Midtown Fires Continue to Rage

MIDTOWN, NEW YORK CITY — For the second consecutive day, the out of control inferno started in Midtown Manhattan has continues to press on despite the beleagured FDNY's best efforts. Federal officials from FEMA have begun relocating fire-fighting forces from neighboring counties to come and help aid in the blaze.

Driven by strong winds and poorly maintained buildings that are still standing following the terrorist explosion in 2006, the fire had begun to spread outside of the Midtown Ruins, evidenced by small fires originating in the sewers beneath the city causing manhole eruptions and basement fires in Chelsea, southwest of Midtown's ruins.

Were it not for strong and unpredicted rains arriving on the night of the 28th, much of the above-ground firefighting effort would have seen far more losses of ground in the advancing inferno. When addressed, Fire Chief Alonso Morin has stated that the FDNY has a "last resort" plan designed to help contain the fire, which involves controlled demolitions of buildings bordering Chelsea and Midtown, which includes several active businesses such as the Nite Owl Diner.

"Without a proper way to keep this fire under control, we could lose half of the entire city if it keeps getting out of hand. We may have no choice but to pull the buildings in an effort to save the rest of Chelsea and stop the fires from spreading further."

We will keep you up to date on this developing situation.

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