Methadone And Baby Talk


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Scene Title Methadone And Baby Talk
Synopsis Kaylee and Doyle approach Dr. Filatov as a source for what the detoxing patients need.
Date February 20, 2010

The Old Apothecary

"Now.. be nice." The young telepath tells her companion, with a bright smile that pulls at the bullet graze across her cheek, as she pulls open the door to the doctors new shop. "He's a good person to stay on the good side of. Sweet dog too." A small potted plant is nestled against her side, the tendrils of the vine plant sliding across her arm as she holds the door open for the portly puppeteer. She's bundled up for the cold, but not as toasty as she has been, she's back to her worn leather jacket. Her dark blue scarf hangs over her shoulders as if quickly tossed there and forgotten.

"You remember what Dr. Brennan needed?" She asks softly, of Eric Doyle, before heading in herself. There is a happy sigh as the welcomed temper change form the biting cold outside. "Hello?!" She calls out as she moves in deeper into the shop, turning as she goes, brows lifts high on her head, as she tries to take it all in.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it," Eric replies irritably at the questioning, waving her into the shop, "I wrote it down and everything." The usual Yankees jacket is slung over his shoulders, unzipped against the warmth as he steps inside; the baseball cap covering his bald pate tugged down by its tongue to shadow his features more as he steps along in after the telepath.

"Hello." At least someone is minding the shop, and that someone fortunately enough, is Constantine Filatov, standing up from a chair behind the counter as he sets a book down on it. Given the sprawl of things inside the shop, it's not all that surprising that she managed to miss him at first. "Ah, Miss Thatcher!" he says with a somewhat uncharacteristic smile, "So glad you managed to find me again. Welcome to my lair."

"I like the new place." Kaylee says sounding somewhat impressed, giving Constantine a bright smile when she comes around seeing the shady doctor behind the counter. "This is fantastic. Oh! " She takes the last few steps to the counter and sets the plant on the counter. "New office warming gift." She pushes it across to him, kind of wiggling her fingers at it as she explains, "I figured you'd need a typical vine-y office plant… thought looking at this place…" She waves a hand around her, "…it'll be so out of place."

She takes a step aside and motions to large man behind her. "I'd like you to meet my buddy, Jason. Jason, Doctor Filatov." She gives the man behind the counter a small apologetic smile. "I hate to say it's not a completely social visit.."

"Huh." A thoughtful sound from Doyle's lips as he turns a bit to look around the confines of the shop, hands tucking into the pockets of his jacket as if to keep his fingers from roaming anywhere else and touch anything. His eyes widen a bit, lips curving in an almost delighted sort of smile as he looks over the various objects d'arte displayed on the floor. "This place is neat."

"Thank you." Whether Constantine is referring to the potted plant or Doyle's comment is not clear. Maybe both at once. "I still have an office. It's just, less obvious now than it was before. This isn't Staten Island, after all. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't have any professional visits. What can I do for you, today? A consultation, perhaps?"

As Doyle takes in the sights of the shop, it's very likely that the sound of slightly wheezy snorting will reach his ears. Sure enough, from behind the counter emerges a positive ancient bulldog, no doubt the one that Kaylee had mentioned to him. Ranger, however, seems more interested in Doyle than he is in Kaylee, making a point of investigating him with a snort-snort-snorting sniff.

"Well," Kaylee starts, smiles kind of easing away. "My organization is in need of supplies.. and we're hoping you have a source… at cost, if possible?" She grimaces a bit as she mentions that. "The last supplies you gave us were a big help, by the way.. thank you." She glances over her shoulder at Doyle as Ranger starts sniffing at him, that smile returning some. Though as she continues her voice turns rather grim, attention returning to the doctor. "We've ended up in a situation, where we're dealing with a half a dozen victims of some mad doctors Refrain testing."

Her head jerks to Doyle, "He has a list from the doctor that's helping us, but he can't get what he needs through normal methods… if you know what I mean? Wihtout drawing too much attnetion. So we're checking around for other possible sources." Giving him a matter of fact look.

"Well hey there boy!" That delighted exclaimation is followed by Eric dropping down to a fat man's crouch, reaching out to let Ranger snuffle at his hand before trying to enthusiastically pet the aging bulldog, scruffling under his jowls and over his ears if he's allowed to, "Aren't you a good boy yes - you - are - "

A pause in doggy-loving brings his gaze up, and he states crisply, "Methadone. And, uh, Nal.. trexdone? Trexone? Naltrexone, yeah." Another moment, "In bulk."

For a few moments, Constantine says nothing, his attention fixed firmly on Kaylee before migrating over to Eric Doyle. He knows a thing or two, it would seem, about Refrain. "I'd appreciate it, at the very least, if you minimized what I know about this situation," he says. Not surprisingly, he wants to involve himself as little as possible, especially if they may have pissed off someone with resources. "Certainly, I could get them, although the issue at hand is not cost so much as timeliness. Obviously, I can't just go down to the corner store and order it. How soon do you expect you will need it? Immediately, I would assume."

Ranger is more than happy to let Doyle do more or less what he wants, for the time being. Whenever one of the man's hands strays too close to the bulldog's mouth, it is promptly slathered in doggy slobber. Kissy kissy.

"Understandable and I can respect that." Hands come up in a placating gesture, as she nods in agreement. "I also understand it'll be hard to get so much in short notice." Kaylee gives him apologetic look, hands dropping to the counter again. "I think there are other sources being looked into as well. So what you can get as soon as you can safely get it, is more then good enough. I don't know how much over time we will need." A glance goes back to Doyle, "But if we need to do this in increments.. I'm sure we can get you a timetable of how long the doctor expects this to take."

"I am sorry, Dr. Filatov, for bringing this to your door, but we're looking everywhere." Kaylee gives him a rueful smile, "But… I will understand, and no one will think badly of you, if you'd rather us look else where, too."

Eric, meanwhile, is happily petting the dog and being slobbered upon; bringing that big jowly head up for kisses, murmuring, "Oh yes you are a good boy oh yes. Kiss kiss kiss, puppy!" Yeah, okay, that's kind of sad and disturbing all at the same time. Maybe endearing, depending on your point of view.

"Drug addiction is a very serious matter, Miss Thatcher," Constantine says, spending a moment watching Doyle interact with Ranger. "I'll find what I can, starting today, at cost."

"Trust me.. I know. I've been spending day and night helping out. I'm getting to see the results first hand," Kaylee gives Constantine a smile, looking rather relieved at his agreement. "And the doctor we have there has been drilling it into my head often, especially if he doesn't think I'm taking it seriously." There is a bit of a huff from her and a little shake of her head. "Thank you, Dr. Filaov."

"Oh.. let me give you my number.." Kaylee pulls her cellphone out of her pocket, glancing at him, "If you've got a pen and paper I can use, that way you can contact me when you get some of it in and we can get people down her to pick it up. Also.. just in case — and I know you want minimal contact with it — but should you decide you'd like to get a look yourself.. I can vouch for you and get you there."

"Izza pizum puppums? Izza pizum pizum puppums!" Okay, Eric has lapsed into baby speak now, that's starting to get scary. Suddenly realizing he's been looked at, he pauses, glancing up, and then stumble-shifts himself up to his feet, wiping drool off on his pants with an embarassed smile, "Uh, sorry. Hey, uh… do you mind if I look around?"

He is not helpful.

"Pen and paper, I most certainly have." He doesn't have to go far for it, either. Constantine simply picks up a small notepad and pen that were sitting behind the cash register and hands them over to Kaylee. "As for looking around, by all means, do so. What good is a shop if no one will look through it?"

As Jason starts in on the baby talk, he thankfully can see Kaylee's eyes close with a pained expression. When her eyes open again, she gives the doctor a tight lipped smile, "Thank you.." She murmurs taking both and leans over the counter and proceeds to write her contact information, for him. Once done she sets the pen down sideways on the pad and slides it over to him. "I promise not to constantly, bring you things like this. I'll try to for the most part keep it to less risky medical emergencies. Or just social calls to visit Ranger… who by the way.. I brought something for as well." She states with a smile returning.

A basted raw hide bone is extracted from her pocket. "Figure I wouldn't sneak him his treat this time." Kaylee says with a grin, setting it on the counter. The smile fades some. "Thank you, sir… seriously."

As business is taken care of, Eric meanders along over to look at the various curios on shelves and tables, hands tucked away to resist an urge to touch any of them. Absently, as he peers at the monkey skeleton on the perch, he inquires, "Do you have any—puppets, or old marionettes, by any chance?"

"Of course." That is Constantine's response to Kaylee at least, until Doyle catches his attention. "Puppets… puppets…" he says to himself, casting his eyes downward and rhythmically tapping his finger against the counter top. "I believe I have one. A marionette, I mean. A collector, by chance?"

With Doyle gone, now Ranger turns his attention to Kaylee, snorting and sniffing as he is wont to do. He remembers her, at the very least.

While the doctor is distracted by Doyle, it's Kaylee's turn to lavish attention on the bulldog, "Hey Ranger." Though she doesn't go as far as baby talk… seriously, how embarrassing is that? "How are you? Hmm?" She scratches at his short fur, while reaching up to the counter to extract the bone. With a grin it's offered to the shop's watch dog. "Don't say I don't spoil you when I come in." She teases the dog.

"A practitioner," Eric admits, his head lifting with a brief grin over to Constantine, "It's a dying art, but some of us still remember it.. I used to own a theatre, even." The smile fades a bit with memory, his head shaking slowly, "But, times change."

Constantine offers a nod in response to Doyle's statement. "One moment please," he says before slipping behind the velvet curtain keeping customers out (as well as a curtain can keep them out, at least). While he is away, Ranger happily accepts and munches on his treat. Spoiled indeed. It doesn't take the doctor long, however, to find what he's looking for, and he emerges a few seconds later carrying a marionette, a stylized and festively decorated skeleton, perhaps a foot tall. A leftover from la Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, almost for certain. "Just one, like I said," he remarks, although he is quick to point out the one critical flaw aside from nicks and scratches in the paint, "The strings have fairly complex knots in them, unfortunately. Certainly worth a discount, if it still interests you."

"He's pretty good at his craft too," Kaylee offers, in praise, as she straightens from giving the dog one last affectionate scratch behind the ear. "Kids totally love it when he shows up with his puppets." She gives Doyle a grin, stepping out of the way so that they can talk business.

She eyes the puppet curiously, "Oooo.. nice one, Jason. Good for when Halloween rolls around again for sure." The young telepath points out all helpful like.

At the sight of the marionette, Eric's gaze lights up as if it were Christmas and he were an eleven year old boy that's just seen the presents under the tree. "Oh, it's beautiful…" A step over, and he leans in a bit to examine it critically, noting the slight nicks and scratches here and there, the knotted strings noted carefully as he considers how best to unknot them - or, perhaps, if it'd be easier to replace them completely. Then he pauses, chewing on his lower lip, "Although—damn. How much?"

Constantine considers price for a moment. On the one hand, it wasn't easy to come by. On the other, knots. "Twenty," he finally decides. Low for most marionettes, about right for one that requires this level of work. "I don't have much to compare it to, of course, but you'll be hard-pressed to find one like it anywhere north of Los Angeles."

At the price named, Doyle relaxes a bit; clearly he was worried it'd be out of his range. It's hard to come by money when you work for an illegal charitable organization. It's so hard to get away and make a few people hand you their wallets, you know? And emptying cash registers is right out. "Done," he affirms, reaching into his back pocket to pull out his wallet, flipping through it for his cash.

"Fantastic," Constantine replies, and while Doyle is looking for cash, he takes the marionette with him back behind the counter and fetches a simple brown paper bag like what might be used for grocery shopping. Not the best way to transport a marionette, normally, but there really isn't that much more damage that can possibly be done, in this case. "Anything else I can help the two of you with?"

"Not bad, Puppet man." Kaylee grins at Doyle, giving his shoulder a pat. "Get it and let's get back or else the good doctor will be calling wondering where the hell we are." The phone is glanced at "I've got a shift here soo…." Her brows drop some at a message on her phone. "Anyhow.. I need to get back." Crouching down she runs a hand down the dogs back affectionately, in farewell. She's always been a sucker for dogs.

When she straightens again, Kaylee gives Constantine a smile. "I think that's got it, so we'll get out of your hair. Thanks again. You got my number call when you get any of the stuff in.. or you need anything."

A slightly-rumpled twenty is produced from the wallet, a brief glimpse of the identification within suggesting that it's definately not Eric's. The wallet's tucked away, and he lays it down on the counter near the register, rocking on his feet eagerly. "Sounds good. Thanks for the help, doc."

If Constantine notices the mismatched ID, he doesn't call attention to it. Probably because he is likewise in an illicit business, not counting his shop. Instead he simply swaps the bill for the paper bag, punches some buttons to open the register, and adds to the till. "It's what I do," he says about providing help, "Both of you take care. I'll contact you as soon as I have news."

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