Midnight Thirty


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Scene Title Midnight Thirty
Synopsis "Chaos is what we've lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control." - Terence McKenna
Date ???

A crash can be heard in the upstairs flat of Cat's Cradle followed by snickering and a thud like someone might have fallen onto the floor. The bar was slow down below and Eve had a guest over and whatever had just happened the door to the former seer's room opens allowing candlelight to wash over the short hallway out to the main living space. The ruins of a bedside light can be seen just beyond the crack of the door but Eve Mas pays that no mind at all. She's on a very important mission, leaving the door open just a crack she slides across the wooden floor with her bright yellow socks into the living room. Multiple paintings are stacked against the wall where there wasn't a potted plant or flower. Some unfinished works lay near an easel that has a canvas with one broad red paint stroke across the middle.

Wrapped in a black, silk robe the pale woman sails pass the many plants that hang and sit around the room, caressing a few with long fingers, doe brown eyes wide with energy. Eve hums and fluffs her already very messy mane of dark hair. "Who wants waffles?" Making her way into the kitchen area and passing the doglike drone Spike that has been collecting dust in the living area, unused due to Eve's inability and lack of tinkering with.

"And bacon!" She calls out as an afterthought but everyone knows waffles were the most important item here. Bacon a very very close second.

There are still a few candles lit here but most of the dishes are washed, Eve had been trying to keep a more stable home. It helped her mood, her swings of emotion and erratic behavior. One by one she lays the ingredients out on the large gray marble table in the middle of the kitchen area humming while she does so.

Warren's wearing a long and extravagant silk robe of Eve's, as she has quite a lot of extravagant things and he's taken a liking to the robes. He's got little tools sticking from his robotic fingers, while his other hand has simply pulled some out of his arm to use, tinkering with the drone. "I want waffles!" he calls out as his reflective chromium eyes take in the complex inner workings of the drone's layout.

"I was thinking, and this may be the imbalance of chemicals from using my ability right now talking, but if you end up pregnant what should we name the baby???" he casually asks, considering. "I think if it's a boy we should name him Warren Nikola Heat Ray the Second!"

"You're not psychic!" Neither is she but it still makes her laugh as she grabs the bowl and gets to mixing, eyes on the ingredients but she still calls out and lets her eyes lift to stare outside of the kitchen area and where Warren perches, "No fires! Or do!" Since her transformation Eve had invested in a fair few. She had half a mind to change all the furniture out for stone.

"What about stone furniture? Hard to bur-" And then he's sprouting off with his question and the pale woman stops her mixing and looks over at him with wide brown eyes. "Absolutely not," Slamming her hand on the table before her face opens up into a mad grin, "Victor Warren Mas Ray. Vic for short! Victor is so suave. And," Lifting her flour covered hand to point at the dark haired man, "Vicky in case he's not a boy after all. Or if it's a girl! We won't know til it's time!" Merrily stirring the mix again before she's turning the waffle maker on and waiting for it to heat up.

Humming aloud she spins in a circle and grabs the edges of the table, "You think we could have children?" Children. Eve had honestly not given much thought to having children as she was getting older though. "Maybe we could, we've seen how to not raise a baby. But a nanny would have to do, mmm? Yes yes," Could Eve slow down? The question didn't scare her, it thrilled her.

"I'm rich, it can't be that difficult to raise children." Warren points out while meticulously fiddling with things, sliding an occasional part he happens to have readily available, hiding in his pockets somewhere. "I can predict how amazing my work will be, unless it's unpredictably good, then people start getting angry."

He stares over at her though, tilting his head. "We've been extensively doing everything required to have a child all year, so if it happens they can be a massive ball of non-binary energy that can turn into a robot at-will! Reminds me of Seren." he considers.

"Though we may not have the traditional level of psychological stability to have children!" The drone starts to bark, and Warren's eyes go back to normal as he heads into the kitchen, and immediately slides his arms around Eve's waist, and his chin on her head. "I should have a fancy house built here, a house where there are smaller houses inside of it, and people can pay rent to live in it! But I'll be in a super fancy house within that house! Do you want to live there? Or maybe I can live here. Though you don't have a lab, so maybe I shouldn't live here…"

"Money isn't enough! Look at those girls, the Kardashians! Rest their souls, money isn't enough!" Though as Warren continues Eve grins and shrugs her shoulders, "You mean the Unicorn person? I've been meaning to ask them to make an unicorn." Brow furrows as Eve remembers that very important request. She will have to hop to that and soon.

As the drone barks, Eve barks along with it clapping her hands. "Marvelous! Iconic! What a tinkerer you are, mmmm." Placing her hands on his as he wraps his arms around her waist she leans back into the man, tilting her head back and kissing his chin. "That's just an apartment complex silly!" Snickering and swaying in place taking Warren along with her.

Wrinkling her nose at the word lab but science came with Warren as much as mysticism came with Eve, she could deal with it. "We find a place, you can have your lab. Me, my art studio and dwellings of smoke and haze." The thought of a child makes her smile but also extremely worried, she saw what happened when two people that maybe weren't ready for a kid had one. She didn't want to make the same mistakes. "Maybe one day WarMortJack. Maybe one day,"

A thought strikes Eve.

"A gun range!"

She laughs out loud.

Months Later…

March 24th, 2020

Cat's Cradle, Upstairs Apartment

It was just as Eve left it.

Half finished paintings in the living room, a lone duck sits on a end table by the couch. Under the table the dog like drone that Warren had previously worked on sits lifelessly staring ahead.

Though the spare bedroom to the apartment was in use by Rue Lancaster the redhead is nowhere in sight as Warren enters the apartment with the key that was gifted to him.

Warren can't help but look around. His eyes are like mirrors now, reflecting everything they fall on, no longer simply shiny chromium like the last time he entered this apartment.

He takes in every detail, micro details that he'd never noticed before outside of a machine. In his desire to see Eve alive, to somehow go back and make things different, he can't even resist trying to find clues here, clues to how she could have been saved.

He's in a suit, a cheap pinstripe suit to avoid having to fight people who might try to mug him. Opening drawers, he perhaps hopes to find something. A diary, secret predictions, something…

Out of the corner of Warren's eye he spots a flash of red. Through one of the open windows a blood red mist seeps in slowly. The color reminded of Eve's volatile form but this form was different, less destructive. Cascading down over the many plants that hang in the space. The hunger all encompassing and Warren shone bright as a sun inviting it in but familiarity wins out and control is kept. The crimson mass gathers itself together in the center of the living room and the silhouette of a woman can be seen before Eve Mas steps out of the remaining wisps of red with a dazzling smile painted across her lips.

"I thought I told you my panty drawer was down the hall,"

Dressed in a deep red dress that match her glowing red eyes, with straps that hang off of her shoulders, she's barefoot but by choice. She learned that shoes were an option but it was so much more… freeing being barefoot and Eve wanted to feel free, no matter what. The look in her eyes is one of longing, regret. She had seen the things she did on the news, what the cameras all caught at least.

"No gold eyes, no Mother and Father, no being from between the sheets of the river-" Eve stops and snorts because maybe that's not really the case with her anymore. "It's just me." Wiggling her fingers in greeting and crouching at the knees to spread her arms out wide.

Warren is concerned at first, immediately pulling out a gun when he sees something strange. But then when Eve appears, he tosses the gun to the floor, which fires off into a wall, and then rushes over to wrap his arms around her and lift her up into the air. "Eve!"

He doesn't say anything, he just hugs her tight, his face buried into her shoulder as tears start to immediately soak into her red dress. "Eve…"

"I couldn't save you…" He looks up into her eyes, pressing a hand against her cheek. "I tried, I tried to look at all the butterflies, I tried to think of a way, but I couldn't, and now you're gone…" Pressing his forehead against hers, he can't help but cry. "Now I'll never see you again…"

"Aw there there I'm sure you tried!" Eve was sure all of her loved ones tried from what she could gather. She holds him tight and then tries to have him look her in the eyes. "Oh War- Warren!" The seer rears back and slaps her lover in the face, "I'm real silly!! Can't you feel it?!" She shakes his shoulders and leans in to give him a kiss.

"Can't you feel it?" She puts his hands on her chest and squeezes his fingers before laughing softly and dropping them to the sides again. "Naughty doctor," Heh.

She whispers and blinks in confusion at the man's eyes. "Something is different, you," Eve sniffs are the air and close around Warren's mirror like eyes. "You smell different." Was she not the only one changed? Her nose wrinkles and then she laughs, "We're both different!" Her laugh is kind of loopy and faraway. She's been traveling a lot especially since she found her new home in the trailer in Pine Barrens. "Mmmmm."

Warren squeezes, stares, and realizes. His eyes shift back to normal, and he immediately dip kisses her all the way back. "You're alive! You should marry me!" he says as he lifts her back up, but isn't in a hurry to let her go. "I realized that you're my soul mate! I was sad, I never forgot you, or stopped thinking about you! Nothing made me happy, not even building robots or testing new weapons. Nothing made me happy because I couldn't see you!"

"I was pretty lost without you too WarMortJack!" Snickering while being dipped backwards Eve holds onto Warren and then looks at him in absolute shock, "Darling dearie we can't possibly get married what with the ya know…" Hands gesture wildly in the air around them, "Unicorns." Said in a very loud whisper before Eve ducks out of Warren's embrace, a finger trailing along his shoulder as she goes to sit on the large stone table in the kitchen area.

"This fight is just beginning, far from over. This is a pitstop. Much to do, soggy pieces to put into place. Might need a hairdryer, a heater. There's always Hot Hands aha!" Eve looks troubled as she swings her feet and looks up towards the ceiling.

"The world is going to return to its roots, everyone will be stardust again! It didn't look that fun." The seeress frowns and bites her lower lip. "Did you meet It? Did you see It within me?"

"The unicorns? Like the butterflies?" Warren asks, looking around, eyes mirroring over as he follows her to the table. "There will always be fights, until we can make the world run like an efficient machine. But humans aren't efficient, so it also requires social change! It's a very long process."

He raises up to rub his chin with his chromium fingers, then wraps his arms around her waist while she sits on the table. "If I save the world will you marry me?"

"I was told that we don't have the time. Though I begged for it, but is it begging if it hasn't happened yet?" Eve blinks and rubs her temple.

"The butterflies? What butterflies? Oh no my plants!" Eve looks around frantically while in Warren's embrace but she spots no such creatures and her hand swats him on the shoulder before she lays her head on top of his. "Well, that's not an unreasonable request! But what would Ghost say?!" She snickers and closes her eyes. Marriage and children, all staples in the Italian lifestyle and all things Eve has run quite madly from. She didn't do the home life, her parents dysfunction was enough to scare her from it but Warren was so earnest in his asking and it was so good to see him again she laughs.

"Whoever saves the world first gets to pop the question."

"The butterflies that write the algorithm of causality, how I can see the future!" Warren explains as he entirely lifts her up now, beginning to carry her across the apartment. "You have a deal! But now that you're alive, you feel like ordering takeout and having sex for two days, to celebrate?"

Take out and sex sounds like a real treat after what they've been through and Eve is already sliding her dress off her shoulders with a wide grin, they would have to be quiet. She wonders if there was still a roll of tape in the drawer. Sometimes Eve experiences and reacts to things out of order and her eyes widen a fraction as Warren's previous words wrap around her brain and squeeze like a dog biting down on hit favorite chew toy.

Her dress hits the floor.

"I beg your pardon?"

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