

Michelle Wilson was in the lobby of the London Bank on Monday when she noticed smoke coming from the vault. "I don't think I was thinking anything at the time other than Let's just get out of the bank! said Wilson. As she turned to leave the bank an explosion rocked the entire building knocking her down. Before I knew it there were men with guns yelling, and they started shooting people."

Wilson describes the men as evil creatures as her eyes begin to well up. "They turned their guns on my little girl when this man stood in front of her. He was made of metal! I swear to you. The bullets bounced off him like they were little bugs. He turned and picked up my little girl and carried her over to me. She was so scared."

The video below was leaked to youtube of this young man showing his heroic act of turning into metal. They show him saving the girl and then turning on the men. He ripped one of the counters off the wall and placed it in front of the people to protect them. The men were scared of the metal man and they ran.

"He did come back to apologize for scaring my daughter" Recalled Wilson. "He said 'Honey, I'm sorry I scared you, but it was important I get you to your Mommy. He shifted back to a human and then ran out of the bank before the police arrived."

Witnesses said the man headed to a nearby bus-stop. The Wilson's don't know who he is, but they say they're very grateful. Faith summed it up. "Thank you for helping me!" Investigators still don't know who he is at this time.

The video link has nearly 100,000 hits…

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