Midtown Man Crashes Ball


March 18, 2011

Last night, a charity ball was hosted by American Ballet Theater in the honor of Habitat for Humanity and Make New York Beautiful; For the most part, it seemed like the evening was going to go fairly well, with no complications arising. A good ten thousand dollars was raised for the charity, and the ball itself was a smash hit, with dancers and decorations worthy of a production put on by the top ranked ballet troupe in America.

Sadly for ABT, the peaceful evening was not to last. What the authorities believe to be a terrorist attack disrupted the evening, with the man known as Gabriel "Sylar" Gray making a double appearance, along with the wanted terrorist known as Eileen Ruskin.

Thankfully, injuries were few, with several of the finely dressed patrons ganging up on the terrorists to drive them away, including one Magnes Varlane. A promising young choreographer in the ranks of ABT seemed to be a primary target of the terrorists, who made their escape after patrons ganged up on them.

At least three people were hospitalized by Thursday evening's attack; thankfully, there were no fatalities.

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